Long overdue cardigan draft

I have been wanting to make this cardigan for quite awhile.

It wasn’t the color I would choose, but I loved the flounces.  This would have to be flounces and not ruffles, as the gathering would make it horrendous to sew the seams.

My plan of attack was to use the WBM basic t-shirt and carve out a neckline from the front.  I used a size larger than would fit me, so it had a little extra ease in it.  Next, cut a bunch of flounces.  Now, next time I would make it with smaller circles, so the flounces are more pronounced.  I cut one big circle and then made flounces from it.  They are just too gradual with the bigger circle to look as “flouncey”.

This was a sturdy double brushed poly, and I knew it would have enough structure to handle this. The fabric is a pre-order from Fabric Anthropology.

The fabric is called Frosted Coal.

A French terry would work well, too.  This is going to be very comfy to wear this winter over leggings.


Black cats and plaid

A few groups have rounds opening this week, so I was super busy again making clothes for my little fashionista.  I decided to focus on fall items, since we will be winding up summer here pretty soon.

This fabric is from the Horror/Plaid round at RP Custom fabrics and will start running on August 20.

We love cats here!

I drafted this top for this fabric, and was fairly happy with how it all fit together.  I got just a fat half of each fabric, so I had to make it work for those sizes.  I didn’t have much plaid fabric left at all and only a little bit of the cats.  I like the lines on this dress, so I took it as inspiration for the lines on this tunic top.

I should have done a different construction order.  Next time it will be easier to make it since I did it the hard way and put the skirt part on last.  I should have done the full front and back and then sewed them up at the sides.

The sides are a little bunchy.

Overall, though…pretty dang cute!

Since there were black cats, we need to have one of our black cats in on the photo shoot.  He was less than cooperative.

But then we got a few once he settled down.

This pre-order is full of plaids (I’ve got another fun one to sew up!), Halloween and few Christmas prints.  Go check it out!

A CAbi hack

Every 6 months or so I am invited by a friend to her CAbi party.  I really do like the clothes, but in my opinion, they have gone down in quality over the years.  The last pair of overpriced pants I bought from them stretched out so very, very much and had poor recovery.  So…not sure how much longer I will be buying their clothes, but it is nice to go see my friend and get ideas.

One top that I liked a few years ago had a woven front and knit back.  I think it was a silk panel for the front, but it definitely was a scarf type of fabric.

I drafted this from a big boxy top pattern I made last year.  I decided to go short sleeved on this, because a long-sleeved top would be too cool for our winters here.


The back is a linen knit, and I think I made it a bit too long.  If I make another, I will definitely shorten up the back.

See…it is pretty wide.  It is supposed to be kind of “floaty”.  The linen knit is a very light knit fabric, and is kind of see through.  Using it in a non-fitted garment is a good idea so you don’t have to wear something underneath.

The bands around the arms and neck are a poly knit.


I wasn’t sure about it, but I wore it out and liked it.  It does tend to pull to the back, since the knit weighs more than the silk panel.  I think shortening up the back will help with it, though.  If I find another piece I like for the front I may make another.  It is a great top for a hot summer day.




Here is another maxi skirt and top that I made.  Super comfy for summertime!

The skirt is a bit…thin, though.  I should not be standing in front of a light source in this because it is see through.  When it cools down I can wear a slip, but right now it is far to warm for that business!

Skirt and top – ~Made by Me~

Jewelry – Von Maur (I think)

Hair – Braided the top and sides until they were just past my ears.  Poofed out the top and then put all in a pony tail.  Then I did several more spiral braids with the remaining hair.

Stripes and…stuff

I know, I know…I failed miserably at taking pictures for Me Made May.  I did, however, wear my clothes I made for a good 5 or 6 days each week.  It’s not hard when you make a lot of your own clothes.

I have been pretty busy with the kids’ summer sports, so I have not had much time to sew for me, and thus…post here.  Hopefully, I will get some things done soon.

Another problem…

I have gained some weight in the last, oh year, and getting a few of my skirts over my hips is just not possible right now.  Ugh!  Luckily I have plenty of fabric to make new stuff.

This outfit is a nice casual one.  Super comfy for an afternoon on the deck with a glass of wine.  The colors are red, white and blue, and it totally would have worked for the 4th of July…if we hadn’t been camping in the woods.

Vest, top, skirt and jewelry – ~Made by Me~

Hair – Twisted the sides up a little and secured in the back with overlapping clips

14634471356_b9613ba21c_o 14634471386_c0c0af0f54_o

Me Made May – Day 19

This weekend I don’t think I really wore anything I made, so I broke my streak!  I did sign up for 5 of 7 days, so it’s all good.

This was a dreary rainy day, so black was in order!  We are slowly, slowly warming up around these parts.  Yesterday I spent the day outside doing landscaping (a.k.a. weeding).  Hopefully, this weekend will prove to be nice, too, and we can get some new plants in the ground!

Skirt – ~Made by Me~

Sweater – JC Penny

Shoes – Charlotte Russe (I actually had these cheapies reheeled because I wore them off!)

Jewelry – Retail, Chains – ~Made by Me~ (not like it took a lot of effort, though!)

Hair – A low knotted bun.  I just separated my hair in two equal parts and knotted it.  I pinned each knot as I made it, and then pinned the ends the best I could.  I wanted it to be a bit messy, and so it was!

Quick pics in the morning, so not great with the blown highlights on my face.

20140519-DSC_0045 20140519-DSC_0043 20140519-DSC_0041

Me Made May – Day 16

Finally Friday!  Yay!

I know this is supposed to be a “theme day” for MMM, but I couldn’t do the “too pretty for pants” theme.  I had a chiropractor appointment this day, and I need to wear pants for that!  I shouldn’t have worn heels as my back was not happy with me anyways, but eh…I wanted to break out some of my pretty summer shoes.  Oh, and I appear to have acquired Vertigo along the way.  I think I need a new spine!

It is decidedly NOT summer-like here.  Last night I sat at a 2 hour baseball practice in sub-50 degree weather.  I was FREEZING.

Summer, please grace us with your presence…or at least give us 60 degrees!

Pink top – ~Made by Me~

Jeans – Zulily

Cardigan – Express

Shoes – Michael Kors

Jewelry – Silver necklace: ~Made by Me~, Pink necklace: JC Penny, Earrings: ??

Hair – Braid waves from the braids in my hair the day before.  I usually curl the ends with a small curling iron, too.  I took some of the top front and braided it back, so I didn’t have to pull it out of my face all day.

20140516-outfit 20140516-DSC_0011

Me Made May – Day 15

I love how easy dresses are to wear!  This is a dress I made this winter, and I threw it on with a little knit jacket that I purchased.  We are still on the cool side here, so I needed to have some warmth.  I haven’t put my boots away yet, either.

I actually just got these boots reheeled, as I wore them so much the heel fell off.  I went to my local cobbler (shoe repair guy?), and got them reheeled and polished up.  I try not to just throw away my shoes when they can be fixed…especially ones that I love!  The leather on these boots is so very soft, and they are a comfortable height to wear.  I have noticed I don’t have much for lower heeled shoes, as my back has been bothering me a lot lately.  Can’t wear those skyscraper heels when it is hard to walk upright.

Dress – ~Made by Me~

Jacket – Jessica Simpson

Boots – Vivona by The Cool People

Jewelry – Boutique Retail

Hair – Maiden braids from wet hair.  Tomorrow they will be braid waves!



Me Made May – Day 14

This was a last minute I-gotta-wear-something-I-made selection.  I went on a fieldtrip this day to the State Fairgrounds for an agriculture exhibition for my daughter’s class.  I knew I would be walking amongst animals and in barns, so something pretty casual was needed.  It was also going to be cold, but regardless this shirt needed another one over the top as it was a bit see-through.  Not good to wear by itself for a 3rd grade fieldtrip.

I finished this stylin’ outfit off with a fuzzy fleece jacket.

Workin’ it!

Black cross front top – ~Made by Me~

Brown shirt – Retail – ENTI

Jeans – VO Jeans

Shoes – Jambu

Jewelry – Montana Silversmiths

Hair – Braids and more braids.  I had two braids on each side.  I split the hair in half and did Dutch braids with the rest.

20140514-DSC_0002 20140514-DSC_0004

Me Made May – Day 13

I have been valiantly trying to get pictures of my Me Mades, but it just hasn’t happened each day.

Me Made May – Day 10: wore the leggings in this post

Me Made May – Day 11: wore the comfy lounge pants in this post

Me Made May – Day 12: wore the vodka shirt in this post

The outfit today is a bit of old and a bit of new.  I made the wrap when my daughter was in ma belly.  It was good to dress up pretty much anything with all the lovely texture on it.  The shirt I made this past winter from drafting it off a RTW shirt that I had.

I haven’t sewed in almost 2 weeks!  I have not been feeling the best and plus the kids activities are taking my life again.  Ah well, I will maybe have some time this weekend.  If it rains.  Otherwise we will be delving into the yard and getting it spiffy.

Top and wrap ~ Made by Me~

Pants – Express

Jewelry – ??  A silver company that went out of business years ago

Hair – 2 braids on each side put into a pony tail.  I was going to put something around the band, but I forgot.  It had a plain gray band on it all day.  Not the best look.