#MakeNine Challenge – Ponte and Pleather skirt

I got another of my #makenine challenges completed, and it was this skirt that I have been coveting for several years on Pinterest.

I wanted to wear it to work, so that length wasn’t quite going to work for me.  I made it longer, but I think I may take the waist off and shave off a few inches.  I think I made it a little too long.

Still…love it!

Here are the pattern pieces.  I did two full fronts and backs and then the overlay that has the front angled down and longer.  I ended up shaving off a bit on the underside piece so it was easier to walk in, and so there was less bulk at that side seam.

I also attached the overlay to the side seam and not the waist.  I figured it would lay flatter that way.

I used a heavy ponte from Joann’s and a pleather scuba knit that I either got at Joann’s or from fabric.com.  Can’t remember which.

I do think that I could have done the hem differently.  My PLAN was to line the bottoms and then understitch the hem, but my lining was too flimsy.  I had to do a visible hem.  I like the cleaner look of the original skirt, though.

I am wearing it here with some RTW.  I love how this CAbi jacket looks, with the hourglass type of silhouette it creates.  Something to maybe recreate in the future.

TWO items off my #makenine list…seven more to go!

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