Busy week and baby blankets

Well, last week I managed to accomplish quite a bit.  I was a pattern drafting fool!  I made the first three below during the week, and the rest on the weekend.  I cut them all out on Saturday after volleyball, and then sewed on Sunday.

  • Short summer dress for me
  • Maxi summer dress for me
  • Skort muslin for me (mostly fit…needs some tweaks)
  • Dress and leggings for the girl
  • Shorts outfit for my grand-nephew
  • 3 baby blankets

I also have another dress and leggings set cut out for the girl with some vibrant sugar skull fabric.  This one is not as twirly as the one I made this weekend, but still a full circle skirt.  I am going to do an HTV sugar skull on the front, so that is the docket for this evening.  Hopefully I can start working on it, too.

Next to get pictures of them all worn!

Here are the baby blankets that I made with my tutorial.

The middle one has been claimed by a fellow volleyball mom.  Her (current) youngest plays with my girl, so this baby was a bit of a shock to them.  They were counting down the days to being empty nesters, but now they are looking at daycare and ordering a crib.

Baby’s are joys and all, but man, would that put a wrench in retirement!


I like to put a fun quilting cotton on one side and then a nice soft minky.

The other two are going to be headed to a women’s shelter on Pine Ridge Indian reservation.  It is a charity that I donate to regularly, so I will get a box filled to send their way.

 This week I will try to get pictures of what I have sewed up so far.  First up will be the dress I made the girl.  It is SO CUTE.  We both agree. 🙂



Coolest little dude on the block

I got some more sewing done for our little guy this weekend DESPITE having a head cold.  He now is the proud owner of two more pairs of pants, so hopefully he will be set for a little while.  A few weeks worth, I would wager.  He’s got a few pants that he is just moments away from growing out of.  Truth be told, he was a little annoyed that these were so long, but dangit I want him to be able to wear them all winter long!

So…more DRAGON PANTS.  These are appliques from a last bit of Eastern dragon and flames fabric I had on hand.  The pictures here are kind of sucky, but hopefully you can envision the coolness.

Modeling his coolness (again not the best picture…I was trying to take one quick before school)…

Then we have jolly roger pants in a wonderfully thick black corduroy that has some stretch to it.  It was a bit stretchy when I was sewing it up, so the seams aren’t perfect.  It has a great “hand” to it, though, and I imagine they will be very comfy and warm to wear.

Then here is the rest of the PTO carnival stuff for the basket.  I think I will need to remake the hat though.  I had Anya try it on and it is a bit tight on her.  If it doesn’t fit Anya, it probably won’t be able to fit most of the kids that may receive it.  Ah well, our church has a hats and mittens drive in a few weeks, so I can put it on that.

My oh-so-willing model of the hat…

I still have a baby blanket I need to finish up, and upon seeing the art purse the kids each want one now.  *shocker!*  Oh, I also knit the kids each a pair of armwarmers, too, but no pictures of those.  Maybe if they actually wear them after constantly begging me to make them…then MAYBE I’ll get pictures.  If that happens, that is.

Charity basket of baby boy goodness

I got the basket finished up in time to give it to my Mom and Dad so they could pass it through to the silent auction folks.  This is going to benefit a mom of my friend’s girlfriend/ex-wife/mother of his 2 kids.  Complicated.

She was diagnosed with an agressive bone cancer and they are in need of some financial help.  Hopefully the basket will sell well.  It seems hard to find cute stuff for boys, so I’m hopeful the novelty of it will produce some willing bidders.

Satin bound flannel/minkee blanket and flannel/terry cloth burp cloths

Fleece sleeper and hat for a newborn/1-3 month old

Taggie blanket (from my stash)

All together in a cute basket that I had already

That is about all I got accomplished this week.  It was busy, busy…as usual. 🙂

Feeling the season

Okay people, who’s counting down to Christmas??  I know, Thanksgiving is next week, but Christmas-time is just such a fun time of the year!

Last year it felt like it all went by at lightspeed.  This year I want to be a bit more prepared.  I have my December Daily book ready to go – only it’s going to be more of a Holiday Season Daily…or so.  We cannot forget Thanksgiving, now can we? 

Here is the Flickr set of the pages in my book.  I didn’t buy anything to make it – I used what I had.  I obviously had a lot LOL!  My favorite pieces are the fronts from Christmas cards we received the last few years.  I either plan to either journal or place a photo of them.  I used a 3 ring binder that was just sitting on the shelf as a dust collector.  It may be shocking to hear that I had lots of extra fabric unused in the basement.  I know!! So shocking!!  I made a binder cover out of this holiday themed embossed felt, and added some ribbon.  Unfortunately it didn’t turn out quite straight, so maybe I’ll redo if I feel like it.  I don’t feel like it right now.


Next was the innards.  It is no where near as fabulous as Ali Edwards, but I’m still pretty proud of it.  I can’t wait to fill it!  Now with her tutorial on the December Daily album, she started on December 1.  Our holiday season starts before that date, though.  I mean Santa comes to the mall in mid-November and the Operation Christmas Child boxes are sent out this week of November 17-24. Really its going to be less “daily” and more “the moments” of the season.  At least I’m using the concept, right??  I think having the book and journaling areas ready to go will really help it get done. 🙂


Some other things to think about:

  • Operation Christmas Child – the boxes need to be to the distribution areas by November 24.
  • Throw a party for charity!  – I would like to do this again this year, I just need to get a date set.  I’m not sure it will get done, but hopefully…
  • Give charity gift certificates as gifts – With the economic downturn it seems charities need funds now more than ever.  You can do this through Just Give or Tis Best.
  • Clean out your pantry and give to your local food bank.  During the holidays they need your help more than ever.
  • Remember the reason for the season.  

the kids and their Operation Christmas Child boxes



Last week we cleaned out the basement and got rid of a whole bunch of baby stuff.  I wish we could have given them directly to a shelter or crisis nursery, but they don’t take used clothes, toys, car seats, mattresses, etc.   Why can we not donate our barely used crib mattress and perfectly fine infant car seats??  Why???  They are expensive items in good shape that should get used again.  The mattress is destined to land in a landfill, since I found no charity that would take it.  It is so frustrating!  It’s not like I’m hocking cholera here…I”m pretty sure I cleaned them up good.  I know if I put them on Freecycle someone would want them, but I’m pretty leary of giving out our address or going somewhere to drop them off.  There’s Crazy out there, you know?  *sigh*  At least the charity we gave everything to will be able to sell it and get money for their cause, which is helping people with disabilities.  I’d much rather give to the charities than spend 10 hours to make $2 on Ebay.  Not worth it!