Market Shopper in leather

As part of the Admin team for Sewing Pattern Testers, I sewed up the free bag designed by Angie Hebert.  She wanted one in leather, and having much leather, I complied!

I also needed to finish sewing up some small pieces of fabric I was sent by RP Custom Fabrics.  These are a small size of Piedra, so small she decided not to offer this size.  I still wanted to make something from them, so much to my delight, I had a matching embossed, metallic pigskin leather.

These are KNIT, so I had to back it in a non-stretch, woven iron-on interfacing.

There is a sew-a-long on the Sewing Pattern Testers blog that I would recommend prior to starting in on the pattern.

I made some modifications to the bag, as sewing leather is always different than sewing fabric.  I didn’t cut the front in two pieces, since there would be a strip covering the seam.  Generally pigskin hides are large enough to get this size of pieces out of them.  I also like to keep seams in leather to a minimum.

I apparently didn’t get the strip down the middle the same on each side.  There is always something!

I added an applique to one side.  I draw them out on Heat n’ Bond, cut out mirrored images and then apply to the bag.  I had to make sure the images didn’t interfere with the strap handles, so I marked the placement on the front and back with an awl.

This leather isn’t very thick, or durable, so I added some iron on vinyl to the bottom of the bag.

I didn’t have enough foam, or time to go to the store, so I added some extra layers of fusible fleece.  This makes it more floppy than foam, but I am fine with that.  It still has a nice structure to it.  I always use a hard interfacing to the bottom of bags, though.  That is a place I don’t want it to be floppy.

I added twill tape in between the folded leather for the straps.  This gives it more structure and it means the leather is less apt to stretch out.  I glued it on and glued the folded pieces together, then pounded it all flat with a hammer.

The zipper tab.  This was a separating zipper, and I used what I had on hand.  A good durable zipper is what you need for a purse.

The inside is a mixture of two different quilting cottons.  They look very pretty together.

As for the hardware…I was hoping to get away with not going to the store, but I didn’t have much gold hardware.  A ton of silver, though!  I made a trip to Tandy Leather to pick up the conchos on the purse handle tabs.  Seriously, the hardware is as much as the rest of the purse.  BUT, it makes them look more high end, and less homemade.

I love how it all turned out!

I put a tutorial up on the Sewing Pattern Testers blog for the leather tassel.  Go check it out!




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