Me Made May – Day 2

Here is my day 2 outfit, which is for casual Friday at work.  I have started pulling out my summer tops, though it is really not even Spring-like yet.  We had snow this week.


So I will pretend that it is summer-like with my tank top with pretty flowers on it. 🙂

If you click the link on the items I made it will take you to my other blog where I go into excessive detail on how I make things.  Well, sometimes it is excessive.  Don’t expect to find pattern numbers, though, since I rarely use them.  I mostly self-draft everything.

Moto jacket/shirt and tank top~Made by Me~

Scarf –  ~Made by Me~ (not too tough…just cut to size and did a rolled hem on the edge)

Trouser jeans – Express

Jewelry – JC Penny (I think)

Shoes – Rampage

Hair – I started the braid at the nape of my neck and did a French braid until I got all the hair in it.  I finished off the braid and then put it in a bun on the top of my head.  To do this braid, you are basically flipping your hair over and braiding upside down. 🙂

20140502-outfit-2 20140502-outfit-1