November, October, September…August? wrap up…

I was doing really well with doing those monthly wrap ups, and then got all behind!  Because I got busy!

So, here is what I finished for August, September, October and November.  These are most of them, anyways.  Might be missing a few.





Whew!  As of the end of November, I have made around 150 items this year!  A bit outrageous, but I have gained some weight, so I have many pieces of clothing that don’t fit me right now (sad face).  I do need to spend more time on my elliptical to try to lose a good 10 lbs, but finding a time that the exercise room is not in use is proving challenging.  Hubs and boy child are using it more, so I would need to wake up early to get in line.  I’m very much not a morning person.

Anyways, I also finally got the holster done for my friend, too!  Yay…got that sucker off the To Make list.  This is just the cell phone picture I sent him, and he liked it. 🙂  Need to get better pics of it, though.

My plans for December are already filling up.  This weekend I have several things I need to get finished.

  • A strike off that came in the mail yesterday.  The round opened yesterday.  Yeah, not great timing on that.
  • Barbie bags for presents to go off to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  My girl had a ton of barely played with Barbies with some really pretty dresses my niece got them.  I had her go through and pick out ones to give away with a few outfits for each.  Now I just need to make them a bag for each one and wrap them up for gifts.  I need to get them sent out next week, so I have to get on it!
  • I am hosting a Christmas party for friends and we exchange gifts.   I need to make something for a gift for that, since I like to do that.  Maybe a clutch?  I don’t know yet.  I do have a few things I purchased that I can use for the gift if I don’t have time, at least.

After that, I don’t have too much I need to get done.   I will have the week between Christmas and New Year’s off, so I might do some tutorials and some new patterns I’d like to draft.

December is usually so crowded with events that I know I won’t have a lot of free time before the end of the month.  I always look forward to that week off.  Who knows…I might actually relax and read some books during that time.  They are all piling up on my Nook!

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    1. Thanks! I have sewn a lot of samples this year, so that definitely gets me sewing with deadlines. I am going to try not to do so much next year. It is getting harder to find the time!

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