Focus – Week 6

Back on plan, dangit!

My accomplishments this week

Focus Photo –

This is a preview of a sew I did for the hubby, but I really love this shot of him laughing.  I don’t really get enough pictures of him.

Sewing –
  • This week was pretty much just sewing for strike offs, and not much else.  Those I will get posted next week.
  • My 52 week sewing challenge for the week was to sew something red or pink.  That didn’t happen.  Today I had the chance, but I was completely unmotivated to get anything done.

Next week’s challenge is to sew something with hearts.  Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, so I guess we need to feed the candy coated beast of love.  I have an idea for a shirt for my girl, so this should be easy.

  • #makenine progress:

None this week…too many other things on the “to get done” list.

House cleaning/Reorganizing –
  • I cleaned out the pantry and reorganized that mess.  Our pantry is what was supposed to be the coat closet off the garage door.  Next to it was a much smaller pantry that was hard to get to things, so I switched them around.  It tends to get a bit dishelved as things get thrown in there.  Food expires, as they are hard to see.  I threw out over a garbage bag full of food (after recycling what packaging I could).  That is just not acceptable.  I suffer a bit from food hoarding (growing up without much money will do that to you), but having food go bad is not the way to go.  Now I need to tackle the freezers and refrigerator.

  • The office needs an overhaul.  We have come to the point where I know I will be working from home, so we will need to redo the space.  Picture of the office before.

What is needed:

  1. Paint?  Maybe touch up some spots.  It has been about 10 years, so maybe I will repaint.  It will likely still be somewhat grey-ish.
  2. Two new desks and new credenza for the TV/game console.  One new office chair.  That desk is about 20 years old and falling apart in places.  Plus it takes up way too much room in there.
  3. File cabinets.  I can get them from my office as we purge for the move out.
  4. Lighting
  5. New flooring!

While I am not opposed to a “lived in” house, I am opposed to finding garbage 6 months old laying around on the floor.  They are going to highly dislike me sharing their space.  Luckily it will just be during the day, so their nights can be spent gaming to their hearts content.

We purchased new desks and have an appointment set up to discuss flooring.

Full disclosure…I hate almost all the flooring in our house.  The carpet all needs to get replaced, so this is just an excuse to get some of it redone.

Time with family –
  • Not much got done this week, but we did play some games. I also said “yes” to driving my son to play in a Magic tournament.  He really enjoys it, and it gets him socializing with other kids his age.  Of course, it had to be on a Friday night.  Sounds like he wants to continue going.  Nothing like spending 3 hours wandering around the mall on a Friday night!
Health, exercising, making healthy meals –
  • Again, no exercising.  I may have lost a pound, but I’ll see when I get on the scale on Monday.  I had mostly salads for lunch, but a few bad meals may have wiped out any progress.
Creative Design –

Well, I was going to go with two designs this week, as I skipped last week.  These are pretty simple ones, but I still like them.  I am such a black and white lover.

Reading –

Nada.  I’m hoping next week starts to be less busy and I can leave work at around 5 instead of 6 or 7.  That will free up some evening time to read.

Next week volleyball starts again, so add the ferrying to and fro several times a week to our schedule.  The break was pretty nice!

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    1. Well I was lucky and already had a pretty short commute (I had an awful long one early in my career). I am looking forward to working from home, though. So nice to just be able to get dressed and start working right away. Especially in the summer this will be good with the kids in travel sports. I won’t have to worry about leaving work early!

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