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This week I decided to pick up my loom again, and finished this with a few sessions of binge watching Netflix after dinner.

I used the pink Knifty Knitter loom that is 9.5″ long on the base.   It’s the smallest one.  I usually use the green one for my wider cowls that I join with leather and snaps.  I thought I would just do an infinity one this time that can wrap around my neck twice.

This resulted in a 7″ x 60″ long scarf that I connected together (very badly…it’s been a year since I have done this).  I used two skeins of chunky acrylic yarn (wool…any type of wool…makes me ITCH).  Here is a You Tube video I found that shows how to make one of these.  It doesn’t show how to attach the ends together.  You can really just do that tutorial and then sew the ends together with the big needle included in the pack.  Just leave enough yarn to be able to do that at the end.

This is a nice length to wrap around your neck a few times.  I added my leather bracelet I made a few years back by using a wood burner on oiled leather.

So here I am wearing it with my sea monsters dress…it goes well with it!


More loom knitted cowls

Another cold snap – another reason to make these cowls!  I love how they turn out, so the many hours that go into knitting them is definitely worth it.

Here is my tutorial on how to make these scarves:

Loom knitted, leather and snaps infinity scarf tutorial


I think I should have made them a little longer, but I ran out of the variegated blue/brown/gold yarn.  The grey and white one I did have more, so I should have knitted it longer.  Oh well.  They still fit and work well!


I did have some issues setting the snaps.  It was very thick and I also had many odds and ends of mismatched sets.  The snaps don’t go together very well, and are pretty hard to snap.  Luckily, you really only need to snap the middle two snaps, so they are decorative for the most part.  I will need to get some new snaps ordered, so I have some matching sets.


My daughter is also working on knitting one of these.  It is taking her a bit of time, but as soon as she is done I will get it finished up for her.  It is very soft and fuzzy, so should work well for winter.  I have a feeling she may give up soon, so I may be doing the finishing on it.  Would not be the first time for such to happen. 😉

20160927_0912 20160927_0914

Surprise, surprise…I bought more yarn. 😉  A deep red.  Another one will happen soonish.

Leather snapped knitted infinity cowl – a tutorial

As there was some interest in how I made my cowl, I decided to do a tutorial on it.  It wasn’t hard to want to make another, since I love how these turn out!

I won’t go into the actual knitting, as YouTube has tutorials already that cover this aspect.  Here is one.  I knitted this on a green Knifty Knitter loom that is 17″ long.  I used two skeins of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Desert.  It was 174 yards of yarn.

20151202-DSC_0081The knitted part ended up at 24″ long by about 15″ wide.

Next, we move along to the sewing part.  I have made three of these so far, and I had to cut the leather at different lengths.  I knitted them all on the same loom, so it probably has to do with the recovery on the yarn and how tightly it holds together.

I have acquired a little stash of leather.  The apocalypse comes, and I’m all set!  I decided on the cream leather and black snaps.


Some tips for sewing with leather

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Cream squishy-ness

I just had to make another infinity scarf, since I love the first one so much.  This time I used a less dense yarn, so it took the entire two skeins (94 yards each) for this scarf.  It ended up at around 22″ wide.  In making these two different ones, it seems that the thickness of the yarn will determine how much you will need for your desired length.

This was Woolike Chunky in Beige.


This took me about 3 movies (or around 6 hours) to knit it on my loom.  It is pretty easy and mindless to do this in front of the tv.  There is no counting stitches or anything.  You just weave it on the loom and use your little tool.


Next up is the leather application.  I didn’t have quite enough to cut two pieces on the fold.  Instead out of the two different colors, I cut 4 pieces 2.5″ wide by 12.5″ long.  This was a thicker leather, so I didn’t interface them.


I wasn’t sure what color snaps to use for the bone color of the yarn.  I decided to go with just a silver colored snap.  I think the reason that Tandy’s snaps are so hard to use is that they are steel. Yeah.  A little hard to pound them down.  I will take a cheaper metal over the durability of the steel.


Then, I had the perfect fabric color to make a top to match!  I will have a review on this pattern next week in the pattern tour for the Slouchy Sweatshirt by Nap Time Creations.


Loomed infinity scarf

This is one of those projects that you can start and stop until you finally, finally, get the danged thing finished.  It takes a several hours to do the knitting on the scarf part.

I do actually like to have something to do when I am sitting on the couch watching TV.  Otherwise, I feel so unproductive.  I could be doing something.  Relaxing is not doing something.

Yes, I know, I have a problem.

Okay, so this is a SUPER CUTE loomed knitted, and then sewed up with leather, infinity scarf.


The loom I used is the green long loom by Knifty Knitter.  Here is a You Tube tutorial I found on how to do a scarf on it.  I actually used the end pegs, too, but this tutorial is the basic method (I also had to turn off the sound…not a fan of the music).  This loom gives you a nice, warm, plush scarf.

I used a little less than two skeins of yarn on the scarf part.  I just checked out how long I thought I wanted it, knowing it would be about an inch or so longer once I got the leather snapped ends on it.  Mine ended up at about 32″ long.

Once the scarf is done and off the loom, you need to cut two pieces of a soft leather that are 15″ long x 4″ wide.  This was a soft lambskin that I thought needed a little extra durability, so I added some fabric backed iron-on interfacing to the backside of the leather (use a press cloth when ironing on leather).

I sewed the leather to the knitted end,  right sides together.  You really need to go slow when sewing them together to make sure it is even, and that you catch the knitted part.  I also used lots of clover clips for this part, but you can also just use paper clips or even small binder clips.


Then, I made the mistake of ironing it flat.  I had it on the nice acrylic yarn a bit too much, and it flattened and melted it a little bit.  So…if you iron it make sure you just do it on the edge to get it flattened and not on the yarn part.  I turned the edge under on the other side of the leather and topstitched it down the sides and along the edge.  This left the sides raw.

Next, I added the lovely gold snaps from Tandy Leather that are a complete PITA to use.  I don’t know why I keep buying these, so I need to go get some other ones from Joann’s.  I mean…they are nice quality, but they are seriously hard to pound down and you have to be careful to not bend their extra long shafts.  I’d rather use the cheaper ones from Joann’s on something like this.  It would take me half the time to put them on, and less curse words.


But…turned out cute!

(Oh yeah, and I cut off and donated 10 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths for wigs for cancer patients.  My third donation!)