Focus – Week 5

My accomplishments this week

Last week was basically the reason I need this challenge and process to go through each week.  Last week was completely UN-focused.  It was one of those busy weeks with a few hatchets thrown at us, just to make it interesting.

The girl is improving from her meniscus knee surgery…each day gets better.

Tuesday started out with me spilling coffee on my work laptop.  Some quick reflexes, vigorous shaking, and dismantling it so it could air out actually saved it.  Whew!  But…it stressed the crap out of me.

We also had high school orientation for the boy, which we did not attend, as the Monday night orchestra concert was enough chaos in parking for one week.  Total. Freaking. Chaos.  Hopefully we didn’t miss anything important, but after 4+ years of registering ourselves for college, we think we can handle 9th grade high school.

Focus Photo –

Yep, it happened.  I didn’t get a “focus” inspired photo this past week.  The month of January put me in a bit of burnout, and I just forgot by Sunday night.

Sewing –
  • My 52 week sewing challenge for the week was to sew something from a recently acquired pattern.  I don’t buy patterns, so my interpretation was to make something from a recently drafted pattern.  I drafted and cut this out on Sunday night, and sewed it up on Monday night.

Next week’s challenge is to sew something red or pink.  Red is pretty much one of my signature colors, so this one should be easy!

  • #makenine progress:

The skirt above is the second of my #makenine makes.  Two completed in January…I may just get this done!

  • Strike-off sewing:

I have 3 items I need to get sewn by February 12.  I got two finished over the weekend, and now I need to figure out what the heck I will be doing with the last one.  I am in a bit of a creative block due to the colors and layouts.  I can walk through a bit of what I am thinking once I get it figured out.  At least the first two turned out awesome!

  • Misc. Sewing –

I also made another sweater and leggings set for myself.  I feel like I am getting a good casual closet made now.  I may be working from home in the near future for about 6-9 months, so it will be less dressy and more casual clothes.

House cleaning –
  • I have piles of laundry on the dining room table and floors in dire need of cleaning.  Yep. Last week was a big failure overall.
  • If I do start working from home (as early as the end of March), then the office needs a big overhaul.  It is a nursery sized room with a half sized closet.  It is our 4th bedroom, and fairly small.

I think right now I need to take stock of what is needed and start purging and taking some measurements.  It is the boys’ gaming domain currently, and they are messy!  There is the additional problem of excessive paperwork that likely needs to be shredded and some storage issues.  My work has some extra file cabinets that might work in my home office, and I know it will be fine if I take them.  We will be starting to purge stuff from the office soon and it is unlikely they will get much for 20+ year old office furniture.

Time with family –

I have noticed that it is getting harder and harder to devote time to just spending it with the kids.  They have their own interests, which don’t necessarily integrate with ours.  It is getting to the point where we have to make due with what we can, and this week, it was making Whoopie Pies with buttercream frosting with my girl.

They turned out good, too!

Health, exercising, making healthy meals –
  • Again, no exercising and meals were heavy in the carbs.  I can tell the lack of fiber in my diet from last week doing a number on my insides.  So…need to make sure I take some meat out of the freezer the night before and unthaw it.  I have some fresh veggies on hand, so meals this week need to get healthier with less pasta.
Creative Design –

Nothing last week, so I am going to go for TWO this week.  I have been thinking about fabric designs and the fabric shops that seem to have recurring prints as a staple.  I need to figure out what might be my staple if I ever go that direction.  My future is definitely up in the air with my job loss, so who knows?!

Reading –

Nada.  Spent wayyyy toooooo much time on Facebook and Pinterest.  On Pinterest I was really looking for inspiration for the third item I need to make with the strikes.  I guess I just need to jump in with both feet and see where I land.

One more week and then we will be getting back into volleyball, so a bit more busy than usual with the ferrying to and fro several times a week.  She still can’t play, but she can do a few things.  We got our carpool back, so that is good!

Oh, and no OOTD for last week, since some I have already posted and I just didn’t get pictures each day.

I love to hear comments! Sometimes comments hit my spam, so be patient. I will find it! xoxo