MeMadeMay – Week #1

I tried to get pictures of most days, but failed this weekend.  My weekend wears were not all that exciting anyways. 🙂

Day #1

Day #2

Sweater was a gift.

Day #3

Jeans were purchased.

Day #4

Sweater was purchased.

Day #5

Day #6

Wore this shirt with some black capri jeans

Day #7

Wore this shirt with jeans and a black fleece jacket.  We went to a baseball game, so nothing fancy going on.

So…week one is a wrap and I will try to get pictures as the month progresses!

2 thoughts on “MeMadeMay – Week #1”

    1. Thanks, Lori! My closet is getting pretty uniform in that I can pick outfits easily enough. I tend to sew in a few different colors and that really helps!

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