Beautiful Blues

When I saw this blue and white fabric in the store, I grabbed it post haste.  It is beautiful, had a great hand and a nice stretch to it.  It feels like cotton, but it is a bit thicker and has lycra in it.  After procuring a few yards of it, I went in search of a matching material for a skirt and came across this stretch satin with a crepe backing.  They were just made for each other!

When thinking of what I wanted to make for the outfit, I initially was going to make a wrap top with kimono sleeves.  That was the plan.  Unfortunately, the last wrap top I made didn’t turn out very well, so I need to work on that pattern.  I didn’t want to ruin this, so I went with my tried and true princess seamed shirt.  I modified the sleeves to have that curve in them, and faced the hem with the satin.


The front part of the shirt has a band across the midriff with the wraps sewn into the side seams.  I made the band a little smaller than the  material it was sitting on, so it would be snug.  The material stretches, so that works well for this fabric.  I made sure to triple stitch the wraps into the side seams so they wouldn’t rip out.


The skirt is also my tried and true skirt pattern that I use for stretch bottom-weight materials.  I put a zipper into the center back piece, and it was a bit of a last minute this-is-all-I-have.  It is a sport zipper.  Yeah, a little big and bulky, but it will do.  It was the only one that matched, and I wasn’t heading off to the store on a Sunday night.


I didn’t have much fabric left, but I wanted a flounce at the bottom.  This is what worked with the fabric I had left.  It is lower in the back and higher in the front.


It took me several months to cut into this fabric.  I got it in July and I was hoping to make something fabulous with it.  I do love how this turned out, too.  It was a bit hard to find shoes to go with it, but Zappos came to the rescue with these navy Tommy Hilfiger booties.  They are pretty comfy for a high heel, too.


Now I am working on another tester pattern, I need to finish up the Boy’s warm clothes under his costume and I need to make a cape for the Girl.  All before Friday.  Fun stuff!

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    1. Thanks, Michelle! I am pretty happy with how this one turned out. The last few things I have made were a little disappointing, but this one I really like!

    1. Thanks Rachel! DSW was a bit of a bust. You would think that navy was a pretty common color?? They did have a few but nothing that I liked.

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