Goals for April

March just zoomed on by here!  I was plenty busy, and then I over-committed myself, and here I am all stressed out again.  Need to stop that.  Part of the problem is that everything came due at once (2 pattern tests and some strike-off sample sewing), and add in some gifts and just fun sewing.

Then this year had some family stuff that wasn’t on the master schedule, and well, I need a rest and to not work myself so hard.  Seriously.  I am exhausted.  So far this year I have had two funerals (one of which I did the eulogy), one benefit, lots of sports and lots of projects.  My house is in need of a major cleaning, too.  I want to get my shit together before summer starts, and luckily I am almost to my non-busy work life.  That will be helpful.

So, for April, I still have a long list of things I want to make.  I want to finish my soduko wardrobe capsule for summer.  I did get one draft done of my skort, so I just need to cut up the rest.

  • Black/white striped skort
  • Grey skort
  • Firebird skort

Tops are a design in process for now.  I will figure out what I want to do when I pick the fabric out of the closet.

  • White tank top
  • Red tank top
  • Red/black striped tank top
  • Grey tank top
  • Black top

One of the tops is going to have this on it:

Next, will be some summer clothes for my girl.  I have some softball fabric that I want to make into a fun summer outfit for her.  She also wanted a dress out of fabric that I used for a dress for me.  I need to get some pictures of that dress for me yet.  Maybe it will be nice later this week and I can get that done.

The kids are NOT going to get new costumes for the Comic Con this year.  The boy didn’t get a chance to wear his there anyways, and since I made them as a set….they are wearing them.  I may have to make some new pants for the girl, though.  Actually, I know I will have to make new pants for her.  I’m hoping the corset will still fit, since that will be a huge pain to rip apart and resew.

That is in early May, so I will do that at that time.  I am not sure how many more years they will be having that Wizard World here.  The line up looks pretty pathetic as of right now.  Oh well.  Maybe one year we can go to a real one in Atlanta (Dragon Con) or San Diego (Comic Con).

I am very much behind in sewing some stuff up for charity.  I got two baby blankets finished, but there is a whole lot of wovens that need to disappear from my fabric closet.  I am planning on making some skirts and dresses for the girls on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

I also need to get some swag made for the two 12U volleyball teams for their out of town tournament in mid April.  I am putting vinyl on water bottles with each girl’s name, a volleyball and maybe the logo if I can get it to work.  We’ll see.  They may just have their name. 😉

Over-committed?  Whatttttt??





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