Sewing project – little pink animal

You are going to get overkill this week on the sewing posts…hope you don’t mind!  Since I didn’t have any sewing posts for August and September, I have to make up for lost time. 😉 I cut out a bunch of stuff on Sunday, so I have been busy sewing at night after the kids mosey off to bed, and then get up and run around, decide to brush their teeth, need to get tucked in, need to get tucked in AGAIN, and then they need water…  Yes, it is amazing just how much I get done with all this durned free time that I have!

This was a quick one to put together.  I used a plain Old Navy white t-shirt for the top and spruced it up a bit.  The pants are just a simple elastic waist pants made out of a heavy cotton print.  You can click on the picture to see it bigger.

little pink animal

For those wanting to start sewing, this is an easy project.  Elastic waist pants are super easy to make and really nice for little ones that are potty training.  They are easy for them to pull up and down.  Embellishing a plain top is a great way to make it look custom and really, it is cheaper to buy these on sale than making them.  All you need is fusible interfacing (where it fuses both sides), cut out your shapes, fuse them with an iron, and use the button-hole stitch (close together zig-zag) around the edges.  I added some matching buttons and a little iron-on applique I picked up on clearance.  She looked adorable in it when I shipped her off to daycare the next day, since I have to make her wear all her new outfits the very next day as I’m freak.  But, isn’t it cute? 🙂  

Sewing project – the blue pirate

All done!  Can’t you just see me doing a jig??  The Boy loves his costume and doesn’t want to take if off once it is on…so it took me awhile to get pictures.

His pirate pants are made out of a striped brown corduroy fabric.  I made them short and cuffed to show off his pirate boots that I found on Ebay.  I just modified a pattern to make the cuff.

The shirt I actually made for his costume last year, and made the shirt a little big for him.  He will finally wear it this year, since he didn’t wear it last year.  Yay!  I used a vintage pattern for it, since I just needed a plain shirt.  The fabric is a butter-soft fleece, and is accented with a soft brown leather.

His vest I made out of a royal blue velveteen and it is lined with a brown suede-like material.  The pattern was in one of the patterns I had for the Girl, so I just made it longer.  A vest is a vest!  I used leather “cord” to make the loops for the little silver celtic buttons.  The belt is made out of the same lining used in his vest, which I put over black webbing I actually bought for purse handles.  I buckle I’ve had in my notions stash for years.

blue pirate

The accessories:  Pirate hat, foam cutlass and eye patch bought at Target.  Pirate boots bought on Ebay.  He looks so dang handsome in it all!  He makes quite the dashing pirate.

This is what you get when you have kids tired of the camera.  I think their postures pretty much convey the, “Done yet??” attitude.  Yet…they are still adorable. 😉

done yet

almost cooperating

Renaissance girl costume

Here it is!  Much blood, sweat and tears (and occasional curse words) went into this little number.  Upon putting it on her, she immediately wanted it off.  I should have lined the dress, but hindsight being what it is…she will have to suffer!(or I will just put a t-shirt on underneath it 😉 )  I had to redo the top dress a few times, which is where the curse words came into play.

Let’s see…I made the top dress from scratch and it is a nice cotton.  It is shirred in the back of the bodice, and the straps button on the front (hidden so it looks pretty).  The top dress has gold trimmings on the bodice and gold/cream piping around the bottom of the top skirt at the ruffle.  I put a cord through the skirts so I could tie them up and show the dress underneath.  The bottom dress I made from a pattern, and I just made it longer.  It is a teal velvet.

Halloween costume 1

 Halloween costume 2

You can click on the pictures to make them larger and see the details.  I didn’t make the headpiece, but thought I would show it anyways.  We picked it up at the local Renaissance Festival.  It’s almost perfect with the colors, if it weren’t for the purple flowers.  Oh well, she will still look adorable in the get-up, despite her obvious uncomfort.  I’m a mean, mean mommy. 😉

I’m hoping that she will at least be able to wear the top dress next year to the Renaissance Festival, so it doesn’t get worn just once!

Sewing project – Purple prettiness

As I was going through the Princess’ warm weather clothes (since it went from summer to winter within DAYS), I was trying to decide what would go into the give-away pile, and I remembered that I never posted this one when I made it last Fall.  Sadly, it is too small for her now, so it is going to a new home.  I should have made the pants longer, since I made the top longer and the sleeves to cuff, so really she can fit in that part right now.  Ah well, there are more cute things I can make!

 purple prettiness

This one I made from a basic top and pants pattern and added the ruffles, pockets and lined the top with a nice soft knit.  All of the fabrics I used from my stash at the time (which of course has gotten considerably bigger!), so really, the only thing that cost me anything on this one was the bling on the pockets that I found at Michael’s.  Just a little extra prettiness for my pretty Princess. 😀

Progress on Halloween:  Anya’s top dress is all done and cute as could be…now for the velvet underdress.  If only I didn’t have the never-ending case of pink eye, I might actually be able to stay up later and work on it.  My eyes just want to slam shut at about 8pm right now.  🙁

No…not really

…in answer to that question of whether I save money by making clothes for my little princess, and occassionally, the prince.

This would be the reason why.  I have a bit of a fabric obsession and I can’t help myself but to purchase at least a lot little when I go to the fabric store.  I always find something that will make such a CUTE outfit (if I ever get the time, that is!).

Exhibit #1 – Fabric that I purchased to make clothes last summer.  After a bit it became rather apparent that baby girl had more that enough clothes for summer so I stopped.  There a fabulous green toile and an Asian lotus print in the bunch…I can just see a new twirly dress with a cream guaze peasant under-dress with the toile…and a short-sleeve wrap-front Asian inspired dress with the lotus fabric.  *dream, dream, dream…wake-up, that has to wait!*

As for the boy…I made him one button up shirt with giraffes, alligators and rhinos that he didn’t want to wear…so he got nuthin’ for the rest of the summer.  Except, of course, his “K” cape.  Sorry, kiddo, I don’t do Spiderman.

summer fabrics

Exhibit #2 – Fabric that I purchased to make clothes for winter, some of which is from LAST winter.  Honestly, there is more yet.  Baby girl is currently wearing short pants since I bought her only a few new pairs of jeans.  You see, I had good intentions of working on her new fall/winter closet in late summer.  Yeah…that didn’t happen.

There is fabric for leggings and cuddle fleece fabric for fuzzy pants, and lets not forget the matching swing top, jumper, dress…such fun!

winter fabrics

Right now I am slowing moving through the piles.  First order of business is getting the Halloween costumes completed.  I did manage to make a few new pairs of pants for Anya.  I didn’t want the other kids at daycare making fun of her “high-water” pants. 😉  I’ll get pictures soon…when they are clean, as I just HAD TO put them on her to wear already. 😀

Sewing Project – Batik Dress

I have my 15 year class reunion this weekend, and I really want to show off my little girl.  🙂  I fell in love with this fabric the moment I saw it.  It is a strip sewed fabric with an embroidered piece in between a batik print.  I bought a coordinating batik print, and designed this dress.  

The back is shirred with the coordinating batik.  The front is fitted with a strip of the embroidered fabric placed horizontal across the middle to compliment the very full skirt.  I placed a silk flower with a butterfly button on the strip to top it off.  I always like to add a little “something” to set off my designs.  I love how it turned out and how twirly it is!

batik dress

batik front

Sewing project – a hat

There’s not much else that I dislike more than making hats.  They don’t take that long, but they are just a huge pain and I always get stuck with about twenty pins.  A friend of mine asked me to make her a hat for her daughter’s wedding, since it was outside at the end of July and it was going to be HOT!  She was diagnosed with breast cancer this spring, so she wasn’t sure she could handle her wig being on the whole time.

Of course, I made her one.  She didn’t end up wearing her hat, but I’m sure she will get some use out of it this summer.  I also made her a cuff for her upper arm to hide some medical implements they put in for her chemotherapy.  It matched her dress quite nicely.  She was a very beautiful mother of the bride. 🙂


Sewing Project – Tiger Dress

So what exactly do you do with a onesie shirt when your little girl is potty trained?  You certainly can’t put it on her since she can’t deal with the snaps.  Just turn it into a little dress!

Tiger Dress

This was a plain brown Old Navy onesie. 

  • First, I cut the bottom off the top, right above where the leg holes started.
  • Then, out of the skirt fabric, I cut a 3″ strip that was as wide as the stretched knit material would likely go.  I needed this to go over her head so that is why I used that measurement.  Next, I cut a 45″ x 8″ piece for the skirt.  
  • Out of scrap fabric, I cut out the tiger and leaves and affixed to the shirt using double sided iron-on interfacing.  Then I used the button-hole zig zag stitch to permanently affix to the fabric.
  • I sewed up the skirt seam and gave it a simple fold over hem.  I gathered the un-hemmed seam and attached the smaller piece.  Next I folded over the smaller piece side so the edges were enclosed and topstitched.
  • Lastly I attached the skirt section to the knit shirt, making sure the stretch was even.  I used a zig zag stitch.  Then I topstiched it again with a straight stitch.
  • Clear as mud?  Thought so…just thought I would include what I did in case anyone was interested…

Sewing project – Tribal Swimsuit

Well, this isn’t a fantastic picture of her new swimsuit, but it will have to do.

Tribal Swimsuit

This fabric has a fun cream, taupe and brick red tribal print.  Just what a two year old with a touch of American Indian blood needs, right?  This is pretty similar to the other swimsuit that I made for her, which I made the pattern.   Now I have two cute swimsuits for her, which is really nice.  I was getting tired of washing the other one all the time!

Of course this is what I got when I asked her to model it for me.  She’s a pistol, this one!


Sewing project – a Mei Tai

I have made, oh, about 50 or so of these baby carriers.  I wanted to make one after seeing some online and knowing that it wasn’t that hard to make.  I looked at many of the designs and figured out what I wanted out of mine.  Mostly I wanted it to be pretty and comfortable.  After posting mine on a message board, I was asked by many women if I would sell them, so I did for a short time.  I even sold some of my carriers to ladies in Europe and Africa!  Now, I will be the first to admit that I am a bit burned out on making them, but they are so comfy and versatile to use.  They are an oft requested baby gift from my friends, and I just love hearing about people using them for their babies.

I made this one last week for baby boy T.’s mommy.  It is black embroidered silk on the outside and a light-weight black blended cotton for the straps.  I wasn’t overly happy with that fabric since it had some issues since it was a bit thin.  I am not worried about it holding up, though, since I double and triple stitch everything.  The nice thing about it though is that since the fabric is thinner, I was able to use a buckle for the waist strap.  That just makes it a bit quicker to put on and take off.

Mei Tai

And of course the handy carrying bag.  Need I even say that I never made a bag for MINE?  Of course not, mine are just a jumbled mess lying willy nilly, while I give everyone else a nice bag to put their carriers in while not in use.

carrying bag

I showed Baby Boy T.’s mommy how to use the carrier this past weekend, so I put him in it and he just laid his little head back and prepared to take a snooze.  I love it when I see that! 

I am planning on putting together my very first sewing tutorial.  I had been asked a few times how I make them, so I am going to try to do a tutorial for it.    Be on the lookout!