The annual birthday outfit

I generally try to sew something up for the girl for her birthday, since it is a special day.  Having my birthday 2 weeks before Christmas makes you appreciate people actually remembering that you have a birthday. 😉

This was a last minute, start at 10:30pm and finish at 1 am, outfit.

The fabric is a brushed poly-type of knit, though not what you would think when describing this type of fabric.  This is not the LuLaRoe legging fabric, but a quality thick poly.

The skirt is a full circle and has shorts sewn underneath.  No problem in spinning in this one.  The top is a simple top, HTV design of my own making and lace sleeves.

I made the outfit to match her shoes that I designed for her, and the fabric does match.  It is a little yellow on the pictures above.  Quick pics before school and not the best focus!

My next project is a strike off sample that I have been mulling around in my head as to what direction to take it.  It will be pretty fun!  Then, I really, really need to get that gun holster made!  I hate having things sitting over my head for other people.  I also have a zipper to replace on my Dad’s jacket, but he won’t need it until the fall. 😉




MeMadeMay – Week #1

I tried to get pictures of most days, but failed this weekend.  My weekend wears were not all that exciting anyways. 🙂

Day #1

Day #2

Sweater was a gift.

Day #3

Jeans were purchased.

Day #4

Sweater was purchased.

Day #5

Day #6

Wore this shirt with some black capri jeans

Day #7

Wore this shirt with jeans and a black fleece jacket.  We went to a baseball game, so nothing fancy going on.

So…week one is a wrap and I will try to get pictures as the month progresses!

Dresses for the girls

I finally used up some of my cotton woven fabric that had been getting dusty, and made these two summer dresses up.  These will be headed to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation as a part of the charity Sew for Kids.   The group tries to get some nice summer clothes to the kids that they can wear over the summer.  It is very much appreciated by the girls.

I made these both in a straight size 12 in the Mia’s Tie-back dress from The Simple Life Pattern Company.

I did a few things different, and didn’t use as much bias binding as the pattern says.  I like how the website shows pictures with just a loop and button, so I would probably do that next time.

This fabric is from Riley Blake and was the Simple Simon and Company collection from a few years ago.

This version is just the plain version of the skirt.  I bought this fabric many years ago (maybe five), so probably hard to find now.  The stripe is Mary Englebright and the Red Print is from Timeless Treasures.  The red was hard to photograph…it is actually a deeper red color and not so orange.

Now I need to go through my stash and see what else I can sew up for the girls.  It is kind of fun to get some dresses made, since I used to make so many of them when my daughter was smaller.  I want to get a few more made before sending them out, so hopefully I can get that done in the next few weeks.


I love damask, which really shouldn’t be a surprise since I draw it quite often!

This damask print is part of the current round open at RP Custom Fabrics and it is inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The other prints are closer to a Tiffany blue, though.  This one seems to be closer to a turquoise color, which is still very pretty.

I know this because I got a gift at work for Christmas one year that was a silver bracelet from Tiffany’s.  I still have the box, though the bracelet was stolen when I was a dumb dumb and left it out at a hotel in Vegas.  Yep…it somehow “disappeared”.

So, this top was a bit of a challenge.  In fitting and getting the HTV vinyl on the front (nope, not a panel…that is my drawing).  The HTV was actually a different, far longer design.  I had let a piece overlap the edge of the cutting mat, and it caught and messed up the cutting.  I stopped it before it went over everything again off design, and just dealt with what was cut.  I wish there was a vinyl store that I could get things from locally, but I don’t.  This vinyl was from Expressions Vinyl.

I will try to remember to load the original cut file into the folder linked on the sidebar.  The design overlaps so it is longer.

The top was a highly hacked Sneha Tunic from Wardrobe by Me.  I basically  used the top pieces and the length of the skirt.  I should have used something more fitted, since it is a bit wide.  The skirt was longer originally, but it was not flattering at all.  I cut it to the sweet spot on my hip.

Overall, I think this turned out pretty.  I was questioning whether I would wear it when I finished it last night, but I think it works with skinny jeans.

Now I have another fabric on it’s way to me, and in the meantime I have a few dresses cut out to go to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for the girls for summer.  I really want to get them sewn up and on the way to them, along with a few dresses that my daughter grew out of and were barely worn.  Hopefully, I have time to get it all done this week!


80’s revival

A few years ago I sewed up my girl an outfit inspired by Kira from The Dark Crystal.  She still wears it, too, and wants more like it.

Naturally, when Moonbeam Textiles created an 80’s movie inspired round including The Dark Crystal, and this order came up to sew up the samples, I jumped on it!

I received an infant/toddler panel of the crystal, an adult panel of the gelflings and a fat half of the coordinate.  The multiple panels had me stumped a bit on how to incorporate everything.  I decided on a design using the small panel for the tunic top and the larger panel for the skirt.  I added in some poly lycra, as there just wasn’t enough to do the whole skirt with the fabric I had left.

The pleat on the poly lycra was completely unintentional, since I cut the pieces too large.  Then, I serged one of the arms together incorrectly, which I noticed after top-stitching.

By brain is not thinking so well lately.  Sleep…need more of it!

I had to watch the DVD while sewing this up, because OF COURSE I have it.  It looks quite antiquated compared to the movies of today, but I still enjoy watching it.

I had to piece the back, so I added a pair of wings and some topstitching to camouflage the seam.

The leggings were very much pieced together using up bits of the fat half of the print and adult panel that were remaining.  The rest of the leggings were a jersey lycra I had that matched the browns.

She also has prints inspired by a few other 80’s movies, in addition to a group of coordinating colors.  Check it out on Moonbeam Textiles.










May plans…so many plans, so many games to keep me away from them

Ah yes, we have finally entered upon full on baseball and softball season.  It is 5-7 nights a week of either practice or games.  If it is practice, I can usually get something done, since we carpool with another family for baseball (hubby is the softball coach, so he is on for that!).

During April I was able to get a lot of what I wanted done, in addition to some fabric sample and pattern test sewing that always seems to come up unexpectedly.

May plans:

  • I really want to get more dresses sewn up to send to the Lakota kids.  I have a box ready to be sent out that includes some pretty shoes my daughter never wore (she has narrow feet…I have found buying online for her can be problematic).  I have plenty of cotton sitting there collecting dust and many patterns that I made for my girl from when she was young.  There are a few sundresses that I could make in my sleep, so I would like to make at least a few of them.

Right now I have two cut out from Simple Life Pattern Company that I had tested.  I am hoping to get them made up this week and then maybe get a few more cut out and made up in the next few weeks.  So…maybe set a goal of 5? dresses for May?

  • I really, really want to get a new black leather purse made since I sold the one I made for myself in January.  It will likely be similar to the one I made then.  If I have time I will try to make a tutorial on it.

  • A friend wants me to make him a leather gun holster with The Punisher on it.  That is a new project for me, so I need to figure out how I want to make the gun holster.  I have been looking at tutorials, so am about ready to dive in on it.

Then there is Me Made May, where all of us sewists try to wear what we make.  This is a bit of a no brainer for me, since I usually wear or carry something I have made everyday.  I did fairly well with it last year.  I will do a weekly round up post, instead of posting each day.

I also have another strike off sample to sew up.  I think I know what I will be making with it, and it won’t be too hard or time consuming.

I am sure there will be some other sewing sneaking in, but this is my plan so far.  Now that I am working on more strike off sample sewing, that seems to eat a bit into my time!












We are made of starstuff

Oh, Zenith & Quasar Fabric, how much do I love thee?  It’s not just because Lilly gives me free fabric, though that is kind of cool.  It is because her panels look like this:

You can actually make a matching back to your shirt out of her panels!  It is a whole yard (for adult panels), so yes it is more expensive, but IT MATCHES.

I also love the STEM fabrics geared for girls.  She has some Code Like A Girl panels in this round, too, so go check out the pre-order before it closes.  It is just all very cool.

I was sent the above panel and a nebula print.  Two yards of goodness right here, that I turned into a fantastic outfit for my girl.  I should really be sewing summer stuff, but I made sure these were a little extra long for next fall.

Besides…it is still cold here.  I saw snowflakes on Thursday.  Brrrrrrr….

Round 20 Space Prints Pre-order

In case you haven’t noticed (I am sure you have), I have volunteered myself for sewing for a few fabric groups.  They are only ones that I like and would actually buy the fabric (most of them I have purchased fabric from in the past).  I just get the free fabric I am showing for my troubles, so I am not getting loads of cash from advertising for them.  I don’t do affiliate links on any fabrics or patterns, since I don’t like to be beholden to anyone’s expectations.  I would rather be honest than get a free coffee.

I rather like the sewing for fabric (as long as they give me time to sew!), since I get to be more creative with the fabric.  In doing pattern testing I have to follow the pattern exactly.  Not a fan of doing that!

I will try not to be too spammy with my blog posts, but, as always, I am just sewing what I like to sew!

Disney Villains

I have joined another seamstress team for sewing up samples of custom fabric prints to advertise for their new rounds.  These are from The Fabric Cottage, and this round includes Disney Villains.  She sent me a 1/4 yard of the coordinate and an adult panel of Maleficent.  I didn’t think that the coordinate went as well with this panel, so I made two different things.

First, I made a peplum top with the coordinate (my pattern draft).  It is a 3/4 sleeve, and I put one of the portraits in the center front as an applique.  I backed it with Heat n’ Bond, and fixed it with a satin stitch on the edge.

I don’t know why this is so blurry!  Ugh.

The peplum is two layers of a light-weight athletic mesh.  Unhemmed, as I didn’t think it needed to be hemmed, and I offset them a bit.

She needed bottoms to go with this top, and this turquoise metallic mermaid print went very well with the background of the villians coordinate.  Not sure they really match subject-wise, but they look cute together!  The pattern for the leggings is from the 5 out of 4 Shenanigans skort.  I should have gone a little wider with them, though, since this fabric doesn’t really stretch as much as a knit.  They are a bit tight!  If she is uncomfortable wearing them, I will likely just cut them apart and do blocked leggings with some black knit.

The panel needed to become a tunic for the girl.  I could have made something for myself, but I knew she would wear it more.  I made a cosplay for her of Maleficent a few years back.

I had the greens already in my fabric stash (I just needed to find them!), so I just needed a pattern.  I drew this up, and it mostly worked.  I just needed to add one more layer on the bottom of the side seam, since it ended up too short.  An easy fix.

This turned out so cute!

She can wear a pair of her black volleyball shorts underneath during summer if she wants to do cartwheels or handstands (she will).  Here she is wearing it with some black leggings.

The pre-order for these fabrics will open up in the group on April 28th if you want to order some of these villains.

I personally love Maleficent and Cruella.  There is also some other prints that are adorable.  I like the Monsters, Inc. ones, and the Sully fur is so cute as fabric.

Check it out!












Dance off Bro!

Look!  I sewed something for my son!

Poor kid gets so very neglected in the sewing room.

This was a strike off sewing sample for Stardust Textiles.  It is part of a new round of pre-sale fabrics that focuses on space shows (Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Star Trek).

I was late to the tester group on this round, but there were a few more things that needed to get sewn up.  I got a fat half of this bamboo lycra dance party coordinate, and I knew my son would love something with it.

He is 13, though, so I have use character prints with discretion.  I decided to do the arms and some blocking in the coordinate using the Bram Raglan from Wardrobe by Me.  I just cut the bottom section up a bit on the pattern and added a seam allowance.   I made sure to make the pattern cuts at the same time so they would match at the side seams.  Pretty easy pattern hack.

This fabric is so nice and soft and drapey.  I love bamboo lycra. The black is an athletic mesh, so it is a pretty light-weight shirt.  Perfect for summer!

Next was adding a vinyl thing to the front.  It was obvious what was needed, really. 😉

I admit, I took a random image off of Google to do the cassette tape, so I won’t be sharing this cut file.  I was too tired to draw my own cassette tape.  Then, of course, I didn’t mirror the words to cut this out, so I had to recut the words.  Hate it when I waste so much vinyl!

A fun, cool shirt for the dude.  I hung it up on his closet door at about 11:30 at night, and he was wearing it in the morning!

The pre-sale on this closes on May 1.  Check out the fun fabrics.  I think the “Come to the dark side, we have cookies” panel is pretty cool, too.  🙂

Time for some softball!

While I was waiting for the pre-order to come in for Sports Stitches at RP Custom Fabrics, this strike off sample came up on a charity auction.  I just couldn’t wait, so jumped on the chance to buy it.  That was at least a month ago, and I just didn’t have time to tackle it.  I got the impetus to get going on it, so it is finally sewed up!

I drafted both the top and the skort.  She wants the skort a little longer next time.

My serger is having some “issues” right now with constantly breaking the lower looper thread, which is oh so much fun to re-thread.  Why does it always have to be the hard one??  I am hoping that I don’t have to bring it in to service it, since I have a lot that I want to get done!

I made some mistakes in sewing up the skort, but you can’t tell.  I serged a few layers together that weren’t supposed to go together.  The bottom is supposed to be a little wider than it is.  Still works fine, though.

So cute!

The Sports Stitches are apparently coming in this week, so hopefully I will get the rest of the fabric I ordered in the next few weeks.  I ordered softball, baseball and volleyball.  It is really hard to find softball and volleyball fabric, so I am happy that I was able to find these.

I applied to be on their strike off tester team, and was accepted, so you will see more from this fabric host in the future.  I like that she doesn’t do a lot of “inspired prints”.  I think we are starting to get out of the animated characters phase, so sewing up stuff for the kids can be a challenge.  There are still ones that they like, though, so that is good at least.

I have a few more strike-off samples to sew up this week, along with 2 baseball games, a night out with the neighbor ladies, several softball and baseball practices, along with the last volleyball tournament of the season.  Should be easy to get them done amiright??

Over-committed?  Nah! 😉