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Boys in Summer Blog Tour

I joined a new group on Facebook dedicated to bringing monthly blog tour related to sewing for boys.  Such a great idea!  Boy sewing is something that does not get a lot of exposure.

This is my stop on the Sewing Blue Blog Tour.  See the links at the end of the post for the rest of the participants in the tour.

Now, I don’t have a little boy…I have a smelly teenager (seriously…shower, son).  At this age, and in his current stage of not really caring what he looks like most of the time, I don’t really sew for him much.

I know what he will wear, and that is shorts and t-shirts.

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I decided to make him the Draper T-shirt and the Rebel Joggers in the shorts version.   Both patterns are from Wardrobe by Me.  These are quick simple sews, which is what I needed since we are in the midst of three sports for two kids, plus my hubby being a coach for one of the sports.  No time here to dawdle.

I added an inch to the sleeve and shirt body (size M), and an inch to the shorts (M).  I did not do the cuff on the shorts or the drawstring.  Those were the only mods I did to the patterns.  He is 5′ 11″ and probably around 125 lbs now.

I used a bamboo fleece for the shorts, since spring can be a little cool here, and he still wants to wear shorts.  Plus he has no body fat, primarily due to genetics.  Playing video games doesn’t burn a lot of calories, am I right??

The shirt is also bamboo spandex jersey.  The fabric is so nice and soft.  This outfit should be super comfy, so I forsee him actually wearing it.

I added a HTV transfer to the shirt from one of my many designs I have created.  I set a goal to draw at least one new design a week this year, or create a new pattern repeat.  I think I only missed one week, and most weeks I have made more than one design.

I have a .svg, .jpg and .studio3 file in the folder linked on the side.

I decided to use the tiger I drew about a month ago.  I made sure to roll the idea past him before cutting it out, since sewing up clothes for teenagers without their input means it ends up on the floor of their closet.

He seems to like it!   A nice handmade outfit that fits a teen’s parameters for clothes he will wear. 🙂




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16 thoughts on “Boys in Summer Blog Tour

  1. It turned out so great! I’m lucky right now that my boys will wear most everything I make them, but I know someday they won’t want to wear momma’s home sewn clothes. Your boy’s got an awesome momma!

    1. Thanks! As they get the older, the key is to get their input. He was a little iffy on the Tiger, but as soon as he saw it, he was happy with how it turned out. I definitely stay away from anything “cute”. He doesn’t like a lot of prints, so solids with some graphics are usually the way to go as they get older. If I do use prints, it is as linings or pajama pants type of thing.

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