Finishing up a muslin

Last Thursday I had a minor surgery, so I was trying to take it easy over the weekend.  I was a bit tired out from the surgery and was not supposed to lift anything heavy.  I did get a chance to finally get some sewing off my table, though.    Standing at my cutting table and sitting at my machines was totally doable. 🙂

This weekend I also have a sewing retreat, and I hope to get several things sewed up during that time.  I have a few things cut out to work on, so hopefully I can at least get those done!

This is a muslin that I made for the Alexander McQueen knock-off vest, and I didn’t complete it.  It was forlornly sitting there with no lining for several months.  It was time to get that UFO done and off the list.

Side note: I tend to not have a lot of unfinished objects in my sewing room.  I try to get things completed, and if they are not working at all then they get recycled into something else.

I cut out the facing in denim and the lining is in a white satin.



When I cut out the inside collar, I used the pattern piece that I had made for the AQ vest.  I didn’t realize that I had enlarged it for the final vest, so I had some extra fabric.  I made a few small pleats, which gave it a nice design element.

This skirt is my basic maxi skirt, with a small twist.  I cut up the middle of the back and added a godet to give it some extra walking room.  It was a bit tricky getting it to lay right at the top of the “V”, so I had to turn it under, iron and top stitch it.

The stripes are even mostly matching!


The white t-shirt is just a simple one I traced off a RTW shirt I purchased.  Very comfy.


Well, hopefully next week I will have more sewing to show once I am done with the retreat.

Oh, and this is the LAST WEEK of softball and baseball.  Thank goodness!  Finally we will have some free nights during the week for about a month before Football starts up and then Volleyball.  At least the kids are active. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Finishing up a muslin”

  1. love those little pleats on the back of the collar, the vest looks really good in that denim and hope you are feeling OK after surgery.

    1. Thanks, Ladies! I am feeling like I am recovery alright from my surgery. Lifting heavy things is not too good, but overall I can do most things…like sewing! 🙂

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