Focus – Week 4

My accomplishments this week

Focus Photo –

We got a bit of snow this week…

Sewing –
  • My 52 week sewing challenge for the week was to sew something for a boy.  I made a Bram Raglan for my son with some of the moon fabrics from Zenith & Quasar (moon phases panel, moon surface and Apollo schematics)


Next week’s challenge is to sew from a newly acquired pattern, so I am going to draft something new.  Maybe a make nine…

  • #makenine progress:

I didn’t do anything for that this week.  Next week, I will tackle one of these.  Need another check in a box!

  • I made this outfit for the girl.  I used the Rulo dolman with the smaller sleeves that I drafted.  She was having issues with the big poofy arms and getting the into her jacket.  This will be much easier to wear.  The top is bamboo jersey and the bottoms are brushed poly from Fabric Anthropology.

  • I am also working on another knitted cowl.  This one is going to take me longer.  I need to double up the strands since they are thinner.  It is a bit slippery, too, so I have to be a bit more careful with looming it.

House cleaning –
  • I feel like I got some progress with the house, but not as much as I would have liked.  It is better than nothing, though, so I guess it is one foot forward!  I got the utility room cleaned up a bit…that is where the cats reside.  It is pretty messy.  Panther is especially a messy cat.  Our last cat was very clean and didn’t make a mess, but she was a girl.  Two boy cats are very much different.
Time with family –
  • The girl had surgery this week on her meniscus in her knee, so we played some board games.  I am not a board game person, so this was a big deal for me.
Health, exercising, making healthy meals –
  • One day of exercising and meals were sporadic.  I need to get a meal plan together, and start using it.  I got a crock pot cookbook for Christmas, so I need to make some recipes out of it.
Creative Design –

I worked on a few ideas I had, but my issue has been uploading them to Spoonflower to print.  My files are too big.  Need to do some research on that again.  It is mostly with the prints that are a full yard like this shirt panel print.  Those are clouds in the design.

I need to figure out how to print some pictures on fabric, too.  I liked the ones that were done by Smoogie Fabric for some skirts I made.  I have some pretty nature pictures I have taken, so I just need to figure out how to enlarge them without making them pixelated.

Reading –

Yeah, I got nothing done for the reading area.  It was a stressful week, and only so much I could get done!  I did buy two books this week, but they are more self-help books.  One is a book to learn Illustrator and the other is a weight loss book.

Next week we may be getting back into volleyball, so a bit more busy than usual with the ferrying to and fro several times a week.  We lost our carpool once the injury happened, so now to see if we can find another!

Oh, and no OOTD for last week, since some I have already posted and I just didn’t get pictures each day.

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