Another gamer shirt

When I saw that Sugar Ink Fabric was planning a Skyrim/Elder Scrolls round, I knew at least two of my peoples would be interested in this fabric.  I was correct!  The owner, Christie, asked for strike off seamstresses, and I happily volunteered.

Pre-order for Skyrim

Upon receiving the panel, the design looked a little long.  After some back and forth with Christie, and seeing it sewn up, she is going to reduce the length by about 3 or 4 inches.  The actual ordered panels will then be a little smaller for the design, but still plenty awesome.

This is the Bram Raglan by Wardrobe by Me.  I did lengthen it by 2″ to try to get most of the design on the shirt.

He loves it, like I knew he would.  The back of the shirt is a game map with symbols from the game.  I used a grey jersey knit for the sleeves.

The pre-order for these and several other gamer fabrics (Mario, Splatoon and Plants vs. Zombies) will open on June 1 and close on June 18.   If you have a gamer in your family, check out the prints.  You may make them very happy by sewing up something they love.  This is why I can still sew for my teen boy…I make his clothes with his hobbies in mind!






Dance off Bro!

Look!  I sewed something for my son!

Poor kid gets so very neglected in the sewing room.

This was a strike off sewing sample for Stardust Textiles.  It is part of a new round of pre-sale fabrics that focuses on space shows (Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Star Trek).

I was late to the tester group on this round, but there were a few more things that needed to get sewn up.  I got a fat half of this bamboo lycra dance party coordinate, and I knew my son would love something with it.

He is 13, though, so I have use character prints with discretion.  I decided to do the arms and some blocking in the coordinate using the Bram Raglan from Wardrobe by Me.  I just cut the bottom section up a bit on the pattern and added a seam allowance.   I made sure to make the pattern cuts at the same time so they would match at the side seams.  Pretty easy pattern hack.

This fabric is so nice and soft and drapey.  I love bamboo lycra. The black is an athletic mesh, so it is a pretty light-weight shirt.  Perfect for summer!

Next was adding a vinyl thing to the front.  It was obvious what was needed, really. 😉

I admit, I took a random image off of Google to do the cassette tape, so I won’t be sharing this cut file.  I was too tired to draw my own cassette tape.  Then, of course, I didn’t mirror the words to cut this out, so I had to recut the words.  Hate it when I waste so much vinyl!

A fun, cool shirt for the dude.  I hung it up on his closet door at about 11:30 at night, and he was wearing it in the morning!

The pre-sale on this closes on May 1.  Check out the fun fabrics.  I think the “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” panel is pretty cool, too.  🙂

Dragon boardshorts

Is this not awesome fabric for swimming trunks?

I picked it up on pre-order last year, and she has it in stock again on her retail site (click on the picture of it to go to the listing).  Since she had it in stock again, it gave me the impetus to finally get this sewed up!

The biggest hurdle in all of this is finding a boardshort pattern that has the mesh insert.  Hardly any of them have it.  I ended up going with the Jalie boardshort pattern.  I was going to draft an insert (which I did), but I ended up not adding it in.  The fly is real and is velcro.  I asked the dude if he was alright not having it, and he said it was fine.  I told him if he needed it later, I could figure something out.He fit in the size U in their weird sizing scale.  I also kind of hate that they don’t always have layered patterns.  I thought I heard that some were layered, but none that I have purchased have been.  It is really hard to follow some of the lines in cutting it out.  The do have nice thorough patterns, though.  The main seams are all triple stitched.

Unfortunately I didn’t have any contrasting fabric, so I ended up taping the side panel together and just using the main fabric for all of it.

I did use a too small pair for the facings and key pocket.  I wouldn’t have had enough of it for any of the panels.

I also stole the tie tabs with the grommets from another pair of shorts.  I left the remaining shorts intact so I could at least give them away.  They were Mario Kart or something like that.  I think he is done with the character prints on his swimming trunks now.  😉

I also put in the card pocket, though not sure it is quite functional.  It needs to be a little wider, I think.  I didn’t have grommets, so I just did a circle with a satin stitch for the water release.

Overall, I am very happy with how these turned out and he was pretty thrilled, too.  I have another print with space images on it, but I want to find some contrasting boardshort fabric before making another pair.

Sorry for the cell phone pictures…it’s been busy here, and I didn’t quite have time to get some nicer pictures.e


A few of his favorite things

The boy is into the Assassins’ Creed video game and movie, though he hasn’t actually played the game.  Dad has, and they are pretty cool games, with a bit of history involved in them.


The boy wanted some shirts with the AC logo on them, and yes, I know…copyright and all that.  We have bought almost all of the games, if that helps. 😉  I also wouldn’t sell these shirts either.

So…I made some shirts for him out of the new men’s raglan pattern by Wardrobe by Me.  These are in size Small for my 5’9″, 115 pound 13 year old.

Bram Raglan Men’s T-shirt


The length is about 1.5″ longer than the pattern, since some found the first version to be too long.  He’s growing about an inch every two months, so this length from V1 was better for him.

It lays better with the jersey (blue shirt) over the cotton lycra and french terry lycra (black, red shirt).

He loved the shirts!

On a photography related side note…I really need to figure out my new flash.  It is underexposing, so I end up having to do a lot of post processing work in Photoshop.  You can see the color is really off on the black shirt ones.  I set up a backdrop in the basement to get these pictures, and the wall are orange.  You can see that a bit with the color cast.  I miss taking pictures outside!



Make all the hoodies!

My son is a soon to be teenager, and it appears at this age that hoodies are a thing.  He wears hoodies and t-shirts all winter long.  Now, while he has plenty of t-shirts, there is a lack of hoodies.  He had one that fit and a few that were too small but worked, so he was wearing his hoodie that fit for days at a time.  I think it was ready to walk off his floor and put itself in the laundry pile!

I asked in a pattern Facebook group if there were any tween/men’s patterns for a full zip up hoodie and got zero responses to that call.  I looked at Wardrobe by Me’s patterns and she had a hoodie, but it didn’t zip.  After some back and forth with the designer, she decided to release one since there appeared to be a dearth of this style in men’s patterns.  I did the initial test (this is a size Small on my 5′ 8″ 112 pounder), so here are my versions of the hoodie for my boy.  He wanted the character fabric on it, and he was really pleased.  The only difference is that I faced the hood with the character fabric.  On her pattern, it is a self-facing.

She is testing the pattern now, and should be releasing it soon.  I will update with a link when she does.

EDIT:  Just released: Ziggi Zipper Hoodie

These use a 24″ zipper, which is not the easiest to put in with the shifty knits.  It is easier if your main knit doesn’t have a lot of vertical stretch.  I also serged the edge so it would not stretch as much.  Then went really slow.  I think a walking foot would be fantastic here.  I needs one.  The second and third hoodies here went much easier due to lack of vertical stretch.

I put a mark on the zipper edges to make sure they are aligned at the same spot for the pockets.  If they are off even a little bit, it is very noticeable.  I did this for all of them, but unfortunately I was off on the Cylon hoodie.

I bought all of the main fabrics locally at a fabric warehouse.  I didn’t have much luck finding a simple sweatshirt knit, but found these fleece and sherpa backed knits.

Hoodie #1 – Fleece backed knit and custom knit from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Fallout – Vault Boy).  It will match his t-shirt. 😉


Hoodie #2 – This is a sherpa backed knit with a custom fabric from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Fallout).


Hoodie #3 – This is another sherpa backed knit with a custom fabric from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Battlestar Gallactica – Cylons).  This one will be extremely warm, so I imagine he will wear it most of the time when it is cold out.  He hasn’t watched Battlestar Gallactica, so I need to introduce him to the cylons. 😉


Now, he will hopefully be set on hoodies for a little while and I can work on something else! Sooooo much fabric, so little time!






Geralt – The Witcher – Costume Details

This costume has been an agony of time in getting it finished.  I have not had the time I would have liked to devote to all of the details in making it.  I feel bad that I didn’t get their swords done for the Geralt and Ciri costumes, but something’s gotta give, Man.  Momma works full time and clothes them in other awesomeness, so time for all of this is at a premium.

So, here are the details:


This was one of the hardest things to decide to do.  I didn’t figure the dude would want leather leggings, so I compromised with a pair of suede-cloth jeans.  The shirt is a thick knit, and I doubled up the sleeves in order to give it a more quilted look.  The shirt is supposed to be padded for the “armor”.


The jeans is my own pattern that I drafted and sized up from a pair of RTW jeans he owned.  The top is a heavily modified Ottobre pattern that I sized up.

The leather strapping:

Another thing that took forever.  I got these finished up in the spring.  They took me several days, several different types of leather and a metallic mesh.  Lots of buckles on this costume.  LOTS.


The chest plate:

This is made from vegetable tanned leather, which is a nice thick leather.  I wet it and formed it with some “molds”.  It took a day to dry.  Next it was dyed and formed again, since the dye makes it wet, too.  The straps are added last.

20161001_1182 20161001_1178 20161001_1179 20161001_1184

The mid-section armor:

What do you call this?  An armored corset?  I made the chainmail for this part.  I didn’t do it on the shoulder pieces since I ran out of time.  Maybe I will redo them.  Not sure yet.  Chainmail is shifty and a pain to make.  I ordered the jump rings online, along with a jump ring separator and curved nose plyers.  It worked really well, it just, you know, took forever.


chainmail The chainmail was hand-stitched onto the heavy-weight upholstery fabric.

20161001_1185 20161001_1186

Next I added the leather to the sides and I covered the back with corduroy.  I did a strip of leather across the top.




I used grommets and suede lacing at the side to bring the front and back together.  It was hard to see what they used in the game, so I improvised.

20161001_1190 20161002_1171

When it was done the dang thing was too big.  Ughhhhhh!  I had to cut it at each side and redo the leather edge.  Doesn’t look too bad, though.

Clay wolfhead:

This was made out of Sculpty clay.  Several layers, a bit of time and some paint later…it’s a pretty cool wolf.



Gloves turned bracers:

I didn’t want to do gloves since I had never made them before.  Instead I just made some bracers.  This is several different leathers and then some D- rings.

20161002_1165 20161002_1166 20161002_1167 20161002_1019

What didn’t get made:

  • Leg Wraps: I wasn’t sure I wanted to do these, since that is a lot of leather to go to waste.  Since he had the suede pants, we opted to forgo this piece.  They were a PITA to put on his Connor costume, so I think we were both okay with it.
  • Weapons:  I really wanted to make these out of wood and do some carving, but I just ran out of time.  If I had more free time I would have totally made it.  We’ll see.  I may yet.

It was a process and I am glad that it is done enough for Halloween.


Cool mom points

Sewing for a tween boy can be a bit of a challenge.  This is especially true when he really doesn’t care at all what he wears, as long as it is comfortable.

Only recently has he cared enough to actually match his clothes.  A bit frustrating.

Luckily, he still wants me to make him things, as long as they hit the parameters of what he will wear.  He doesn’t wear long-sleeved shirts.  Only t-shirts and hoodies.  He will only occasionally wear jeans, and it is mostly athletic wear for bottoms.

When I saw this fabric go up on one of the custom fabric boards on Facebook, I knew I had to make a shirt for him with it.  This is from the game Fallout, and he was super pumped when I showed him the picture.


One of the issues with sewing with some of these prints is that they tend to look like pj’s if you go overboard.   I also only got a panel for the front, so the back of the shirt had to be something else.  I decided to just do the sleeves in the print and do black for the rest.

20160721_8922 - Copy

I think it is just enough.

20160721_8923 - Copy

Now, what to do with the rest of the yard!  I have another panel coming with a different print for him from this same game.  I think I can maybe do a hoodie with the inside of the hood and the pockets with the print.  I need to find a good source for sweatshirt fabric, though.  Any leads would be great!

A new rodeo shirt…a very patriotic rodeo shirt

During the winter, the World’s Toughest Rodeo has a few performances in our neck of the woods.  I was on the website right away and got some good front seats, which cost a bit more than I usually spent.  Afterwards, I decided the “nicer” seats weren’t nice at all, since I had the arena gates in my photos and they got in the way all time.  Geesh!  Totally not worth it.


The girl was not a fan of getting dirt on her either. 😉

I also usually make the little man a new shirt.  Not always, but this time it was definitely needed, as he has grown quite a bit since last year.  It totally slipped my mind until later in the week, and my desk job has kept me quite busy this week.  By the time Saturday rolled around, I knew that if I had to go to the fabric store it would be a no go.  Luckily, I had a few fabrics that would work, and he chose the good ole stars and stripes.


It is very much a rodeo shirt.


It even had patriotic buttons on the cuffs.


I used the Oliver + S Sketchbook shirt, graded up from a 12 to a 16.  Yep, that was a bit of grading for a collared shirt, but it fit him pretty well in the end.

His ‘serious’ look


It took about 3.5 hours from grading to getting it all sewn up, and he was a happy camper.  All worth it!

Tribute Hoodie

As I clearly do not have enough on my plate, as is, I volunteered to test another pattern.  Luckily it was a quickie, and luckily the Boy got something out of the pattern testing this time!


This is the Tribute Hoodie by Little Finch Patterns.  It is very quick to put together, and the sizing was fairly good.  The Boy exceeded the height requirements for the size 16, so I added an extra 2″ to the body of the gray hoodie (made the blue one first).  She has also widened the arms on the final pattern.


The hoodie here is made out of gray and black fleece and a cotton lycra knit for the patterned fabric.  I was trying to use up some bits and pieces of fabric, so that is why there are many different ones on this pattern.  The black fleece is two different fabrics. 20151121-DSC_0009


This hoodie is made out of a blue fleece and a cotton lycra knit for the patterned fabric.

20151121-DSC_0022 20151121-DSC_0018

Just a few notes:

  • She widened the arms on the final pattern for the larger sizes, which was needed.  Unless I missed it no one tested the widened arms.  I looked at the final pieces and they look wider than the initial one, but just check to see if it looks reasonable against a shirt that you know fits.
  • The hood is basically the same depth for a 12-18 month size as the size 16.  Big, big hood on little ones.
  • On the placket attachment, it is squared off on the pattern piece, but she has you just go around the whole thing in one shot.  That rounds the edges. If you want it to look squared off like I did, cut a diagonal slit at the bottom of the square on the front piece.  Pin and serge one at a time, the bottom piece and then the rest of the way around.  Topstitch.

She wanted some girl tunic tests, too, so I made one for the Girl.  Again, the arms were too tight on the tester version.  Still, a cute hoodie and should be nice and warm.

20151122-DSC_0021 20151122-DSC_0024 20151122-DSC_0028

Now I need to focus on getting some gifts made and some dressy clothes for the Orchestra concert next week.  Lots of irons in the fire, as usual!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 😀

Car carrier tutorial

As part of a charity project for the kids at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, we had a specific challenge to get some boy gifts made up.  Since my son has a ton of little cars, this was the perfect gift.  I went through the big bin and picked out cars that looked new.

It wasn’t hard.  These are worse than bunnies with how frequently they procreate.


Here is a tutorial for a car carrier.

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