Cross-front top – a wardrobe staple

These tops are ones that I wear fairly often to work, and are great layering pieces.

A few years ago I made a tutorial on how to draft and put together a sleeveless version of this top.  Here is that tutorial: Sleeveless Cross-front Top

This version is a little different, since I extended one side of the front by 3″ and added 3 small pleats about an inch apart.  This gives it a little pleating on the front to hide the effects of holiday eating….and drinking.  Let’s not forget the wine, shall we?

20151201-DSC_0038Here is my first top out of a nice weight poly lycra knit.  It has a great hand to it.  I noticed a few issues with my pattern in this version.  My shoulders needed to be wider, the arm piece was too big and the back was too small.  I also didn’t pull the binding enough, and it gapped a bit in front.  Still wearable, but not ideal.  The binding starts at 6″ on the fold near the neck, and narrows to about 2″ on the fold at the waist.


The back is a bit tight, and shows a bit too many rolls.

20151201-DSC_0027Here is the second top after I reworked the pattern a bit.  I narrowed the arms, widened the shoulder by an inch, pulled the cross-over part up by an inch or so and added some width to the back.

20151202-DSC_0058Still not really perfect, but I think I like it a little bit better than the other one.  The sleeves are short, as I ran out of material.  I had already made a tunic out of this material, so I got two shirts out of my 3 yards that I bought.  This is the same material as the top above (poly lycra knit by the Worth Collection).

20151202-DSC_0065The collar binding on this starts at 4″ on the fold and narrows down to 1.5″ on the fold at the ends.  I was running out of fabric, so I had to make do with what I had left.  I had to cut the binding in two pieces, and they are joined at the back neckline.

Here was the outfit I wore.  I made the jacket this summer, and it is a great lightweight jacket.  It is only in the 30’s right now, so perfect for current conditions.  The skirt I made last year.  I also had a purse I made.  Love it when my outfit is mostly me-made!


I know, not the most exciting colors or anything, but I can wear them with so much in my closet.  I tend to like solid colors and neutrals.  I have a lot of big jewelry, so that usually is the star of my outfits more often.

I am prettttttty sure I will be making a few more tops. 😀

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