Pretty coral

I was sent a few fabric samples to sew up for Zenith & Quasar fabrics, and this is one of the prints I chose.  It is called Watercolor Coral, and it is printed on a heavy brushed poly base.  It feels soooo nice!  I don’t know what she will end up ordering but both bases I worked with were great.  This base worked really well for leggings.

Plus, they are soooo soft!

I made the 5 out of 4 Shenanigans leggings, but put a more shaped waistline on it.  I think these stay up better on leggings with this waist piece.

The top is one that I drafted.  The pieces are very curved, but I love the look across the front and back.

I also topstitch the seams on these pieces so they lay flat.  The iron is your friend.

The shirt saying I really like, and she helped choose it.  I had a hard time finding the source for it, though.  Unfortunately, the teal color I used is metallic, so it doesn’t show very well.

I drew the wave in Photoshop, and put the file above in the Google Drive folder of my files.  See the sidebar for the link.

I’m pretty happy with how this outfit turned out, and so is she!

If you are interested in the fabric, you can buy it through the pre-order here:

Zenith & Quasar Watercolor Coral

We’re all mad

I wasn’t sure if the girl would like this Cheshire Cat print from Affordable Fabrics and More, but it turned out she did!  When I ordered, I did not order a panel with it…not sure why.  The fabric host threw in the panel for free, which was a nice surprise.

The panel was short-ish, so I decided to make it into this dress I drafted, which stops at about her natural waist.

I had a navy cotton lycra that didn’t match exactly, but is close enough.  It worked well in color-blocking the skirt, which is two full circles.

As I only had a yard of the stripes and cheshire cat print, I needed to block the leggings (not that you can see it with her boots!).  I did the same for the arms.

In buying custom fabrics, I rarely buy more than a yard, since they are quite spendy.  I try to get the most out of them, and there really wasn’t much left when I was done with these prints.

She wore the outfit to school today, and she also had faith formation class at church later.  Her teacher at that class asked her why she was so dressed up.

She quipped, “This is just how I dress!”






Sugar Skull outfit

I might be a bit macabre, but I do love the look of sugar skulls.

Fabric: Affordable Fabrics and More (retail is closed right now, as pre-ordered fabric arrives)

Sugar skulls, called calaveras, are made to honor dead relatives on Dia de Muertos, or All Soul’s Day.  This tradition can be traced back to the Aztecs.  The calaveras are usually made with cane sugar and are decorated with items such as colored foil, icing, beads, and feathers.

I am sure this will still fit her on November 1 next year, as I could not wait to use this fabric.  As such…I made the leggings extra long.

First, I needed a HTV skull for my vision of this top.  I found  a sugar skull coloring page online, and traced it off in the Silhouette software.  I pulled out different pieces to cut in different colors.  The trace worked pretty well, and there was only one part I had to change when weeding it.  I’m not well versed in the software, so I generally wing it and get lucky.

After layering and ironing it all on, it was time to sew!

I drafted this pattern with a lot of curves.  The arms have a big dip in the middle, and the seams are the same depth as the side seam.  It looks like a gradual curve across the arms, from side to side.


After putting these all together and ironing them, I noticed the front bodice was messed up.  I cut it totally wrong.  After ripping out the serged seam, I used what smidgen of fabric I had left to cut out a new top.  The front top is not necessarily on grain, but it works.

The skirt on this is a full circle.

The leggings are the 5 out of 4 Shenanigans skort leggings, only I used a different waistband that is shaped to fit her better.  This was a french terry fabric with some stretch to it.

I made this last night and could not wait to have her wear it.  She really liked it when I showed it to her this morning.  This is after a day of wearing it, so the leggings are a little bit baggy.

Now…what to make next??

Mermaid hair today…gone tomorrow

I decided to take some pictures of the girl before she got her hair cut off and donated it.  It had gotten pretty long, and she really doesn’t do anything with it at all…or let me do anything with it.

I have had this saying and mermaid cut out for some time, so I figured I should use it before she gets her hair cut off on Friday.

This is the Mermaid, and I just used a font in the Silhouette Studio.

It is hard to see the font since it is a silver reflective font.  Oh well.  It’s DONE, and that is what is important.

Shirt is self-drafted, and out of a great jersey with lycra.  It is very comfy.  The leggings are the Shenanigans Skort leggings by 5 out of 4 Patterns, with a low loft stretch velour.  It is hard to capture how shiny they are with the camera.

I can’t wait to be able to get pictures  again once it warms up.  I am having the hardest time getting my color right.

Well, now I will have to make her something else to wear to show off her new haircut!

Twig and Tale Tour: An easy upcycle

I was invited to participate in the Twig and Tale Tour for upcycling, and of course, I said yes.  Then I remembered I had tweens, and not cute little people that didn’t voice their opinion.  I love their Wild Things add-ons.  Talk about adorable!  I so wish I could have done that with this tour, but alas…tweens.

So…onward to a very simple upcycle.  Yes, I made a cape with a blanket.  Too hard, right??


You do kind of need a blanket in order to upcycle this garment.  I had a specific garment in mind, though.

the assassins blade

My daughter is obsessed with these books.  They are young adult geared books.  If your girl likes strong female leads with adventure and butt kicking…she may like these, as well.  My daughter wants me to make cosplay outfits of several of the book covers.

I used the Traveler’s Cape (disclosure: given to me for free for the tour) as the base for this garment. I should have lowered it a bit, but I was at the limit for the width on this blanket.

The cloak was the easy part.  The embellishments…not so much.  I drew out a sort of copy of the design (I didn’t really like their design), and then cut it out from upcycled suede pants.  I have been upcycling that pair for few years, so not much left at this point.

Next was hand-stitching it on.  The cape took about an hour to make, if that.  The leather took several hours to hand-sew onto the cape.  Glutton for punishment, I am.


The cloak fasteners were purchased from Pacific Trimmings online.


I get quite a lot of my hardware there, since they have so much variety. Many times I purchase with no plan in mind.  This is why I have this box here, which is not all of the hardware I have:


Creating Magic

So, photos.  I love doing composite photography, however, I don’t have a lot of opportunity to do so.  I took this photo on my white backdrop, erased out the background, and made a new one with brushes.

Brush credit:

Clothes: Cape from Twig and Tale.  Shirt and leggings are self-drafted.

Decorative blades: From our collection.  We have several.


Different pose with more natural skin tone…





To follow along with the upcycling blog tour at Twig and Tale:

Blog tour overview at Twig and Tale

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A few of his favorite things

The boy is into the Assassins’ Creed video game and movie, though he hasn’t actually played the game.  Dad has, and they are pretty cool games, with a bit of history involved in them.


The boy wanted some shirts with the AC logo on them, and yes, I know…copyright and all that.  We have bought almost all of the games, if that helps. 😉  I also wouldn’t sell these shirts either.

So…I made some shirts for him out of the new men’s raglan pattern by Wardrobe by Me.  These are in size Small for my 5’9″, 115 pound 13 year old.

Bram Raglan Men’s T-shirt


The length is about 1.5″ longer than the pattern, since some found the first version to be too long.  He’s growing about an inch every two months, so this length from V1 was better for him.

It lays better with the jersey (blue shirt) over the cotton lycra and french terry lycra (black, red shirt).

He loved the shirts!

On a photography related side note…I really need to figure out my new flash.  It is underexposing, so I end up having to do a lot of post processing work in Photoshop.  You can see the color is really off on the black shirt ones.  I set up a backdrop in the basement to get these pictures, and the wall are orange.  You can see that a bit with the color cast.  I miss taking pictures outside!



Upping the twirl factor

This week we are going to a funeral of someone that I grew up with as a part of my life.  Her kids asked me to do the eulogy, so I am a bit stressed about that.  I don’t enjoy public speaking, though I can generally do a good job at it.  Just don’t look at my hands, because they are shaking.

Sewing is my stress reliever, plus the girl needed something to wear.  She wanted something to wear with the blue leaves necklace that we bought for her at the comic con.  It was her birthday present and she didn’t think she had anything that would go with it (She did…jeans and a black top would go with it!).


The dress is self-drafted.  I wanted this to have some interest on it, so I added the faux leather accents.  The neckline and the arms have black faux leather.  I put Heat n’ Bond on the backside of the one with grommets.  That way it adhered to the fabric, and will be more stable.


The skirt is a full circle skirt on the front and a full circle on the back.  I didn’t have quite enough fabric, so I had to piece it.  I like how the black works in with the faux leather accents.

20170115_2958 20170115_2942

The black is a ponte with an animal print, and the blue is a brushed poly with lycra.  It is a nice heavier weight, so it handles the skirt pretty well.


She will wear it with black leggings and boots for the funeral, then I am sure it will get worn much to school.  It is a very comfortable and suits her well.



A fairytale

I have been interested in doing some sample sewing for some of the custom fabric groups on Facebook that I follow, and this one came up.  I offered up, and was selected to sew up this pretty print.  It will be stocking on Friday, noon EST.  Some of her stockings sell out right away, so if you want it…be ready!

Zenith & Quasar Fairytale Print on brushed poly


The test was printed on swim knit, but it will be stocked in brushed poly (so thicker and warmer).  I love the colors on this print, and it went well with a supplex activewear fabric that I bought last fall on sale at Joann’s.

Zenith & Quasar has a supplex that is similar, and looks like it will go well with the print.  There’s only a few yards left, though.

Carribean Dreams Supplex

I had hoped to get pictures of this outfit this past weekend, but alas, we were busy, busy, busy.  Saturday was the first volleyball pool play, and then Sunday, it took me longer to make my sister’s purse than I expected.  I sewed until almost midnight on Sunday, and then stopped before putting in the zipper.  I was very tired, so I figured that was a good place to stop!


The jacket here is the Foliis by Sofilantjes.  I used the side seam pocket pattern piece from the longer jacket version to add into this shorter jacket.  The bottom of the pocket is enclosed in the bottom band, and the side is caught by the zipper edge.  I still had to top-stitch it down, though.  Otherwise it was floppy.


The leggings are a modified Shenanigan’s leggings.  I cut the curved section out of the middle, and then I also modified the waist.  I cut the waist lower and added a different waist piece.  This is from the volleyball shorts pattern that I created, and is comfortable on her.  Next time the front rise needs to come up about an inch.  It was a smidge short.

20170110_2815 20170110_2832

The top underneath is the modified Nivalis/Hibernis mash up, with a design that I drew and cut with my Silhouette Cameo on HTV.  Which….didn’t get pictures of yet.  I will try to do that soonish.

I also used up just about every scrap of both of these fabrics.  I had to piece the top to get enough to do the top part of it (which you can’t see, of course).

20170110_2843 20170110_2825

She loved this one, and so do I!




Mix and match sparkles

I saw this striped fabric on a custom fabric website and thought it would be perfect for the pattern test I did on the cropped jacket.  Unfortunately, I spent way too much on fabric for these pieces, but sometimes you just gotta splurge.  Most of my fabrics I buy are at a discount fabric warehouse, so I don’t normally spent a lot per yard.


Here are all of the pieces I made with the above fabrics, and how they can all go together.  I have another few plain black pieces I made for her that will go with them, too.  I bought 2 yards of both the black arrows and the gold sparkle, since she needs over a yard of fabric to make her bottoms.


Folis Jacket by Sofilantjes (just released)


This jacket is so cute!  It is an unlined jacket, and pretty easy to throw together.  It also comes in a long jacket and dress.  Any version would be cute.  It is meant to be fitted, so she doesn’t recommend long sleeved shirts underneath.  My girl has skinny arms, so it isn’t as fitted on her as it was on other testers.  I made a 10W and 13L.


I used most of one yard on the jacket, with and extra half yard for the hood lining and bands.

Domi pants by Sofilantjes


These were made out of the French terry and I kept it simple.  She didn’t want pockets on the pants, so I left them off.  I also made them long and just hemmed them instead of adding the bands on the bottom.

Nivalis/Hibernis by Sofilantjes mash up

This is similar to the tattoo horse top I made her previously, only I made it short sleeves. (Sorry, didn’t get a picture of it without the jacket!)


Hibernis by Sofilantjes

20161123_2190 20161123_2201

I left off the pockets on this top, and just did the side panel pieces plain.  No cowl either, and I used the hood from the Nivalis pattern.  I added on thumbhole cuffs.

Shenanigans Skort leggings by 5 out of 4 Patterns

20161123_2016 20161123_2007

Not Sofilantjes for this one.  I like the leggings from this pattern, and they fit her well.

All the pieces will go well together.  She is wearing a black long sleeved shirt under the hood with some of the pictures, and she also has some plain black leggings, and a pair of black stretch velvet domi pants.  Lots of stuff to mix and match!

A fun tween capsule for her to be able to wear this winter. 🙂



Make all the hoodies!

My son is a soon to be teenager, and it appears at this age that hoodies are a thing.  He wears hoodies and t-shirts all winter long.  Now, while he has plenty of t-shirts, there is a lack of hoodies.  He had one that fit and a few that were too small but worked, so he was wearing his hoodie that fit for days at a time.  I think it was ready to walk off his floor and put itself in the laundry pile!

I asked in a pattern Facebook group if there were any tween/men’s patterns for a full zip up hoodie and got zero responses to that call.  I looked at Wardrobe by Me’s patterns and she had a hoodie, but it didn’t zip.  After some back and forth with the designer, she decided to release one since there appeared to be a dearth of this style in men’s patterns.  I did the initial test (this is a size Small on my 5′ 8″ 112 pounder), so here are my versions of the hoodie for my boy.  He wanted the character fabric on it, and he was really pleased.  The only difference is that I faced the hood with the character fabric.  On her pattern, it is a self-facing.

She is testing the pattern now, and should be releasing it soon.  I will update with a link when she does.

EDIT:  Just released: Ziggi Zipper Hoodie

These use a 24″ zipper, which is not the easiest to put in with the shifty knits.  It is easier if your main knit doesn’t have a lot of vertical stretch.  I also serged the edge so it would not stretch as much.  Then went really slow.  I think a walking foot would be fantastic here.  I needs one.  The second and third hoodies here went much easier due to lack of vertical stretch.

I put a mark on the zipper edges to make sure they are aligned at the same spot for the pockets.  If they are off even a little bit, it is very noticeable.  I did this for all of them, but unfortunately I was off on the Cylon hoodie.

I bought all of the main fabrics locally at a fabric warehouse.  I didn’t have much luck finding a simple sweatshirt knit, but found these fleece and sherpa backed knits.

Hoodie #1 – Fleece backed knit and custom knit from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Fallout – Vault Boy).  It will match his t-shirt. 😉


Hoodie #2 – This is a sherpa backed knit with a custom fabric from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Fallout).


Hoodie #3 – This is another sherpa backed knit with a custom fabric from Sugar Ink Fabrics (Battlestar Gallactica – Cylons).  This one will be extremely warm, so I imagine he will wear it most of the time when it is cold out.  He hasn’t watched Battlestar Gallactica, so I need to introduce him to the cylons. 😉


Now, he will hopefully be set on hoodies for a little while and I can work on something else! Sooooo much fabric, so little time!