Mermaid hair today…gone tomorrow

I decided to take some pictures of the girl before she got her hair cut off and donated it.  It had gotten pretty long, and she really doesn’t do anything with it at all…or let me do anything with it.

I have had this saying and mermaid cut out for some time, so I figured I should use it before she gets her hair cut off on Friday.

This is the Mermaid, and I just used a font in the Silhouette Studio.

It is hard to see the font since it is a silver reflective font.  Oh well.  It’s DONE, and that is what is important.

Shirt is self-drafted, and out of a great jersey with lycra.  It is very comfy.  The leggings are the Shenanigans Skort leggings by 5 out of 4 Patterns, with a low loft stretch velour.  It is hard to capture how shiny they are with the camera.

I can’t wait to be able to get pictures  again once it warms up.  I am having the hardest time getting my color right.

Well, now I will have to make her something else to wear to show off her new haircut!

2 thoughts on “Mermaid hair today…gone tomorrow”

  1. The velour leggings sound like a dream. Such pretty hair will be donate.d Which charity will you be donating to? We’re looking for ideas as my girl will be donating in the next month or two, it’s been a couple of years since she got her hair cut/donated it, so it’s gotten really long again.

    1. Your daughter has beautiful hair, too! I will probably send it to Wigs for Kids, depending on the amount cut off. I don’t do Locks of Love anymore. I have donated to Pantene Beautiful Lengths before, too.

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