Connor costume – The symbol

So this video game has a symbol for the Assassins, which shows up in the costume a few times and on the shape of the tomahawk.


On the costume it shows up on the belt and on one of the vambraces.


I decided to make them out of modeling clay and then paint as needed.

I got a clay tool set and some Sculpty clay at Michael’s.


I printed out the logo and placed some parchment paper over the top of it.  Then, I proceeded to mold the clay to the right shape.  I decided to use wire (hanger wire…since, it was all I really had that was strong enough) as a base in the clay.  It gave it some stability.  I’m not sure how much wear and tear these are going to get.

On the one that goes into the vambrace, I punched holes in it so that I could attach it to the leather.  Actually, I did on both, just in case.

20150411-DSC_0040Then I shot it with some metallic silver spray paint.  It didn’t change the color that much, but it smoothed it out a bit.

20150411-DSC_0045The largest one was attached to the belt.  The smaller one was attached to the vambrace.


The tomahawk is a whole ‘nother thing.  I drew out the blade pieces, and had hubster cut it out for me from some plywood.  I figured if I did it then I would lose some fingers.  After he cut it out I used my Dremel and sanded the blade and rounded the edges.


The blade pieces are attached to the dowel part through a hole in the dowel.  There are small square pieces on the edges of the blade pieces, and I used my Dremel to cut a hole the same dimensions into the stained handle.  I put some wood glue into the hole and onto the pieces and attached them.  Once I had them attached, I taped off the handle and spray painted the blade silver.

When that was dried I attached the leather pieces to the handle.  The grip part is attached with some small nails.  The tan leather is attached with hot glue.

20150426-DSC_5096Lastly, I used my wood burner to make the symbols on the handle.

20150426-DSC_5099I took a few pictures while making the vambraces, so I will get another post up on those.  I took no pictures while making the leggings/faux moccassins, but you can see them here.


I spilled leather dye on my white table twice.  It now has some big brown spots.  The Girl’s costume is still in process.  I have the horns carved and painted, so I just need to attach them to a headpiece that is not made yet.  Then I have to hem the dress and add a bustle in case she doesn’t want to get stomped on all day.

Almost done!

4 thoughts on “Connor costume – The symbol”

  1. Wow, you have put sooo much work into these, and your kids are going to look pretty much amazing. I totally cannot wait to see the end results!!!

    1. Thanks, Allegra! I can’t wait to see them all dresses up, too. It has been a lot of work and stress in figuring out how to do everything, but I think the end results will be worth it. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I had to look at lots of pictures and footage to try to figure out all the details. I haven’t done everything, but I tried to incorporate as much as I could. Almost to the finish line!

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