A maxi birthday dress

The Girl has gotten a birthday dress every year since her 2nd birthday.  Last year, I didn’t really make her an extra dress apart from the Elsa costume dress I made her for the comic con.  She really wasn’t into wearing dresses, so I counted that her birthday make.

This year she was a little more interested and I asked her if she wanted the maxi version of the Mia top (releasing tomorrow).  I thought it was cute, so I asked, and she agreed.  Her only caveat was that it needed more sparkles.


Sparkles are important.

20150508-DSC_5361I had purchased this gold dot for a top, so I wasn’t sure I would have enough for a dress.  I didn’t have enough, of course.  At least I used most of the yard plus I had of this fabric.  I did cut it across the grain instead of with it, like I should have done.  I wanted the ombre effect of the dots.  The bodice and first three tiers are dots, and the bands and bottom tier is a white on white patterned fabric.

20150508-DSC_532520150508-DSC_5313I added ribbon to the tiered bands, and on the waist band I hand sewed on a blingy strip.  It is a plastic, though bendy piece that I found in the ribbon section at Michael’s craft store.  It has little rhinestones in each square section.  It took me about 40 minutes to get it securely sewn on.

20150507-DSC_0018This is the final version of the top/dress, and it was widened a little bit.  I needed to cinch up the elastic at the back for it to be more fitted on her due to that change.  It was easy enough to do that.

20150508-DSC_5310 She wore this on her birthday, and looked quite lovely in it, too!

I even made a necklace and earrings to go with it.

20150507-DSC_0022Happy birthday to her!

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