Forest hues

This week I decided to pick up my loom again, and finished this with a few sessions of binge watching Netflix after dinner.

I used the pink Knifty Knitter loom that is 9.5″ long on the base.   It’s the smallest one.  I usually use the green one for my wider cowls that I join with leather and snaps.  I thought I would just do an infinity one this time that can wrap around my neck twice.

This resulted in a 7″ x 60″ long scarf that I connected together (very badly…it’s been a year since I have done this).  I used two skeins of chunky acrylic yarn (wool…any type of wool…makes me ITCH).  Here is a You Tube video I found that shows how to make one of these.  It doesn’t show how to attach the ends together.  You can really just do that tutorial and then sew the ends together with the big needle included in the pack.  Just leave enough yarn to be able to do that at the end.

This is a nice length to wrap around your neck a few times.  I added my leather bracelet I made a few years back by using a wood burner on oiled leather.

So here I am wearing it with my sea monsters dress…it goes well with it!


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