Me Made May – Day 5

Well, I am trying!  I did actually wear me made on the weekend, too.  I wore some fleece pants I made on Saturday and wore some leggings I made on Sunday.

Here is a Monday work outfit.  Oh, how I dislike Mondays!  At least our weather is warming up.  I almost went bare legged this day, and then I forgot that I hadn’t shaved my legs.  Pantyhose it is!

Skirt – ~Made by Me~

Sweater – JC Penny’s

Shoes – Aerosoles

Jewelry – Design Toscano

Hair – I washed my hair before bed, so this was how it dried.  I just braided a bit of the top to keep it out of the way and stuck a big clip in it to keep it in place.  I have tried using bobby pins and my hair is just too thick for them to stay put.  Maybe I am doing it wrong, but it just doesn’t seem to work for me!