More loom knitted cowls

Another cold snap – another reason to make these cowls!  I love how they turn out, so the many hours that go into knitting them is definitely worth it.

Here is my tutorial on how to make these scarves:

Loom knitted, leather and snaps infinity scarf tutorial


I think I should have made them a little longer, but I ran out of the variegated blue/brown/gold yarn.  The grey and white one I did have more, so I should have knitted it longer.  Oh well.  They still fit and work well!


I did have some issues setting the snaps.  It was very thick and I also had many odds and ends of mismatched sets.  The snaps don’t go together very well, and are pretty hard to snap.  Luckily, you really only need to snap the middle two snaps, so they are decorative for the most part.  I will need to get some new snaps ordered, so I have some matching sets.


My daughter is also working on knitting one of these.  It is taking her a bit of time, but as soon as she is done I will get it finished up for her.  It is very soft and fuzzy, so should work well for winter.  I have a feeling she may give up soon, so I may be doing the finishing on it.  Would not be the first time for such to happen. 😉

20160927_0912 20160927_0914

Surprise, surprise…I bought more yarn. 😉  A deep red.  Another one will happen soonish.