I’ve been productive

Last weekend I went on a sewing binge and did some fun sewing.

Toile Froo Froo

I thought I would use a shortcut and take a major brand pattern company’s bodice pattern for sizing and use that to make this dress.  Big mistake.  It was way too big.  I will have to rip apart the bodice on this little number in order for it to fit Anya.  The bodice is too wide and the straps too long so it pretty much falls off of her.  I’ll need to fix that…before summer.  I have time!

toile froo froo 

Bubbles Recon

This outfit is a pair of too short 2T Levis that will still fit her in the waist.  I turned them into capris and added a ruffle and some rick rack.  Then I took a plain Old Navy t-shirt (bought on clearance last Fall) and added the same fabric in a circle applique and added the little flower applique I bought for 50 cents.  A cute casual outfit! 

capri recon

 Bleu et Verte Chemise (blue and green dress – it seemed to need a fancier name 😉 )

My design…similar to other dresses I have made.  It is a fitted dress with a shirred back and lots of ruffles!  I actually had some matching ribbon for the little ribbon on the front.  A pretty twirly dress.

blue and green dress

Mary Engelbert Outfit

This turned out so cute!  The fabric on this little number is by Mary Engelbert.  A cute red plaid with a coordinating print.  It’s a basic peasant top, and I added shirring to the bottom hem to bring it in.  The skirt is just a simple ruffle skirt that I designed.  Skirts really aren’t too difficult.  All you need is some measurements and do some math (addition, subtraction…really not too hard). 

mary engelbert dress

 Now, I have to work on a project for Craft Apple.  I agreed to test sew a car organizer, so I need to get on that!  I just really had an urge to make some little girl outfits this weekend, so I put off other things I should have done…like usual. 😉

Retro pinafore

Pinafores are retro, aren’t they?  They seem to be timeless, though, as I’ve seen old and new patterns for this very simple little smock.  It is all one one piece and lined.  It simply buttons at the shoulders so it is easy to get on and off a little one.  The bloomers are made of the fabric that lines the pinafore, and I appliqued a little heart on the bum.  Super cuteness!  This is a baby gift for some friends.

fairy pinafore 

 pinafore bloomers

I actually did make more this weekend.  A failed pair of bloomers that ended up way, way too big.  Not sure what I will do with them.  I also made a skirt for myself, but didn’t get any pictures of that.  I’m not sure if I love it yet.

Now, if I could just get all these durned tax returns finalized I wouldn’t have to work so much and I could sew more.  I have so much to do!

The wrong size

Well, this dress was supposed to be for a co-worker’s daughter.  I tried to redraft a pattern for a larger size, but it still ended up a bit too small.  After I finished it, I put it on Anya to check the size and dang if it didn’t fit her.  It is supposed to be a size 6.  **sigh**

I will be making something similar soon, but haven’t had the energy (ambition??), yet.  At least it fits Anya!  Well, it’s a little long, but then she will be able to wear it for a few years.  Love that.

So, yes, it is another peasant dress design.  Getting sick of them yet??  I think it’s time to move on to some different styles now, but it is so easy to modify the bottom part that they are quick to sew up.  I added shirring to the sides to cinch it up a little bit.  I added a double ruffle to the bottom and the bottom ruffle is doubled up so it has a “bubble” feel to it.

purple dress


I really like this fabric, too.  I like the color combination with the purple and reddish-pink. 

Now I will have to get back to the sewing room.  I made lots of stuff in February and one thing this month…I’m out of projects to share!  I’m hoping work will slow down enough so I can work on some projects again.

The PIF gifts

Well, I didn’t get them out in the mail last week, but they are on their way now.  Here are the gifts that I made, which were done about a week ago.  I didn’t get time to do anything last weekend after taking Kailan to Nemo and working 6 HOURS on Sunday.  Man, I need a vacation…

For Alissa…a new bag made from a jacquard decorator weight fabric with green duiponi silk pockets and accents.  The pockets are lined with a water-proof nylon so they are very useable.  The handle and the inside are another decorator weight fabric, and the handle interior is webbing.  This is a pretty, but sturdy purse.    I used a bag I already own as the base for my measurements in making this bag – I just made it a little bit bigger.

I know Alissa is an outdoorsy gal, so I used earth tones.  It may be a little fancy, but a woman always needs a fancy purse…and the base is wide enough to fit a DSLR if needed. 😉

alissa's bag 

This next gift is for Beth, who contributes to the Bean’s Blog (healthy recipes).  I made her a pretty apron out of some of my favorite fabric.  It is similar to the apron I posted previously only I didn’t gather the bottom part.  It is fully reversible, too.  I think I have almost used up all of this fabric, but I may be able to squeeze another project out of it.

beth's apron 

I love how both projects turned out, and almost wanted to keep them for myself!  Alas, that would require more work for me, so I bid them goodbye and sent them on to these lovely ladies.  I hope you both enjoy them! 🙂

Dresses galore

I will wait until next week to post the PIF items I finally completed (Hear that girls??  They are actually done!).  Hopefully I will get them in the mail at some point this week, and I really liked how they both turned out.  As for my other PIF gift…look how cute Baby Beebo is in her PIF dress.  🙂

Here are a few items I completed in the last few weeks.  You will recognize this dress from yesterday and the basic style as I’ve made this before.  I bought the little satin roses at Michael’s and sewed them on really well. 

portrait dress 

 A swing top.  It is a similar style, only this is made in a bigger size and meant to be a top.  I want it to match these capris that I made last spring that will still fit her this year.

lilac swing top 

Then I made this dress out of this pattern.  I just added the band at the waist and at the hem, and that is the only modifications I made to it.  I love toile and this is so cute…if only I hadn’t made that mistake.

toile dress

toile dress details

  Can you see my mistake? 

It’s all in the details

I am having lots of fun sewing these past few weeks.  The ideas are just flowing and even though some items won’t be worn until it gets much warmer, I feel a bit ahead of the game.  Last week I made Anya 3 dresses, a swing top that will match capris I made her last summer (that should still fit), and one of my PIF items.   Having to post something on Tuesday’s definitely gives me incentive to get something done so I can share it.  Thanks for starting Crafty Tuesday, Carrie. 🙂

I love using my new serger.  It makes all those fun ruffles so much easier to create.  I also love how it finishes my seams so professionally.  I still do a lot of top-stitching, though.  I find I use both my machines an equal amount of time.  I like the seams to lay flat, so the garments are more comfortable to wear.  They just look better, too.  That is one of the reasons why I like to make these clothes.  I can can make them better than ready to wear.  Some of the seams are stitched 3 times…again just so they look better and are more sturdy.

I like adding little extras to my outfits, too – an applique or a vintage button that has no purpose other than looking pretty.  A little bit of satin ribbon or a satin rose can add an extra level of beauty to a dress.  When I go to the fabric store, I look at the ribbons and laces and will buy a few yards of the pretty bits with no project in mind.  I know eventually they will work with something I create.

Here is another dress I made for Anya.  I made most of it last Tuesday night, and it took about 3 hours that night (remember…I don’t sleep much).  Sometimes when I start a project in which I don’t have a pattern, it ends up looking different than what I originally had intended.  This one is no different.  I just started cutting fabric and figured out what I wanted at each stage of construction.  It usually turns out cute, although it may have a few errors in judgement. 😉 

She loved it and wanted to wear it right away.  Look how stylin’ the little princess is with her summer dress over sweatpants.

Piggy dress

Now, here are the details.  For the halter strap I braided ribbon and heat sealed the ends together so they won’t fray.  I learned from experience that it is best to heat seal the ends.  I also have a picture of the inside of her dress, and this is where you can see quality construction for home sewers.  The top is lined and the seams are all enclosed and top-stitched so it is comfy for the princess to wear it.  No seams to chafe her skin when she is running around and twirling.

piggy dress details

What do you think of the fabric?  Why piggies?  Because she loves them!  She has no idea how smelly and dirty they can be, but she knows one thing…they are pink. 🙂  I must tell you, though, baby pigs are truly some of the cutest little things and so very playful and social.  We raised pigs for a time when I was growing up, so I got to play with lots of baby pigs.  Her love for them is not misplaced.

Although I made a few other things this past week, I’ll just share this for today.  There’s always next week!  I also made a stop at the fabric store (bad, bad Stacy), because it had been a whole 2 months since I had been there.  I was starting to get the shakes and developed an eye twitch.  Withdrawal is not a pretty thing. 😉

Fairies and another gift

Well, I may not have worked out at all last week, but I sewed!  That has to count for something right??

The first dress is a long delinquent gift for some friends.  They had a baby girl in DECEMBER (really, we didn’t find out about it until mid-January, so I’m not THAT late), and since this is their first child I figured they would have more than enough pink.  Hopefully they are happy with their handmade gift…sometimes I’m not sure how people will receive items without GAP written all over them.

The fabric came from one of the 6 bins full of fabric in my basement.  I think I need to stay away from the fabric store for awhile.  Really…I have more than enough cute stuff within walking distance.  It’s quite cold outside, so not sure I want to go to the store anyways.

green blue dress 

The next outfit is for Anya.  We are going to a children’s ballerina show on Saturday morning.  Very early on Saturday…8:30 am.  Needless to say I did not choose the time, but we will survive.  She will also be wearing a turtleneck underneath because it is STILL COLD out.  Really 30 degrees is almost summer-like right now.  😉

I made the dress pattern, and added the little ruffle onto the basic pants pattern.  There is a satin ribbon at the waist with pretty glass buttons.  It snaps on the side, so it is easier to get on.  The whole outfit can be worn all together or separately.  I love, love, love this fairy fabric.  It is so pretty and feminine.  It is reminiscent of late 19th – early 20th century art.

Fairy outfit

pants and shirt


With so much cute fabric in my basement, I really need to make more stuff for Anya.  Summer is just around the corner, right??  I do have two more PIF gifts to make, so hopefully I will get those done in the next few weeks.  😀

An apron and a cute little dress

As I said yesterday, I was a horrible, horrible guest and forgot a hostess gift.  In order to rectify my rudeness, I came home and made an apron for her straight away.  Since she was wearing an apron while cooking, I figured she may like it.  I surely hope so.

This is the first apron I ever made, and it was from scratch.  I did take out an apron my aunt made me for a wedding present to get some of the measurements of the ties.  This turned out too poofy for the skirt, so next time I will make the skirt part flat.  It’s reversible, too, with the striped fabric on the other side.  It is symmetrical, the ruffles are just a bit wonky for the photo of it.  I got my inspiration for the apron here.

sari apron

Since I was in the sewing mode, I decided to get one of my PIF exchange gifts completed.  Most especially since I figured out how to put the settings on my serger to ruffle.  Oh, happy day!  What a time saver, and it let me make this cute little number with much less stress.  It is headed for baby beebo.  I will try to get it in the mail this week, Lori. 

vintage flowers dress

I used a pattern for the top of the dress and put together the skirt with lots of fabric.  Due to the peasant dress design, she should be able to wear it for a few years.  When it gets too short, she can just throw some jean shorts under it and use it as a swing top.  I think it is a little too wide on top so I may tweak it a bit before it hits the post office.  Part of the problem is the skirt is so full that it weighs down the top.  I will have to think on this problem, but shirring it a bit will probably be the answer.

Then last night I got Kai his Valentines box all ready to go.  He helped me a little bit and it looks a bit silly with flowered paper and Transformers…but he’s FOUR.   He can get away with that whole not matching thing.  He got to chose what he wanted, and that was the best part for him. 🙂

Some bottoms…and scrapping

I haven’t had a chance to do much this past week, since work has been so busy.  I was planning to do some sewing on Saturday, but then I actually picked up a book and got immersed in that.  It’s an old favorite that I have read probably 3 other times.  I don’t know if I will read it all, since its about 3,000 pages worth of books. 

Here are a couple pair of pants I sewed up for Anya.  The corduroy pants I made at some point this past winter and the leggings I made a few weeks ago with my new serger.  Then, of course, some more of the scrapbooking I had done.

corduroy pants green pants


scrapbooking 2

PIF craftiness exchange

Julie over at The Rest is History had a PIF exchange that I thought I would participate in.  The rules are:

If you’d like to take part, be one of the first three to comment mentioning that you’re signing up for the PIF exchange.  You’ll have to agree to this pledge:

I, [insert your name here] will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange, and who make the same pledge on their own blogs.

So, in order to participate you have to PIF in craftiness to three others.  This is a tough one, eh? 

For this one, you don’t have to have a little one, as I can make a tote bag or I’ve been wanting to try to whip up a cute apron.  Just let me know if you want to participate in the PIF exchange and who will be the recipient of the craftiness.  I’m not going to promise to make an elaborate outfit, since I have to make something for three people. 

I will, of course, post the goodies whence I have them completed.  Let me know if you are interested and then post on your own blog.