Connor costume – vest and pants

The almost last of the sewn pieces!

For the vest I used a basic top block.  I gave it some shaping, different hemlines and created an opening in the front.  I elongated the front piece to give it a collar and then added a collar to the back neckband.


The slits in the front (what purpose did these serve??) were made from stitching with a straight stitch the opening, and then turning them to the other side.


20150329-DSC_0010I lined the vest, so all of the openings are backed by the same color fabric.  This was made out of a brushed cotton with some lycra.


The pants were a bit trying.  I originally bought some brown stretch cotton, that just wasn’t thick enough.  Then I realized most of the pictures had him wearing blue pants.  Well, okay then.  I wasn’t sure what kind of style to make them in, whether a true pair or trousers or not.

I looked online for some pictures of Revolutionary War era trousers, and they had that fall front to them.  Yeah, well, I am making these for an 11 year old boy, and I don’t want to confuse the poor lad.

I decided to make just a normal pair of jeans.   I used some Glad Cling and Press to draft the jeans off a RTW pair that fit him.  It worked out pretty well.  The fly is a little long, but that isn’t a big deal.  The back pockets have the Assassin’s Creed logo on them, so just a cool extra detail.


I did TONS of top-stitching on these.  That is the longest part of making jeans.  The fabric is a denim weight, but feels a little different.  The blue is a dark turquoise-toned blue.  A little different than normal blue jeans.



I also have the red sash made and hemmed, though that was pretty simple.

Now I have to work on getting the leather accents done and the tomahawk made.

Did I mention my back is partially out on me?  Actually, sitting is not good for me, so standing at my cutting table is better than sitting in chair.  It is gradually getting better after a week, but I don’t think I will be running any marathons anytime soon!

5 thoughts on “Connor costume – vest and pants”

    1. Thanks, Rachel! Those jeans took awhile with all of the top-stitching. I think that is the key to making them look professional and RTW. LOTS AND LOTS of top-stitching! 🙂

  1. That vest is super cool! I love those slits.
    Nice job~!
    Sorry to hear about your back, though. My sciatic has been acting up on me, too.
    Walking feels great.
    Do you have back problems?!
    I hope it feels better soon.

    1. Thanks Michelle! Yes, I have chronic back issues. I have arthritis and a collapsing disk. Occassionally, I get sciatic, too. It was from riding horses, getting bucked off horses…

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