About those new shoes…

Why, oh why, must pretty new shoes hurt the foots??

I really do like the look of these shoes, but I need to figure out how to wear them so they don’t instantly blister my feet.

This is the problem of ordering online from a store that won’t let you return anything (Zulily).  I wouldn’t buy anything too spendy from there if you are iffy about the fit.  I figure at this point only about 2/3 of the stuff I would have still bought had I been able to try it on.  The rest either didn’t fit or didn’t look like I thought it would.  One sweater is super itchy, one jacket is gaudy as Hell, and one jacket was a Medium and I could barely get it on.  Some of my friends have gotten brand new free stuff as a result, which I guess is passing it forward, right??

Sweater – LOFT (hit a sale where their marked down merchandise was an extra 50% off…Yay!)

Wrap – Made by Me

Skirt – CAbi

Tights – Skweez Couture (via Zulily)

Shoes – Calvin Klein Jeans (via Zulily)

Hair – I had straightened my hair the day before, so it was nice and sleek.  This rarely happens.  I braided the top fringe into a braid down the side and then braided the other side down across the bottom.  Where they met up, I twisted them together and secured with a pony holder.  I pulled out some hair to make it look fuller.

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  1. Love the geen sweater against the darker colors. You look radiantly beautiful as always.

    I return so much that I order online, that I don’t think I could do Zulily. Is there anything that would make these shoes more comfortable? Dr. Scholl’s gel linings, or maybe a wee stretch by a shoe repair specialist?

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