2018 Plans

Was it just me, or did 2017 just fly by like a bat out of hell?

Our 2017 started out with our son puking all over the place, and it is ending with my Grandma Jo breaking her other arm and my girl needing knee surgery for a meniscus tear.  Throw in several funerals, and that pretty much sums up how 2017 went.

I’m not sure if I sewed so much last year due to just wanting not to deal with all the stress of everything or what.  I do think it was my outlet, and the one thing I could control.  I got a little cranky if I didn’t get time to sew.

I  managed to make a crap ton of stuff.  I made in excess of 150 items last year for me, the kids, and some lucky friends and family.

I would like to be a bit more focused this year, though, which will likely mean that I don’t volunteer for every strike off opportunity that rears it’s head.  I got stressed out from that last year, since they all seemed to come at once.  There were a few items that I made last year that were just not my personal style.  That is a bit of a waste of my time and fabric.

I also bought quite a bit of custom and regular fabric last year, and I really need to reign myself in this year.  I don’t really need much additional fabric after all of that.  Yes, yet again I can’t fit all my fabric on my shelves.  I need to find a place to get rid of my scraps and small cuts that are taking up shelf space.

What a mess.

I have joined a few Facebook groups for sewing next year, but if I don’t manage to sew along with them it won’t be a terrible underachievement. I think it is safe to say I can sew a lot when presented with the opportunity.  I would guess there were a good 20+ items I sewed up last year that didn’t make the blog.  I pushed the girl child to model a lot this year, so when I didn’t make strike-off related stuff that didn’t need professional pics…I didn’t bother.  You only wanted to poke the beast (tween-ager) so many times. 😉

I have this grand plan that I am going to cut up a bunch of stuff at once and then sew when I have time.  Of course, that is after the to-do list that I have waiting for me.  Grandma Jo and the girl will need some special items made for them with their upcoming surgeries to help them out.

I’d also like to focus on making some more detailed patterns, and working the kinks out of some existing ones.  I will be losing my job at the end of 2018, so I will finally have some time to learn drafting software.

Yay…I guess. 

I have started putting together a portfolio of past work that I would like to make patterns for them.   I think I have designed some fairly unique pieces.

I would also like to get my loom set up and do some more loom beading.  Maybe on a purse handle…or something like that.  I have been itching to work on that again.

So, in brief…TLDR;)

  • Stop buying so much fabric
  • Be more purposeful in sewing and don’t volunteer to sew stuff that won’t get worn.
  • Start putting together sewing portfolio of unique items to perhaps maybe draft and grade
  • Get that loom out and strung

Hope everyone had a great holiday and will have a happy and prosperous New Year!

4 thoughts on “2018 Plans”

  1. A few things: Do you have any of that galaxy fabric leftover? Where did you get it? My sewing room is messier than yours. And how do you know that you’re losing your job at the end of 2018??

    1. I do have more of the galaxy swimsuit fabric, not sure how much, though. I got it from Zenith & Quasar Fabric.

      I am surprised your sewing room is messier…that is quite messy! I have it sorta cleaned right now, but still fabric on the floor since it won’t fit on the shelves…

      And…they told me, but I knew it was coming. They have been downsizing. If I stay on until the end I get a severance, so I am actually kinda looking forward to a little time off before getting another job. 🙂

  2. Wow, what a roundup! Congrats on getting so much done this year! My sewing room looks like a bomb hit it too. I would like to get it cleaned up (and then hopefully find all the missing things!) but I am so easily distracted!

  3. I’d love to buy whatever galaxy fabric you have leftover (doesn’t matter how small cuz I’d like to make doll clothes).

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