Denim dress

I have been meaning to make a cute little denim dress for my girl for some time now.  This fabric was purchased a good year ago, and is a lightweight denim woven fabric.  As with most things these days, I needed an impetus to spur me into action in getting it done.  This year’s family photo was the push for this to get completed.

I drafted the dress to be a fitted top with buttons down the front.  It has a full circle skirt on the front and back, with the added bonus of pockets!

The slant pockets were a bit of a pain to put in the full circle skirt on the front.  Next time I do a skirt like this, I will do pockets in the side seam.

The inside has some unfinished seams that I stitched down.  When  putting this together, it was very on the fly, and making it up as I go.  I normally like things to be more finished on the inside.

I made the placket with seven small buttons and one large one at the waist.  The rest of the placket is stitched down.

I used the opposite side of the fabric for the contrast.  I also left them un-hemmed, hoping they will get frayed and fun looking.

It is quite twirly and fun to wear.  The color is more like the flat lays of the dress.  We had a storm rolling in, so the color was a bit darkish.

Now hopefully she will actually wear it!

6 thoughts on “Denim dress”

    1. Thank you, Lori! My drafting doesn’t always wind up with a win, but I keep working at it. There are a few things I would tweak with it, but overall it turned out pretty much like I was hoping. 🙂

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