A RTW copy

This was a copy of a shirt I wear all the time.  It was about time that I copied it.


This is the first version, in a fabric that is a stretch shirting with a really nice drape.


It didn’t fit.  Too tight across the upper chest and too small armholes.  *sigh*  Not sure what I will do with it.  Maybe I’ll just throw it in the bin with all the other clothes that I can’t fit into right now.  It has a lot of company.

The next one I made wider across the front upper chest and increased the armholes.  I still needed a little more, so I redid the pattern when I finished it up.  Luckily, I had enough of the fabric left to make another one, since I really like how this fabric drapes.  It is a weird one.  It is like a stretch shirting, but very much not cotton.  A thin synthetic shirting of some kind.  I know it will get a lot of wear this summer.

I will be making more for sure.

20150423_1588In other accomplishments, I hemmed these linen pants I bought at a CAbi show.  Their inseam lengths come in something like 30″ or 35″, so I took about 1.25″ off the length.  Luckily the lining was short enough that I didn’t have to rehem that, too.

I also made a tester top and continue to work on costumes.

Two weeks left….eeeeeeeek!

3 thoughts on “A RTW copy”

  1. I like this outfit. I am looking for a more casual outfit for the summer. I don’t wear jeans as they don’t really fit in with my modest style of dress but your linen trousers would seem to be the answer. They are a modest fit and I expect the linen is far more comfortable than denim.

    1. Thanks Rebecca! My office continues to go more and more casual, so I am wearing trousers more, too. CAbi usually has a few nice office pants that are comfortable in each of their line offerings in the spring and the fall. This is from their spring line. They will wrinkle, since…linen…but I like the causal look of them.

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