Ciri cosplay – the accessories

I knew that my daughter wanted to be Ciri for many, many months, but I was stumped on how to make a few of the items.  The metal belt that Ciri wears is one of them.

screenshot corset

I wasn’t sure how I would make it so that all of the pieces were the same.  I knew I had to make a template, but wasn’t sure what to use.  I first tried to make one out of wax, and that was a failure.  Next, I decided to make it out of clay, and that worked.

20160504_6760 20160504_6758 20160504_6759First, I drew out the template in pencil and then rubbed it onto the flattened clay.  Next, I cut out the pieces and then baked it.

20160504_6754 20160504_6755 20160504_6756Once it was baked, I let it cool and then used the pieces to push into the clay.

20160504_6761Using a straight edge, I cut the sides and angled the corners.

20160504_6762 20160504_6763The glass bead is something I found at Michael’s in their flower section.  You need to press it into the center so that it has a place to sit.

20160504_6764 20160504_6765To attach these to a belt, you need to have some holes in them.  I decided to attach them underneath the bead, so I made three holes.  Once done, I baked them.  For the two side pieces, I draped them over cannolli tubes so that they curved.  When they were cool, I sprayed them with silver spray paint.

I cut a piece of leather, and spaced out the tiles.  I attached them to the belt with wax thread.  Once that was done, I glued the glass beads over the top with E6000 glue.

20160504_6766 20160505_6742The other clay piece I did was the cat’s head.  I looked at pictures of it and then carved it with my clay tools.  Once done, I baked it and spray painted it.  I added the back ring with E6000 glue.  Not perfect, but good enough!

20160507_6737Next belt was the leather belt.  I bought a belt blank from Tandy Leather and then the cross stamp.  I used the swivel cutter for the rest of the cuts.

20160505_6747Next was dying it with leather dye, and then adding the hardware.

Other leather pieces I did were the arm straps and the pouches.

20160507_6739 20160507_6735 20160507_6736

Lastly was the knife and sheath.  I didn’t get any pictures of making it since it was last night, and I was running out of time!  The handle is a cut up wooden candle holder, the knife part is a small piece of wood, and the circles in the middle and the cap are made of clay.  The handle is wrapped in leather.


I think she turned out pretty close.  I am just missing her gloves and sword, which I will work on before the Renaissance here in the fall.  Plus, I have to get my son’s costume done, too.  I just ran out of time.  Story of my life!

ciri collageBetter pictures will come, too.  She rocked it at the con, though.  And she loved the scars (little wierdo).


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