I have been playing with some leather in my sewing room lately.  The leather in this outfit is called Perfection Fused Leather, and is a bit of a man-made concoction.  Somehow they fused calfskin onto a lycra based fabric, and it is sold by the yard instead of by the hide.  It is rather nice to sew with, as it is more like apparel than actual leather.

Once Spring/Summer arrives I can wear this outfit with these cool shoes I got last summer:


Sweater with Leather sleeves – ~Made by Me~

Top – ~Made by Me~

Skirt – ~Made by Me~

Jewelry – JC Penny’s (I think…it was awhile ago)

Shoes – Black Taylon Bootie from Machi Footwear

Hair – Just down…I don’t think I really did anything to it.  It may have been in braids the day before, though.

pink-leather-outfit-1 pink-leather-outfit-2 black-sweater-knit

All dressed up for…nothing

I was supposed to have a lunch meeting this day, so I got all spiffy dressed up.  The lunch got cancelled, unfortunately.  My outfit was basically black and grey with some stripes thrown in for good measure.  The top is really floaty, and very comfy.

I also wore really tall, plasticy boots.  They make lovely noises when I walked, but I don’t care.  They look cool.

I can’t say I was dressed up for nothing, really.  We had a belated birthday dinner for me that night.  I turned 39 (…errr…29??) a few days previously, so we went out for a nice meal on a free night.  The kids activities and my husband’s poker night pushed off dinner a few nights from my birthday.  That was fine…I still got my gift on my birthday.  They got me a Nook HD+!  Very cool for reading books, watching Netflix and some minor surfing.  I am not an Apple person, so don’t feel the need to pay 3-4x as much for a tablet to get an iPad.  I am sure they are just lovely, but I already sit at a computer all day.  I can deal with it’s ugly cousin just fine.

Shirt – LOFT

Skirt – Made by Me

Jewelry – Birthday Gift from my Aunt

Tights – Zulily

Boots – Type Z

Hair – French braided down both sides, then met them in the back for another braid.

The long wait…

Ah, instant gratification of walking into a store and coming home with your purchase…

Not if you want a deal!

It took about a month to get these boots from Zulily, but for over 50% off…it was worth it!  I have a bad Zulily shopping habit lately.  I think I need to step away from the daily deals!

In my defense, I have bought Christmas presents there.  Oh, and shoes for my kids and a few articles of clothes.  For the last few years I really haven’t bought them much of anything for clothes.  I have made most of it for them.

I am TIRED.  I really don’t want to HAVE to make them clothes so they won’t be nekked.  So…I have been purchasing from stores.  It feels very liberating, let me tell you!

I have also been buying new sweaters for me.  I have bought maybe two or three a year in the last few years.  Our winters are 6-8 months out of the year.  Obviously, they get well used.  I needed to restock.

Oh, and I have gained 10 lbs in the last two years, so those tighter sweaters don’t fit me quite so well anymore. *sigh*

The slowing down of the metabolism sucks quite immensely.  There is no more maintainig the status quo.  It is a constant choice of “Do I want to eat that or gain weight?” “How much exercise do I need to do, so I DON’T gain weight?”  “Is it even possible to lose weight??”.

Yes, growing older does certainly have some little zingers for you to deal with.

Sweater dress: Von Maur

Leggings:  ??

Boots: Etienne Aigner

Necklace: Silpada

Earrings: Claire’s

Hair: braid waves


It was a black and white week

After making my little Diva’s black and white wardrobe, I felt the need to dress the same.  Unfortunately, I only got a photo of one of the outfits, though I wore several that week in that vein.  This wasn’t even the cutest one, and certainly didn’t photograph well.  It was much better and thinning in person.

I was probably standing close to 6 feet tall in these shoes with the 5″ wedge heel.  Sadly, I didn’t get a picture wearing them, but they are these shoes from Target:

White shirt – CAbi

Vest – JC Penny

Skirt – Made by Me

Hair – Wrapped braid – Just braid around my entire head and then pin the ends up in the middle


Summer scarf

I am not one to usually wear scarves in the summertime.  Perhaps I am a bit claustrophobic.  I have a hard time wearing turtlenecks in the wintertime, too.  This is a nice lightweight scarf, though.  It was just a bit of a sheer fabric I found in a remnant bin at the fabric store.  I cut it straight and finished the edges with a rolled hem on my serger.  Voila!  A really cheap scarf!

Shirt – CAbi

Sweater – LOFT

Skirt – ?? Retail a few years back

Earrings – Silpada

Shoes – Well, these were only worn for the pictures before I left for work.  They are by Iron Fist and are the Manslayers.  My review – They SUCK.  *sigh*  I got them for my birthday last December, and have struggled with wearing them.  They are SO uncomfortable and the balance is off on them.  I don’t have a problem with wearing other high heels, so I know it isn’t me.  The shoes were constructed poorly, and you could break an ankle in them.

Adding a little sparkle to my day

These shoes are a bit much, so when I tell you that I purchased them in Vegas I know you will not be shocked.   When I saw them in the window they just called to me.   The wedge heel is like a little piece of artwork and has some rhinestones in it, too.  I know…they are very shiny and sparkly, but sometimes you need that in your day.  Am I right??

Yes, I am.

So…boring office garb turned flashy.

Blouse – Express

Skirt – Made by Me

Jewelry – Stella Dot

Shoes – Italina (bought in a boutique at the Monte Carlo hotel)

Hair – French braided from the underside up towards my crown and then circled into a bun up on top.

New boots

Last Spring I bought a few boots on sale, which I tend to look for boot deals from early Spring to Summer.  I love me some boots, but don’t want to spend a fortune.

I acquired these new boots from 6pm.com:

The Type Z boots are SUPER high.  They are also plasticy and have no traction.  Still…I kept them since they are unique.  I love unique.  I bought new shoe laces (the laces are plastic, so… much plastic sounds emit from the boots as you walk) and put a traction sticky thing to the bottoms.  Plus some inserts.  So yeah…$60 is turning into more like $70 – $75.

The Lassen boots are great, and really comfy.  Nice soft all leather boots, BUT the reviews said they ran small.  They don’t on me.  They are almost too big, so I’ll just wear thick socks with them.  They were 50% off, so that was a pretty good deal for all leather boots.  I wanted a pair of walking around boots for winter and this definitely fit the bill.

I wear boots ALL winter long.  It is cold here and I want my footsies to have plenty of cover.  Each year I buy at least one new pair of black boots.  This year I got two, so my second pair were these Vivona by The Cool People.  I got them for $120, I think.  Regular price was $250.  Yes, I love me some sales… 

Oh, boots…how I love thee…

Countdown to vacation

The hubby and I booked a vacation someplace warm…yeeehaw!  Of course, that means I will need to don a swimsuit. 

Oh dear.

I seem to have acquired a few extra pounds during this busy season at work due to lack of exercise and lack of self control in eating copious amounts of chocolate, cheese, and other fat inducing substances.

It has become apparent that I need to resume my exercising and eating of salads.

Oh darn.

I also have a list of things I want to make to wear on said vacation.  I’m going for a mostly black/white theme and hope to be able to pack as few clothes as possible.  I even have all the material sitting in my fabric closet, so I shouldn’t need to buy anything.  Yay!

– a flattering swimsuit (if it is truly flattering I may even show you a picture of me in it)  I plan to make two of them – one being my muslin and one out of the fabric I really want it in.

– a swim coverup

– 2 short sleeve black shirts

– a black/white bubble skirt

– potentially a vest out of a turqoise leather shirt I have that I never wear.  Still need to get a good fit on the vest before cutting into leather.  Or maybe I could make a skirt out of it.  I want it to match these shoes:

5’7″ + 5″ heels = 6′ of sexy

Blue, blue, blue

I seem to be really gravitating towards blue these days.  Maybe because I feel the need for a bright cheery color, especially as winter is going to be coming here soon.

This sweater is a purchase from a consignment store.  There are two in my town, and the store I bought this one from touts themselves as high quality.  I don’t know about that.  I do like the sweater, though, which seemed barely worn.  Probably because it is so close fitting, and it didn’t get worn much.  Definitely only for wearing on those days when I feel skinny.

The skirt I bought at GAP years ago, and is one of the few nice lined skirts I’ve ever seen in that store.  I must have been a product line they tried and quit.  I’ve never seen quality work appropriate apparel like that in their stores since then.

The boots are my new blue boots.  Hard to walk in, but that is just fine.  They are bright and pretty!