June…the month of no time to sew

Of course, that does not preclude me from volunteering to sew up samples.  I currently have several strike-offs sitting on my sewing table that need to be sewn up.  One is finished, but I do not have an available model.  She has softball just about every night this week, so tomorrow I will have to squeeze pictures in quick before I head off to watch her brother’s game.

We are basically busy every single night this week and weekend, and the train keeps rolling through the end of the month.  After that, it is less weeknight games and just preparing for tournaments.

May was considerably down from April in the sewing department:

There are a few things in there that haven’t been blogged yet.  Hopefully, I will get to it soonish.

My sewing/to-do list right now (in order of priority)

  • Strike-off sewing: tank dress for the girl (done – see, already got something done in June)
  • Strike-off sewing:  Skirt for me with matching top
  • Strike-off sewing: I have some small bits that I need to figure out how to use.  I think they are too narrow for sleeves, so maybe a side panel on a pair of capri’s.
  • Strike-off sewing: Skort for the girl with a matching top
  • Leather gun holster for my friend.  Really need to get this done.
  • Black leather purse
  • Skort for me out of baseball fabric, and maybe softball fabric.  I need some kind of item out of softball fabric for when I cheer on the girl. 🙂
  • I’d like to do this pouch to house my art pens and stuff that I carry in my bag-of-all-things that I bring with me to sports.
  • A few more dresses for girls.  Kind of stalled on that since I tend to volunteer myself for projects.
  • One of the dad’s on my son’s baseball team needs a leather pouch made that he can pour silica into for a base for a 4′ long dinosaur bone.  I don’t think that will be hard at all, so I said I would make it for him.  See…I volunteer for everything.
  • I am also participating in a blog tour near the end of the month, so I need to have something done for that.

No time to sew, but plenty to do.  Wish me luck! 😀

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