Catch up

The holidays tended to go quite fast this year, and I didn’t get pictures taken of everything I made for everyone.

I made a few gifts:

– A white fur minky infinity scarf.  It was very plush and the gift recipient was quite pleased.

– A white fur minky/Zebra fur minky cowl.  It was a birthday gift for a friend, whose birthday was the 22nd of December.  It was quick to make up, and she loved it.

– Our niece is expecting their first in March, so the family bassinet needed an upgrade.  I made a new liner for the interior, and a new crib sheet.  I got one cell phone picture of it, before they took it back to Tennessee with them.  I quilted the pieces before I attached them together and then covered all the seams with bias binding.  It ties in 7 places to the bassinet wicker.


– The kids each got several fleece pants and matching shirts.  Here are a couple of them:



I made this top and skirt (and scarf) at some point in November maybe??  These are patterns I drafted that are in regular rotation for me, so nothing too earth shattering.


Another shirt and fleece pants for Kai that I made earlier.  Who knows where that quote came from?

Boyd Crowder in Justified.  “Remember your ABC’s.  Always Be Cool”

Love that quote.  The show is pretty great, too. 🙂  Obviously, I had to make it into a stencil for a shirt.  I wrote out the quote in Photoshop with my Wacom pen and then imported it into the Silhouette software.  You have to mirror the quote.  I have a tendency to forget to do that, so I left off the “Remember your ABC’s” part.  I had done it wrong and ran out of white.


I think that is all I have to show for the remainder of 2014…at least for the things that I took pictures.  I am not as anal about getting pictures now as I have been in the past.  Honestly, I have made so many of these types of things, so many times, that taking pictures just seems to be repetitive.