A choral dress in Golden Oak

The lovely things about sewing up samples, is that you get to see all the pretties ahead of time.  The other lovely thing is you get seasonal fabrics WAY  ahead of time and have to sew them up!  So you are done EARLY!

Golden Oak by Fabric Anthropology

This is part of the holiday fabric line at Fabric Anthropology.  She has some pretty non-traditional takes on holiday fabrics (zombie Grinch), but she also has some very pretty holiday fabrics.  I loved this Golden Oak with it printed to appear as if it has gold foil.

The fabric is a comfy cotton lycra.  I just needed to decide on a dress to make her from the yard of fabric I received.  I like Pinterest to get ideas on details for drafting clothes.  There are a lot of details on structured outfits that you can use for knits.  Sometimes you do need to interface them, though.

This was my initial drawing for the dress.

I wanted the black to break up the lines a bit.  I didn’t end up having enough fabric for the arms, so I used black on them and an overlay at the ends of the arms.  I had to piece the front, so I did a full lining so all the seams wouldn’t rub.

I added a zipper in the back, since I wasn’t sure if it would be too tight around the waist with all the seams.  Turns out I really didn’t need it.  The stripes ended up a little bit off for some reason.  Some of them are fine and some are off, which is probably due to the stripes being a little uneven as they go across the print.

Now she has a pretty dress to wear to her choir concerts this year…and over the holidays!

The pre-order on this round is open until September 9th.

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