It’s all about me…

More sewing for your’s truly.  I think part of the joy I get out of sewing is making patterns and sewing things that fit me.  This tends to backfire occassionally when I spend hours making something for myself and then it doesn’t fit.  Very frustrating!

Here are a couple of tank tops that I traced off a CAbi one that I own.  Unfortunately, the CAbi knit had a lot more give, so these are a bit on the tight side.  Not horrible, but not the best fit in the world.  More unfortunate in that I used my expensive Spoonflower knit for the pink/yellow one.  Oh well.  It fits and it matches my hot pink cargo pants rather well. 🙂

If you would like to…you can also VOTE for my top as it is one of the finalists for Spring Top Sewalong at Made by Rae.  I’m pretty sure I am only a finalist due to the fact that I designed the fabric, as the top itself isn’t anything inventive.  Voting starts at 8 am CST today and goes for 24 hrs.  I could win some prizes for sewing stuff.   🙂


(I had to crop it square for the contest, so you can’t see my face in the contest shot)


Then we have a dress that I used my cross-front top pattern with the little sleeves.  I added on a band and then 2 circle skirts to the bottom.  I did some shirring around the neckline.  I really like how this fits and am planning on making a similar dress in black.

Here’s another one of my tummy-tuck pencil skirts.  This one is a black twill, and I imagine it will be worn lots and lots this summer.   I don’t think it will work well with tights, unless I get a slip.  Twill is too “sticky” to work with tights, really.  I also need to figure out how to make this top, or one similar.  It has a really good shape, but lots of pieces.  I bought it at Express last summer.

**While this may look like a summery outfit it was still cold last week….I wore a sweater.  And those heels were killing my feet by the end of the day.  Clearly, I took this picture in the morning before work, as I am still smiling.

Then here is my muslin for a bra-less summer maxi-dress.  It needs some work, not the most flattering, but Anya found it to be a beautiful dress.  Probably because it was so poofy.  I made it from a striped cotton woven and lined the bodice pieces with a white cotton knit.  The back is shirred.   Front view…not bad.  Side view…look pregnant.  I only really plan on wearing it around the house in the summer, so for a house-dress it will work.  I definitely will adjust some things on the next version.

As you can tell in the first photo there was a small person in the room bothering me. 😉

I didn’t get all of this done last week.  I got most of it sewed up on Mother’s Day when I was given some time to get some sewing done.  No sewing happened last week.  Just too busy.  I’m hoping to get a few things done this week.  There’s another little girl birthday, so I imagine she will get a dress like all the other little girls.  I haven’t even shown the last one I made yet, either.  Hopefully next week will be some little kid sewing.

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  1. I love the way you are not afraid to experiment. I am so nervous and always follow the pattern. Well, mostly. Love the cross front dress.

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