Fancy towels for a swap

I have belonged to the online sewing forum, Sewing Mamas, for many, many years. This is one place where sewing peeps used to post their lovelies, pre-Facebook and Instagram. Now it is down to just a few die hards. They are having a dish towel swap, so I decided to join in on it. I generally don’t do swaps, since I am usually so behind in making all the things I want to make! This one seemed pretty easy to do, though. I just needed to make a set of dish towels. I signed up for two sets.

I tend to really like those towels that attach to the stove, so I decided to make them for my project. I had some terry cloth fabrics that I bought to use for bibs once upon a time. I could have gone out and bought towels to fancy up, but I had this already.

Here is my little tutorial on how I made these:

Pattern piece for the top – Cut 2 of fabric and one of interfacing
– 1 piece of terry cloth – 14″ x 18″
Ribbons 18+” wide

1. Iron the interfacing onto one side of the top piece. Fold the bottom edge up 0.5″. Sew the two pieces together, right sides together. Clip the edges of the bottom, and clip the top curve. Turn right sides out and iron flat.

2. Hem the bottom edge of the towel, along the 18″ long side. I turned 0.25″ and 0.25″. You could also serge all the edges and just turn under once to hem.

3. Take your ribbon and place along the bottom. Heat seal the edges first. I went up about 0.5″ to next to the hem. Stitch down both sides.

4. Turn the side edges under and hem.

5. Pleat the top edge. I made one inch pleats starting from the middle and this seemed to be good. Place the top edge in the top piece. Top stitch in place, making sure to catch the bottom edge. I did two rows of stitching.

6. Make a buttonhole 1″ from the edge of the curve. (Alternatively, you can do a snap, as well.)

7. Sew on button, and done!

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