My new favorite shirt

As I only seem to take pictures of outfits that I have made recently, I will post them!

I love, love, love this shirt.  I would love it even more if it was a smidge bigger, but as I plan on *hopefully* losing a few pounds before summer…it should fit better then.  It is a stretch poly cotton with a chiffon cowl.  I sorta made the pattern off a shirt already in the closet, but I added the tucks and the cowl.  Right now I am trying to perfect the fit of the basic pattern and then add in fun changes, like different collars.  I still need to draft a sleeve for it, yet.

I made the shirt and the skirt.  The skirt is just a simple pencil skirt design in a stretch apparel weight fabric.  I think I have made six of them in different colors now.  The boots are Miz Mooz and I lurrrvvvveee them.  They fit great and are very comfortable.



My hair is 2 side french braids, with a section of hair in the center put into a bun.  The I wrapped the braids around the buns and pinned them.

Oh, and I also actually wore a cream sweater with this outfit…it’s not summer here yet!