Sequoia Cargos – pattern test

This is one of the pattern tests that I just could not say “no” to doing.  These cargos were a much needed addition to my wardrobe, so I couldn’t help but raise my hand.

These are the Sequoia Cargo pants and shorts from Itch to Stitch.  They also come with tabs in the legs so you can roll them up.  I didn’t do that option due to personal preference.  I will very likely be making a pair of these as shorts for summer, too!

I used a woven with slight stretch from Joann’s.

I had to do a few modifications, which is normal in making pants.  It is rare that they will fit every body straight from the pattern.  My modifications:

  • Added 2″ to the bottom.  I tend to need length and she drafts for 5′ 6″.

  • I lowered the front waist by about an inch. I also feel like the crotch hits a little low on me.   Next time I will take in the top of the inside front leg seam by about 1″.

  • I put the pockets on the back pieces before sewing up the side seams. It is just easier to do it then. I also lowered them about an inch for placement.

  • I topstitched the side seam before putting the pockets on so it stayed nice and flat. I don’t think that was in the instructions.

I did a muslin to test the fit on these, and I really should have taken in the front crotch after doing so.  Live and learn!  These are very comfortable to wear and pretty fun with all the details.

Kennis did a great job on the instructions for the fly zipper and all the pockets.  It is a pattern that takes a bit of time.  It took about an hour to put the pattern together, cut out the pieces and interface them all, and another 6 to put it together.  You need to take your time, so they look nice, which includes doing all the top-stitching.

The pattern releases today,  and is on sale, so make sure to grab a copy!

The sweater I am wearing here is the Naptime Creations Slouchy Sweatshirt, that I made a few years back.  The cowl is one I knitted a few years ago, too.

RuLo pattern hack – dolman top with narrow arms

Of course, I had to make a hack of this pattern right away.  Not that there aren’t a ton of options, but I wanted to copy a sweater that I already owned.  It is pretty close to this pattern, only with narrow arms.  I also wanted a bit more booty coverage.

Base pattern: RuLo top by George + Ginger, dolman option


  • Added a narrow sleeve instead of the bell sleeve
  • Added 5″ to the back hem, and 1″ to the front hem

Sleeve piece:

This was a pretty simple and easy hack.

I probably didn’t need quite as much added to the back, so I might shave a few inches off on the next one.  I hadn’t made it yet, so I was just estimating with a measuring tape.

The fabrics are a stretch faux leather scuba I got off Amazon and the boucle knit is from Joann’s.  I have a feeling I will be wearing this a ton!

Focus – Week 3

My accomplishments this week

I really didn’t get much done this week…I was sick all week, so I was just getting things done that I needed to get off my plate.  I did sew a bit…I wanted to stay away from everyone and not get them sick, too.

Focus Photo –

Just because I loved this photo so much.  She is a good picture taker. 🙂

Sewing –
  • The 52 week sewing challenge for the week was Something to Make Sewing Easier, so I sewed up a basket to contain my pattern weights.  Gives me a place to toss them in.  See semi-tutorial here.

Next week’s challenge is Sew Something for a Boy.  After making his first pair of PJ pants, I decided he needed another.  Or maybe a t-shirt.  We’ll see, I guess!

  • #makenine progress:

On Monday I tucked in and tackled the navy military inspired jacket on my list.  I used a navy and black bamboo sweatshirt fleece with the zipper and buttons from Pacific Trimmings.  See the blog post on it here.

  • Pattern testing:

I tested two patterns in the last few weeks.  One is a cargo pant pattern from Itch to Stitch, and one is a fun top pattern with lots of options from George + Ginger (posted that today, too).  The Cargo pants was the most work, and I needed to fit them a bit.

  • Just ’cause:

I got my planner that I ordered, so I wanted to make a cover for it.  I thought I had made it too small, but it stretched out, so now it fits it!  My own pattern.  Just did some measurements and threw it together with what I had on hand.  It is interfaced with fusible fleece and regular interfacing.  The outside is a distressed lambskin leather.

House cleaning –
  • Bare minimum over here…I’ve been sick all week.  I’ve just gotten done what was needed and no more.  I did order a Bissel to clean our wood floors, though.  Our last one broke awhile ago, so they have gotten pretty nasty.  Now I just need to get it out of the box!
Health, exercising, making healthy meals –
  • Exercised 1 time last week.  My goal was three times on the elliptical.  Again…sick.  I had good intentions.  At least my eating was pretty good and my drinking was minimal, since nothing really tastes great when your sinuses are fubar’d.
Creative Design – Week 2

Yeah, I got nothin’.  I had to reinstall my brushes since I forgot where I saved the file, but it gave me a chance to work on some hand-drawn designs I hadn’t cleaned up yet.  I wasn’t feeling inspired to create something, either.  Just tired.  Maybe next week!  I did buy a book for Illustrator, though, and that should come this week.

Reading –

Books finished in 2018:   2

Nothing read this week.

So…maybe this next week will be better!

RuLo tunic – pattern test

This was one of the pattern tests I did last week.  I was sick all week, so not great timing on my part.  I really liked this tunic, though, and the pattern has a ton of options.

From George + Ginger:

The RuLo Top and Dress is packed with amazing options! Choose from oversized dolman and regular crop, top, tunic and dress styles…and single tier bell, double tier bell, triple tier bell, full bell and basic sleeves! With added features like ties and shoulder ruffles, you can mix and match your favorites for endless possibilities! This is a must-have for all seasons!

I did the size 14 tween tunic with the triple bell sleeves.

I had to do a last minute run to get fabric, so the top and bottoms are from Joann’s.  My normal store doesn’t open until 12 on Sundays, and I only had time to go inbetween the boy’s pitching clinic.  I had to pick him up at 12:30, so that just wasn’t enough time (obviously!).

As there were so many options, I let her pick which one she wanted and she chose this one.  I think it turned out pretty cute and classy.  It’s not really a sweater knit…maybe a thin fleece.  It’s soft and fuzzy but has a nice drape to it.

The pants are a space dye scuba knit from a modified pattern.  They were too wide, so next time I am to go a bit thinner.  She has knee surgery this week, so I knew she needed something other than leggings and tight pants.

There are tons of options in this pattern, so you are sure to see more of it.  I like the dolman option, but have plans to do some hacking of it.

In the meantime, the pattern is on sale until Friday, January 26.  Check it out…it has a wide size range and lots of different versions can be made.  There are several different sleeves and two body styles.  It’s definitely worth the cost of the pattern!

If you are interested in the knitted cowl we styled it with here, I have a tutorial on the materials I used to make it and how to add the leather edges.  It is here.

OOTD – Week of January 15

This week was more sporadic.  I had Monday off of work, so I spent the day sewing and didn’t take a shower until right before I went to bed.  I was also sick all damn week.  I got a head cold the weekend before and dang if it didn’t hang on with big hairy paws.  I went through several boxes of Kleenex.

Monday, January 15

No shower, comfies and no pictures

Tuesday, January 16

Wednesday, January 17

Thursday, January 18

Felt like crap, barely did my makeup and then went in to work in comfy knit clothes.  Not to worry…I was the only one in for most of the week, so I had no one to get sick.  Rather keep the germs at work than at home since the girl has her surgery in a week.  I don’t want her to get sick.

Friday, January 19, 2018

We are just going to pretend I took this photo on Friday morning, instead of Tuesday night for the blog post on the outfit.  I figured I already had pictures, so why take another?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Relaxing at home, so comfies all day

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Put on clothes for a pattern test…will get pictures of those posted this week (I think).  Photos were due Monday, so not sure when the release will be.

And this week is a wrap!

A box to catch my pattern weights

This is a semi-tutorial.

I got some pictures, but usually when I sit down at my machine, all thoughts of pictures go out the window as I am sewing.  This shows the process moreso.

The 52 Week Sewing Challenge group has for this week’s challenge Sew Something to Make Sewing Easier.  This was a head scratcher for me, but then some ideas came up in different threads and I thought having something to corral my many pattern weights was a good idea.

I looked at some fabric boxes on Pinterest and came up with this one here.

It needed to be pretty firm and have solid handles, so I used the heavy Peltex and leather for the handles.

This is one that you should be able to undo and lay flat.  I say “should” because my snaps were not cooperating, so I ended up just pounding them together with a hammer.  No easy unsnapping for this thing.  I need to get a better snap setter.


  1.  I set all my pattern weights in a pile on top of some paper to get an idea of what size base I needed.  From there I decided on the height for the sides and added that on two sides of the base.  To get this type of form, you need to have a separate piece for the other sides.  I should have made the wrap a little shorter, as they do overlap a bit.  I just put the papers together and figured out what I wanted and adjusted, as needed.

2.  Cut out 4 of each side piece and 2 of the bottom pieces, plus the Peltex (1 of the base and 2 of each side).  I put in the Peltex after sewing up, so it needed to be smaller than the pattern piece.

3.  Sew up the side pieces together, leaving the bottom open.  Sew up the sides on the base piece leaving an opening large enough for the tab from the other sides to fit in.

4.  Put the Peltex in each side and the base.  Make some stabilizing stitches around and across the sides.  Stick the side tabs into the base piece, stitch across and then go across the base to stabilize the Peltex.  This keeps it from shifting around.

5.  Now turn the flaps in and figure out where to put the post snaps. Mark the spots and make holes.  I use a hole punch for the holes.

6.  Now cut out two pieces of sturdy leather (these are 1″ x 8″), put in two holes on each and set rivets in them.  I again used my hole punch.

All done!  I filled it up with my pattern weights and it worked really well.

Military inspired hoodie

I have been meaning to tackle another of these hoodie jackets since I made the first one.  Knowing how long it was going to take definitely made my hold off on it, though.  I ended up putting it in my #makenine challenge so I was sure to get it done!

I also saw this jacket on Pinterest and decided that I needed to steer my hoodie in that direction.

I was already planning on a navy and black one (bamboo fleece from Nature’s Fabrics), so it would work well with jeans and leggings, either blue or black.  I did this one pretty similar to the first one, except for omitting the back yoke, slimmed the sides a bit, and moved the location of the pockets and the lacing.  I should have kept them where they were before, in hindsight.

The pockets hit in a bad spot on the hips and then the lacing is pulling them open.  Le *sigh*.  We’ll see how much it irritates me before pulling out all the stitching.

These were the pattern pieces from the first one, so here were the main pieces (omitting the yoke).

It isn’t so much the many pieces that make this a pain, it is more that you need to use the sewing machine to place many of the pieces and the topstitching.  You are sewing seams several times at this pace.  Plus how I have the neckline is very confusing, so if I were to make this again (or make it into a pattern for sale) then changes would need to be made.

The back detail is created by taking a 6″ piece of pleather, marking for the eyelets, using a hole punch for the holes, and placing the eyelets.  I have an eyelet crimper that works pretty well.  The lacing is elastic, since it is more comfortable.

I ordered the zipper and buttons from Pacific Trimmings.  The zipper is really nice quality, and I ordered several types of metal buttons.  I think a post button that I ordered would have looked nicer, but it would have stuck up too much.  This sit nice and flat.

The front is partially lined and all seams enclosed, which is something I generally like to do for my clothes.

The pants are a ponte with lycra and are my straight leg leggings pattern.  So comfy!

Overall a pretty fun and comfy outfit for the first of my #makenine challenge.

Focus – Week 2

I’m on a roll!  I work on my Focus post in the beginning of the week, and it helps me to plan on what I want to get done during the week.  I edit as I go for what I accomplish (or don’t as it may be!), and it is actually  helping me stay on track.

My accomplishments this week

Focus Photo –

This week’s photo(s) is on getting the house back in order from the holidays.  It is a bit of a contrast.  After the holidays it is a long hard draw to springtime with more daylight and warmer temps.  It has been pretty cold here the last few weeks.  Winter tends to make us all just want to stay home and hibernate.

Photography related is the repair of my Nikon 18-200MM lens.  I finally got it sent in this week after it having broken last spring.  It was basically an expensive paperweight.  I think it broke due to being on my camera all the time in various bags on the way to sports.  I will see how much it will cost to repair…hopefully it won’t be too outrageous, but they quoted me $300.  I’m hoping they quote high so they don’t have to come back to you for more.  I don’t like tossing things…I’d rather get them fixed instead of adding to the landfills.  Hopefully the fix doesn’t take too long, but I haven’t had it for close to a year so no rush (and no sports right now!), right?

Sewing –
  • My 52 week sewing challenge for the week was to sew something from the last fabric you purchased.  That was my lovely bamboo jersey tunic I posted earlier this week.

Next week’s challenge is Something to Make Sewing Easier.  This was a harder one for me.  I decided I’m going to make a fabric box to keep my fabric weights corralled.  They kind of go all over the place.

  • #makenine progress:

I did a small scale muslin of this skirt:

It was the wrong type of fabric, but it cemented what I need to do to make one for me.  The skirt has lots of angles and curves in it.  It will be a challenge to get all the measurements correct in the pattern.  I’m going to do the waistband different, too.  I was originally going to add elastic and lacing to the back, but I think now I will do a fitted drop waist with loops for a belt.  We’ll see.  I’m sure I’ll change my mind again.

  • I also volunteered for a couple of pattern tests.  I KNOW.  I wasn’t going to do that to myself, but they were a cute so I raised my hand.  I do have Monday off of work (supposedly), so hopefully I can get some things off my plate.


  • Finally got these pants finished up for the boy.  He doesn’t get much sewing wise.  Next time I will do the waist differently.  It doesn’t look the best inside.

House cleaning –
  • This was the Christmas decoration take down weekend.  I really need to go through the boxes and get rid of stuff, but this is the wrong time of year for it.  I needed to do it when I was putting things up so the places that take donations would have someone to give them to for the holidays.  I will try to remember to make that happen next year.
Time with family –
  • What cleaning up Christmas isn’t quality time??
Health, exercising, making healthy meals –
  • Exercised 0 times this week.  My goal was three times on the elliptical.  It was another pretty busy week at work and the burnout was real.  I did however shovel the driveway and clean all day on Saturday, so I think I can say that I got some exercise in.
  • This week was a lot of fast dinners, which don’t necessarily translate to healthy.  I wanted to use up some of the freezer food I had, so it doesn’t go to waste.  This at least means I didn’t eat a lot at dinnertime.  I generally like good food, which doesn’t equate to this type of food.  I also don’t usually pull out a bottle of wine to have with chicken fingers, so less alcohol was consumed, too.  By Wednesday I was pretty much done with the week, so we had pasta and wine, so not really helpful to the diet.  It is bad when it is Monday and it feels like Wednesday.
Creative Design – Week 2
  • I don’t know that this really counts as creative design, but I made a journal.  Actually I made it mostly last year, but never finished it up and ordered it.  Yes, I seem to just be finishing projects, but at least I am getting stuff done!

I made my planner so it has a master to do list, monthly list for activities, dinners, working out and stuff to sew.  It also has some blank pages for whatever else I want to put in there.  Mine will likely be sports schedules and parents names.

Here is the digital file of it.  I ordered it through Blurb and of course I ordered it the day before a sale at full price.  Story of my life.  If you like it, you can order it here.  Join their mailing list and you will get e-mails for their sales.  Don’t be me…wait for a sale.  This is very much personalized to me, but this is something you can do for yourself, too.  I just made the sheets in Excel, made them pdf files and uploaded to Blurb.  It worked great!

  • As for Illustrator, I know the journal above could have been done better in that program.  I watched some You Tube videos, so I learned a few things in it, at least.
Reading –

I finished up Nevernight, so now I need to figure out what book is next.  The Nevernight series looks like it will be three books, with the second one out now.  I’m deciding whether to buy it or wait until I can get the rest of the series.  I’m sure I’ll buy it. 😉  I had started on another book that I got for Christmas 2016, so I think I will pick that back up…it’s a Japanese Steampunk book so should be interesting.

Week two is wrapped up.  While this is probably incredibly boring for anyone to read, it is helping me to focus on what I want to get done during the week.  It’s what I need right now…a bit of a push and forum to write out what I got done and what I need to get done.  Accountability, if you will.

OOTD – Week of January 8, 2018

Well last week was a bit of a bear.  I worked until 7pm each night, and worked most of the day on Sunday.  By the time Monday rolled around again…I was very tired.  Luckily I had a bunch of outfits made up in my closet, so it was a bit brainless just to pick something to wear to work all week long.

I do that occasionally, where I put together outfits along with jewelry and tights, all hung up together and ready to go.  This really helps me in getting ready quick or picking something before I go to bed at night.  I usually do it when I’m in the mood for it and have some energy, so that means I get a bit more creative and fun instead of putting the same things together all the time.

January 8, 2018

A start to another work week…livin’ the dream! 😉  I had a bit of running around this day, so I wanted to be comfy for it.

  • Cardigan – Double sided ponte, my own pattern
  • Straight leg leggings – heavy weight ponte, my own pattern
  • Top – RTW
  • Boots – Miz Mooz via Zulily
  • Jewelry – Stella & Dot necklace, earrings are a gift

January 9, 2018

January 10, 2018

January 11, 2018

Another comfy outfit!  This top is a cape top I made over a year ago, and these types of tops are hard to wear with sweaters.  It is a nice drapey jersey, so I thought I would see how it would work to manipulate the cape a bit and have it kind of tie in front.  I think it worked out alright.

  • Cape top – jersey – pattern hack
  • Red ponte straight leg leggings – my own pattern (no blog post)
  • Black sweater duster – RTW via Zulily
  • Black Miz Mooz ankle boots via Zulily
  • Jewelry – necklace: JcPenny, earrings: Silpada

January 12, 2018

Last day of the work week…Halleluiah!  The first few weeks of the year are always a bear for us accountants with year end close and dealing with those pesky auditors.  I used to be a pesky auditor, too.  So glad I no longer have that job!

Plunging temps again today, so needed to be warm with another of my loom knitted scarves.  I haven’t knitted one in almost a year, so I need to finish the one that is my loom right now.

January 13, 2018

Today was Christmas takedown day, so I started the day in a pair of leggings I made from interesting fabric and my baseball mom tank top.

January 14, 2018

Today I ran out and went to the fabric store while the boy was at his pitching clinic.  I spent way too much…again.  So much for my resolution to NOT buy fabric…or at least curtail it.

Not sure I will have the energy for doing this next week.  I feel like I am coming down with something..hopefully I stay clear of that awful flu.

Flouncey Tunic Tutorial

I wanted to make a nice neutral tunic top, so of course, I went over the top with the details.  As I was cutting it out I was wondering if I should have made a different neckline, but I really like how cozy this is with the funnel cowl on it.


Pattern used for this pattern hack:  Wardrobe by Me Basic Builder Shirt, boat neckline.

Fabric is the Dark Shadow color of Bamboo lycra jersey from Nature’s Fabrics.

Added to the pattern (I did a size 14):

How to make:

The additional pieces that need to be cut are the flounce, band and cowl.  The measurements I used for the band and cowl are noted above and the flounce pattern piece is linked.  There is a 1″ overlap on the two pages for the flounce.


  1.  Cut the circle flounces and connect them together on one end.

2.  Lay the front pieces down with right sides out.  Put the flounces against the edges and make sure not to stretch them out.  I also made sure once they were laid out that they matched around the front and back neckline.  They did.  Next, you sandwich the flounces between the shirt fronts, right sides together and sew up to the edge.

3.  Sew the shoulders together.

4.  Place the flounce around the neckline.  You might have to let the seam out a little bit where the sewing ended on the neckline to get it to lay flat.

5. Sew up the long seam on the cowl and make sure the ending edge has the seam locked so it won’t come undone.  Now, add this to the neckline, with the seam on the outside.  This will be rolled down, so if you have the seam on the inside, it will show.  Sew up the neckline seam with the cowl and flounce attached.

6.  Sew the arms on, sew up the side seam and hem the sleeves.


7.  Sew up the side seam of the bottom band.  Fold in half and mark the 1/4 points.  Place the flounce bottom edges against the hemline and then attach the band, placing the 1/4 marks at the side seams, mid front and back.  Sew up the seam.

All done!