Another sweater

One of the reasons why I never think I can go on a RTW buying fast is that it is cold here, and you need sweaters.  I don’t knit sweaters.  I can do a little loom knitting, but that is the extent of my prowess with yarn.

Luckily, you can find sweater knits!  This is a sweater knit from Joann’s that is nice and thick.  Most sweater knits I have come across are actually pretty thin, so they aren’t very warm.  This has a nice weight to it.

I made another Rulo from George + Ginger patterns.  I modified for the skinny arm again, and I had to do some creative cutting.  “Creative” being code word for against the grain.  Dolmans are notoriously wide to cut and this is a wide dolman top.

I didn’t have enough yardage to get a full front and back out of it on the fold.  I needed to go against the grain and cut two pieces for the back.  You can see the grain is different for the front and back.

It’s all good…it still looks nice and since it isn’t tight, the grain doesn’t matter.  We’ll see if I experience any offset grain features in the future, though.  When I did the back, I serged the edges (sweaters fray), then attached together with the sewing machine.  I then topstitched down the seam on either side.  I figured a serged seam would be bulky.  Personal preference.

The neckband is fairly wide, so if you want a smaller neckline, move it in.  It tends to get wider due to the nature of sweater knits.  You may need to stabilize it a bit depending on your fabric.  I didn’t with this one, but I could also easily wear this off one shoulder.

My pants here are my straight leg leggings.  I made the bottoms a little wider and not as long as some that I have made recently.  This is a sueded scuba knit from Joann’s.  This is a pretty comfy outfit!  I was meeting my girlfriends after work on a Friday, so this went pretty well from casual Friday to the brewery.

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