Made for mama

Stuff for me this time.  I actually only made the skirt this week, and the top and wrap are from past stuff I’ve done but never photographed.  It’s really hard to photograph stuff for me since I generally have barely enough time to get ready in the morning, much less take a photograph.  I went home over lunch from work to get these.

The brown stretch velvet skirt is just a simple tiered skirt with an elastic waist.  The hem is a rolled edge.  I got it done one night while watching Resident Evil.  Nothing like a good zombie movie to pass the time while sewing. 😉


The black top is a peasant top with shirring at the wrists and elastic at the waist and neck.  I made three fabric roses I sewed on at the neckline.  It’s hard to see because it’s black, but they are cute, trust me!


The wrap was suuuuuuper simple.  I made this when I was pregnant with Anya as something to dress up my boring wardrobe.  I just took a long length of fabric, folded it and sewed up part of one of the long edges, leaving a hole for my head near the folded edge.  I cut it along the selvage, so I only needed to hem one side.


I ordered some of my fabric artwork from Spoonflower and made a bag with it.  There’s lots of interfacing and pockets in the construction.  I used an upholstery weight fabric for the black and the interior is green satin.  I put some beaded trim along the pocket.  I really love it!  I just made it a little too tall, but that is okay.  I can probably fit my laptop in it if I had to take home it from work.  My other purse was always overfloweth, so this is so nice. 

I also made a pouch for all my sundries that were all over the place in my other purse.  It is the green satin with a ribbon trim I had that matched pretty well.   Now everything is all nicely contained.  I can also use it for my wallet and phone if I just want to bring that with, so I made it large enough for that.  

The purse handles were just ones that I bought on sale at one time.  I attached them to the purse with highly-interfaced-and-lots-of-stitched-satin.  It’s important to make sure they are sturdy since it might have a laptop or other heavy things in it at some point.



I also got another baby blanket finished up.  It is so nice to get some stuff off my to-do list!



9 thoughts on “Made for mama”

  1. Yea, stuff off my to do list is not like stuff off YOUR to do list. 😉 Great job on all of it but I love the bag. Especially because it has your work all over it.

  2. Yet another plethora of gorgeousness. The wrap looks so good on you. The colour, the texture….I love wearing things like that. Baby blanket, so differnt from the others but euqally charming and the amazing bag! I LOVE it. I would so use this!!!! Are you going to do and etsy store one of these days?

  3. I love seeing the stuff that you make for yourself. Your outfit is gorgeous and the bag is so pretty and looks so functional, which is very important. I am going to have to try making one of those wraps. I know Harper would love one and fleece would work perfectly for her. Thanks for the great idea!!

  4. Oh, that wrap is so nice! The whole outfit is so texture-rich – just want to reach out and touch all of the fabric! Might not be appropriate especially at work to have people rubbing your clothes – but they are definitely visually interesting. 😉

    And the bag – that is awesome! I’m drafting up a few bags for Christmas presents but I won’t be able to show them off until after Christmas for obvious reasons! I love how the fabric turned out.

    Again. You put us all to shame…

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