Black Panther ready

My kid is a huge Marvel fan, and once he saw the trailer for the Black Panther he was all ready to see the movie.  It looks really, really cool.

Unfortunately, he has been a bit sick this weekend, so no movie.  I did get the lounge set sewed up for him with Black Panther prints, though.


Top – Draper Polo by Wardrobe by Me

Bottoms – Lounge Pants by 5 out of 4 Patterns


Pre-order by Sugar Ink Fabric

BP Panel for the shirt

BP Comic for the pants

I paired the top with a grey jersey lycra I picked up somewhere along the way.  I think it worked pretty well with the print.

I had to do a bit of Photoshop magic on the boy’s nose so it wasn’t so obvious that he had been blowing his nose for the past 3 days straight.  He got a fever on Thursday morning and was feeling icky, but felt better by mid-afternoon.  The nose has been running pretty constantly, though.

I think some fresh air was good for him after being cooped up in the house for so long.  He’s allergic to cats, but normally ours don’t bother too much.  I think it is just getting on the long end of winter without much air flow through the house.  Too much dander in the air from our hair balls.

These prints are open until March 9th.  It is a great round to order for a BP loving fan!

Set sail

Here is the second set of prints that I sewed up the samples for Fabric Anthropology.  This one relates to Helga in the Vikings series, and is a phrase she said in show.

These fabrics are French Terry.  A note about printing colors.  The brushed poly is a synthetic, and the colors are closer the print file colors with the blues/grays.  If you want it more true to the file color, then I would order brushed poly (she has a nice thick BP, that I would totally recommend).  The FT is a cotton mixed with spandex, so it doesn’t take the dye as well.  It’s still looks great but it veers more towards lavender and purple with the browns.  I make sure I color correct my pictures, so it is as close to the real colors as possible.

Now…onto my conundrum with these fabrics.  First off, I didn’t want to buy, nor did I have time to shop for, fabric for this top.  I have been crazy busy at work, so it just wasn’t going to happen.  I had to use coordinates in my stash (which really shouldn’t be a problem, let’s be honest!).  I didn’t have any fabric that would match it in the weight of a French terry, so I used a nice thick cotton lycra in dark brown.

Next, I didn’t want to make a plain shirt with the panel on the front, the coordinate on the back and sleeves.  Usually when I sew up strike offs I want to make something unique and one of a kind.  They tend to get more views, as people wonder what pattern was used and take more time to look at the details.  I need to get an affiliate link for FA, so I can see if it is really generating sales for her.  People don’t always comment or like the sales pitch posts, so some proof of engagement would be nice (plus, did I say I was losing my job at the end of this year? 😉 ).

This pattern was based off the Wardrobe by Me Builder T-shirt.  I used used some of the pieces from the pattern and others I traced off, color blocked or added pieces.  The pieces I added were the V-neck with grommets, overlays and side placket pieces.

I made some adjustments along the way.  I added some length to the bottom of the shirt and cut a longer V-neck.  I was going to have a modesty panel in there, but decided against it.  The lacing brings it in enough, and who am I kidding…I like cleavage!

I wanted to use the panel in a different way, so the overlay idea came to me while browsing through Pinterest.  It is basically a mash up of several different ideas that I saw.  I like to save pictures with interesting details that I can pull out for these fun sews.

I think this one worked out pretty well!

The grommets and eyelets are a fun add to the pattern.  I like adding hardware…makes garments look a bit more professional.  You need to make sure you have the right setting tools, though.  If you don’t then they don’t go in correctly.  I set my grommets on the neckline at 1″ apart.  I purposely made it go higher than the lacing would go, just for the added detail.

I waffled a bit on the side split.  I was going to go for a laced up side and use grommets or eyelets.  I had to use eyelets, as I didn’t have enough grommets (they have a cleaner backside, so I err on the side of grommets). Then, did I want a godet underneath or leave it open?  Well, once I got it on, it kind of stuck out at the side when worn and I didn’t like how the eyelets looked, since I didn’t have enough silver.

I ripped it out and added a simple placket to the side at the split.  It works, it lays flat, and I got done around 1:30 am, so that was as good as it was going to get!

The arms were pieced together to try to get maximum usage out of the fabric.  I thought it looked too plain with just the piecing, so I added an overlay with the raw edges showing and then some nice metal buttons I ordered from Pacific Trimmings.  I only put three on each side, as I figured they could get annoying if I was sitting at a computer wearing it.

So, there you have it…a fun Vikings themed top that is pretty dang fun to wear!  I did my own braids, since I wear my hair with braids in it pretty often.  I also pulled some swords off the wall for the photo shoot.  I was around 0 degrees Fahrenheit here.  Just a little chilly! 😉

The pre-order is from February 14 – March 3rd.  Go check it out if you are a Vikings fan.  Even if you aren’t…the prints are pretty cool on their own.  This is paired up with a DinoTrux round, too, so I guess little kids love those characters.  If you have a little one, that is a fan, you can do a “one for you…one for me!” buying plan!

Battle ready

So who’s a Vikings fan??

Apparently…we are!

Fabric Anthropology is running a Vikings round, and it has some very cool prints.  There are a few panels with just phrases, and then panels with some of the characters on it.  The coordinates include the battle print below, a print with ships (another blog post will be on that one), and a print with faces of the characters.

These are strike-offs for promotion, so I did not pay for them (except shipping).  Note that she decided to decrease the size of the prints on the panels, as they took up too much real estate on the panels.  This is a size large extended by a few inches, so on a smaller person it would be too big.

I asked hubs if he would be willing to have me sew up a strike off, since he is a bit Viking-ish with the heritage to boot.  He chose this Ragnar saying:

I used the new Draper Polo shirt for the pattern in a size Large.  I obviously didn’t do the polo part, but it has an option for a t-shirt on it, too.  I got the pattern for free, as I was willing to promote it along with the fabric.

I used bamboo lycra for the sleeves and the back of the shirt.  It is a nice soft fabric with a good drape, and it worked well with the FA cotton lycra.

The edges of the sleeves have some Runes that I drew, and I created a cut file for the Silhouette.  You can find it here.

I got the idea for the runes from a card that I received with a necklace I purchased many years ago.  I found the card in a drawer a few months ago.  Serendipity!

Now for my piece of our photoshoot.

I wasn’t sure if they wanted me to use the coordinate with my hubby’s shirt, but I knew that would be too much for him.  He’s a pretty simple guy, so I wanted him to actually wear it.  More clothes for me!

I decided to use the coordinate to make myself a tunic.  It had to be a super- awesome-killer tunic with the battle print, so I really worked on trying to make it look a bit “Assassin’s Creed” like.  I think I succeeded.

The pattern pieces, for the most part.  I based it off a tunic a drafted several years ago.  There is a cowl piece missing in there, and the arms I ended up blocking a bit.

Getting the angles to line up across from one another was the hardest part.  The pleather and faux suede stripes was just time consuming.

The pleather had minimal stretch, but it worked out fine.  Especially since I made it a little too big.


The round opens on February 14 and closes on March 3rd.  Don’t miss out on these prints if you are a Vikings fan!

Prince in purple

Seems a bit ubiquitous to do purple, now doesn’t it?  😉

This is the new round up at Fabric Anthropology with famous musician’s that have passed, in addition to some Pride prints celebrating acceptance.

I sewed up the Prince panel, with plans to get over to Paisley Park to get some photos of it in the background.  Then, it snowed and turned rather chilly, so my resolve was a bit dimmed.

But, I did it dang it!  I stood out there in the 20 degree weather with a wind chill and light snow.

I did get a few flats beforehand, though…

These were the initial photos I got of the tunic, which was self-drafted.  It has a hood that overlaps at the neckline, side cuts and bishop sleeves.  Next version will have a lower front neckline, more foldover of the hood bottom and a higher back neckline.  This was my initial draft.  Always something to fix.

It was also a bit tighter than I wanted it to be, which is partly due to the ponte mixed with cotton lycra.  Ponte doesn’t have as much stretch.

The fabrics include the panel, which has a coordinating musical bird print on the other side, a black ponte and a white poly.

I love how it turned out!  The legging fabric matches pretty well, too.  This is my own fabric design on sport lycra from Spoonflower.

The hood is a little longer than I think it should be.  I will make that adjustment next time, too.

If you want to see all the prints in this order, go to Fabric Anthropology.  The pre-order will be open through December 15.

Pretty purple jacket

Here is my last sample piece for the current round open at Fabric Anthropology (whew!  I made 5 this time!).  This is the purple watercolor and it is another very pretty color.  The watercolor feature makes it have some pretty gradients going throughout the print.

I drafted up this jacket and sewed it in about 6 hours.  It went pretty well, only a little time with the seam ripper.

Here are the pattern pieces and it all cut out.  I used the purple french terry, a black scuba suede and a black ponte (last two I bought from Joann’s Fabrics).   

When coming up with ideas and drafting patterns, I generally spend a little time on Pinterest to try to figure out the details I want to include.  This jacket is what sparked this design.  I have a collection of fun clothing details on there that helps give me some inspiration when I go to draft.

The front inside panel is one big pocket.  The back has a facing for the top piece, so that seam across the back is enclosed  I sewed the little belt down to the middle of the back so it wouldn’t flop around at all.

To finish off her outfit, I made a pair of Jalie Eleonore’s with the black scuba suede and a tank top to go underneath out of an Affordable Fabrics and More print I purchased last year.

Now, I finally have some time to work on that choir concert outfit she needs in about a week!

The watercolor solids pre-order closes on November 15, so if you would like it at the reduced prices, don’t delay!

Pink and black

I love how this turned out!  I am a big fan of pink and black together, so when I got this pink watercolor french terry to sew up I knew what I wanted to make.

This is the pre-order from Fabric Anthropology that closes on November 15.  I paired it with a ponte I got at Joann’s and the top is bamboo lycra from Nature’s Fabrics.

I used the Domi sweatpants from Sofilantjes for the bottoms.  I only had a yard of the pink, so I had to block it up a bit for her height.  I used pretty much every bit of the pink between the top and the scrappy stripes.  I cut long strips 2″ wide and sewed them all together, then topstitched.  Next, I cut out the pattern pieces.  This was a lot easier than cutting up the pattern pieces and doing the strips that way.

I was going for a fun dancey-vibe with the pants with the moto-like look at the knee area, a zippered pocket and a htv design.

I added one of my drawings on with HTV.  The cut file and jpg is in the Google drive folder linked on my sidebar.

The top has a crossover in the front.  I actually ran out of the band length, so it kind of stops in the middle underneath.  Luckily no one can see it. 🙂  When putting together this pattern, you have to partially attach the band to the piece that goes on top, sew up the side seams and then finish attaching the band.  I first attached it all with a zigzag stitch, serged, then topstiched it.   The cuffs on the shirt fold over, kind of like a petal sleeve.  I didn’t really get a good shot of them.

Now…I need to draft a really fun jacket…hopefully it turns out. 🙂

City stripes

I love the fact that I am at a place in my sewing that I can have an idea and be able to draft patterns to what I want.  This doesn’t always mean the execution is easy, though!  This jacket was a huge pain the butt, and took most of a day, but I love it.

I was going for cool jacket vibe here.

These were most of the pieces (just missing the pockets):

The fabrics I used here were:

Fabric Anthropology – Red City Stripes (currently on Pre-Order until November 15).

Nature’s Fabrics – Black Bamboo Stretch Fleece 300gsm

Nature’s Fabrics – Dark Shadow Bamboo Stretch Fleece 300gsm

All these fabrics were fantastic to work with.  I received the FA sample for free, but purchased the sweatshirt fleece fabrics.  I used brushed poly for the FA fabric, but I think their French terry would have worked great, too.  I think having BP in the back panel that gets cinched in worked very nicely since it has more drape to it.  The FA brushed poly is nice and thick, so it worked well to mix it with sweatshirt fleece.

This how you know what the heck you are doing with sewing.  Sewing these points in fabric has gotten much easier now that I figured out how to do it.

The back has a faux leather with some eyelets I put in it them.  The eyelet setter has some crappy reviews, but it was easy to figure out and use.  Not sure why someone would need instructions.  I used black elastic in the cinching so it would be comfy to wear.

I widened out the back in order to have a nice body to it when cinching it up.  The top yoke helped to keep the extra width corralled.

The hood and the front middle sections are fully lined and enclosed.  It looks pretty good on the inside.  The hood has five pieces to it.  My biggest angst was figuring out how the heck I had to put on the hood.  Oh, and the fact that I ran out of Wondertape in putting in the zipper.

All in all, I absolutely love how this turned out!  Check out the links for the fabrics if you like them.  It is so hard to find good sweatshirt fleece, and this fleece feels fantastic.  I also just love the FA brushed poly.

My next sewing projects are going to include a few more watercolors from FA when I get them in the mail (girl is getting more fun stuff), and I also need to make a black and white choir outfit for her, too.  I’ve got a great idea for it, and I think she will look very pretty in it.  More drafting ahead!


The girl is on a blue kick recently, so far be it from me to not buy tons of fabric in those colors!

I had already purchased this Cascade Supplex from Zenith & Quasar when I volunteered to sew up this sample fabric for the current Fabric Anthropology round.  They look pretty perfect together!

The print file on the website looks more turqoisey-blue, but the cotton lycra is more of a royal blue mix with a little light purple.  It was hard to photograph, but trust me…very pretty.

I decided to make another Foliis Jacket from Sofilantjes, since she wears the other one I made her this fall all the time.  Might as well make some leggings to match, along with a top underneath, too, right?

This will be another tip of don’t-do-what-I-did.  I forgot to make sure the zipper was even all the way to the top before sewing it up.  This is especially needed on knits that stretch.  Yep…doesn’t match at the top by about an inch. *facepalm*

I wanted to jazz up the jacket a little, so I added an HTV design to it.  I drew three birds and then used the warp tool to make them different sizes and such.  Then placed a bunch all together and a few separately.  I put three down one side of the leggings and two smaller ones up on her shoulder.

The back wing design I drew a month or so ago.  Glad I got to use it finally!



Blue Watercolor from Fabric Anthropology (Pre-order)

Cascade Blue Supplex from Zenith & Quasar (hurry…not much left in stock)

White Bamboo Spandex Jersey from Nature’s Fabrics


Foliis Jacket, with modified collar instead of hood

Shenanigans Leggings, with modified formed waistband

Self-drafted Top


The boy doesn’t get much sewing done for himself lately, since he basically just wears t-shirts, a hoodie, and athletic pants.  Not super exciting for mama to sew.

When this new pre-order round came up at Fabric Anthropology, I knew he would love to get Venom sewed up for him!  This pre-order is full of anti-heroes (Venom, Deadpool, Spawn, Raven and Ash from The Evil Dead), along with some great coordinates and watercolor solids.

I have a few more prints to sew up from this round.  I just need my sewing room back, as it is currently occupied for a few days as a guest room.

I used the Bram Raglan by Wardrobe by Me, and I lengthened the arms a little bit, which I didn’t need to do.  It is PLENTY long on him.  He said it was fine, though.

I added the slash marks on the one arm, just to add a little something fun to the shirt.  I just cut the black to size and sewed some long enclosed slashes to the red fabric underneath.  I opened them up with a scissors (carefully) and then trimmed off the excess red fabric underneath.

I also color blocked the bottom.

The color of the print does veer more towards purple.  The watercolor coordinating fabric is more grey by itself (not sure why it looks so purple here), but together with this print I think brings out the purple aspects to it.  They look more grey/black on the print file, and they may print that way on brushed poly and French terry.  Natural fibers tend to take color differently.  This is cotton lycra, so a higher natural fiber content.  If you join the group you will see them sewn up by others.

The pre-order is open until November 10!



I love it when a plan comes together!  I have been drawn towards greens and love Lord of the Rings prints.  Plus it kind of makes my hair look super bright!

The cardigan here is made from Leaf Modal Spandex Jersey from Nature’s Fabrics. Disclosure: They sent me this fabric for free, but all opinions are my own.

I wanted to try one of their fabrics that I hadn’t purchased previously, but also one that had a nice drape to it.  The modal was recommended to me, and it worked really nicely for the cardigan.  There is a lot of fabric in the skirt part and it needs to have a nice fall to it.  The modal isn’t super thick, so I wouldn’t say this is a warm fabric.  As a layer with my top it worked really well, though.  It would be nice for fall and spring cardigans…it was in the 30’s for these pictures, so not quite the right temps!


The cardigan is my own pattern draft that I made last year.  I love the skirt part and it is fun to wear!

The top is a modified Sneha from Wardrobe by Me and the leggings are my own draft.

The Lord of the Ring Fabrics are from Affordable Fabrics & More.  I purchased these on the pre-order, but I think she will be opening up for retail soon.

If you are looking for some really nice solids, I would recommend Nature’s Fabrics.  I love the bamboo spandex jersey, which I used for the rest of the top.  It is SUPER comfy to wear, and also has a nice drape.  Not quite as good as the modal, but still nice.

Now, I have some strikes in the washing machine and not much time to sew.  Everything comes in waves, I swear!