Minky and Flannel 1 yard baby blanket

This is one of my favorite baby gifts to make.  It takes just one yard each of minky and flannel and they are such plush blankies for babies.  They are a great size for carseats and strollers in the wintertime, or anytime it is a bit cool out.

Supplies needed:

1 yard flannel

1 yard minky

1 package satin binding

First things first…wash the fabrics up.  I usually wash in cold and dry in the dryer.

Next, iron the flannel.  This will give a nice flat surface to square up the edges.

Now you want to square up the edges to make sure we have a uniform size.

Next, we are cutting the minky.  I usually just put the minky on the floor and set the flannel over the top to make sure the edges match up, wrong sides together.


I pin the flannel to the minky, so it doesn’t shift.

Time to cut!

Time to Swiffer!  Minky sheds worse that a dog and cat after the first hot day of the summer.  Seriously, there is fuzz everywhere!  When I am done cutting I either shake the fabric over a garbage can or outside to get the fuzz off.  Otherwise, it will gum up the works of your sewing machine.

Now, pin the satin binding to the edge on just one side.  I usually start in the middle of an edge, but you can start at an end, too.  I’ve done it so many ways over the years.  One side is longer than the other.  You want to sew on the shorter side to make sure you catch the longer edge underneath.

Sew until you get to the end (I use a straight stitch).  When you sew, keep the edge taut.  I hold it in front of the presser foot and behind it and hold it pretty tight.  Otherwise, the satin tends to get wrinkles in it.  Sorry I couldn’t get a picture of that part…I need more arms!


Go all the way to the end.  Backtack and cut the threads.

Now you need to miter the corner.  Fold the edges in to make the angled edge.  Make sure the front and the back are in the same space.  Pin in place and sew the edge.  Do this for each of the 4 sides.

The last bit of edge!

Miter the corner and figure out a few inches of overlap.  Cut the satin binding, and heat seal the edge.  Again…I need more arms for this pictoral.  I just lightly score the edge with a lighter.  Now iron the edge over about 1/3 inch.  Make sure the iron is not too hot or it will melt the satin.

 Quick note:  Notice how little is left of the package when you are done??  Yeah, so don’t think you can make it a bit bigger and get away with needing only one package of binding.


Pin and sew the edge and then up at the separation.  Make sure you get both the front and the back.

Now I go around it again.  I  make sure I get as close to the edge as I can, so the back has a thinner seam, too. I usually use a more decorative stitch.  Sorry, I did black on black, so you can’t really see the stitching.  Just get close to the edge, and go all the way around.

All done!

So cute!