A bit too much fluff

Generally, I’m not afraid of fluffy, ruffley concoctions.  Generally, I am making them for Anya, though. 

I attempted to make myself a ruffley skirt, and it ended up being a bit too much.  I started out with a rough idea of what I wanted to make, and had the fabrics all laid out.  I wasn’t sure how much the fabric would really ruffle on a big person, though.  I ended up doing ruffled tiers and having three tiers.  As you can see from the picture below, it only has two tiers.  While you may come to the conclusion that it is over the top as it is right now, just imagine what it looked like with another tier.  Crazzzzzy.


BUT…Check out the back!  Awesome, right??  This is my first attempt at putting in grommets.  I can’t say that the underside looks particularly fabulous, but you can’t see that part, so I don’t think we need to say it matters, right?  Right!  I actually don’t need to lace this up at all upon wearing, as the fabric is a rather stretchy twill with lycra in it.  The waist is just a simple elastic.  If it hadn’t been so stretchy I would have made a proper waistband, but it didn’t seem worth it.

I made a matching shirt (of course!).  It started out as a pretty simple peasant top, but I did do some pintucking on the sleeves.  Then I tried it on and knew it needed a bit more work.  It is a woven fabric and it just was a bit too boxy, and I knew it would ride up and not lay very well.  Hindsight being 20/20, of course.

Version 1

I added a sash that is sewed on in the center front.  First I gathered about 6 inches of fabric, and then sewed the sash over the gathers.  I made it two widths of the fabric, which has some stretch in it.

I love how the colors go together…

Next we have another of my cross front tops, but with more RUFFLES.  Yes, I am the Crazzzzy Ruffler.  Doesn’t it look cute all dressed up, though?  I was going out for dinner with the girlfriends.  We go out for dinner once every few months, and it is so nice to have a chance to talk and catch up with them all.  I made an explanation/tutorial of sorts for how to put this bad boy together.  I use the serger a lot in it, so just be warned if you don’t have one.

Here is a shot of my hair.  It is all wet here, since when I do all of those twists it is easier when it is wet.  This took me about 5-10 minutes and a bunch of pins.  It isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it.  I also made my jewelry…many, many moons ago when I was actively making jewelry all the time. 

Oh, and at the dinner with the girls, one is a bit pregnant right now and found out she is having a girl!  I got most of this little newborn hat done during Anya’s dance class that morning, and just finished up the seam and added the pompoms when we got home.  You can never have too much fluff when it comes to cute little newborn hats.  Such a quick project, with so much return on the cuteness factor.  I’m going to show the girls how to do loom knitting in a few weeks, which will hopefully keep the number of knit hats they all want me to do down to a minimum. 😉


Now these blogs are mostly grown-up woman dressing inspiration, and not sewing inspiration.  I love how these ladies have their own sense of style and aren’t afraid to show it. 🙂

Sal of Already Pretty

Audi of Fashion for Nerds


I’m hoping to get some stuff cut out for Kai this week and some outfits started for him.  Poor kid has been so neglected.  Of course, this is the last week of Sunday School, so I think I need to do something for their teachers.  Anya has two high school girls, so that should be pretty easy (some bags, I’m thinking), but Kai has a husband and wife team about our ages, maybe a bit older.  I have no clue what to get them, so any help would be appreciated!!

I warned you I was making more

Talk about instant gratification!  These shirts are so easy to make and only take an hour and one yard of fabric.  I’ve been scouring my fabric to find knits to use for them.  One thing I have found out with making and wearing this shirt is…

Knits with lycra = good

Knits without lycra = bad

When there is no lycra, they just don’t have the rebound and staying power.  This results in gap-age in the boob-age area.  I spent the entire day checking and adjusting myself when I wore the pink outfit.  I think I need some double-sided tape or something the next time I wear it. 

Pink cross-front shirt

Here I am wearing the outfit that was created around the shoes.  I bought them a few weeks ago, and they are by Steve Madden and not the most comfortable.  Like pretty much all the Steve Madden shoes I’ve bought.  They are not designed for comfort, but for cuteness and I won’t plan on wearing them on any long walks.

As an aside on the shoe shopping, I took my kids to get new shoes and had absolutely no intention of getting new shoes for me…really.  I failed miserably.  The kids did get two pairs of shoes each, though, so I’m no grinch.  😉

I originally intended to use this knit for Anya, but they matched the shoes.  Clearly she didn’t need it as much as I.  Luckily she has plenty of other pink fabric’s that have hearts and butterflies that I didn’t think were all that work appropriate.


Urn cross-front shirt

Next up was a shirt that did include a bit of Lycra.  It kinda looks like urns…or maybe chandeliers.  Whatever it is, I like it!  I didn’t have enough to do the banding, so I made a quick stop to the fabric store the next day and found this great lightweight drapey grey knit fabric.  I even managed to leave the fabric store having spent less than $10. 

Apparently miracles do occur…it may be time to go buy a lottery ticket. 😉

It goes great with these new CAbi pants I bought a month ago (which made me very happy to buy a size smaller than last time!).  Check out the ruffle on the back of the shirt. I will need to wear my hair up with this shirt to get the full effect of it. 

Next we have a brown one.  I have used this brown fabric for two other shirts.  No lycra in this one, either, so I may have to wear a camisole underneath or something. The skirt I am wearing in this shot was one I made a few summers ago.

I have ordered some organic cotton knits from spoonflower to make a few more shirts for me.  Not sure they will be this style, but I’m more confident in my knit shirt making skillz now, so I bought the expensive fabric.  I would only pay that much a yard for fabric if it was my own design, though.  I do like the nice soft fabric.  I bought these designs, so shirts will be forthcoming when I get it in the mail.  Notice they match my new shoes. 😉 


Just so you don’t think I’ve ignored the children this week…I did work on one thing for Anya.  She gave me the puppy eyes when I picked her up from daycare one day, and told me her beloved taggie pillow had a tear in it.  She’s had it since she was probably 6 months old, as it was one of the first taggie things I made her.  It had seen better days.  It had a rip in the fabric on one side and the majority of the taggies had been ripped out or were in the process.

Exhibit A:

I made a new cover for her with a wonderfully soft flannel and super soft minky.  I had it back on her bed, ready to take it with her the next day to daycare.  She uses it for naps there.  Of course she forgot it in our mad dash out the door in the morning, but Daddy was able to stop on his way to work and deliver it amongst many hugs.


 Here are some etsy shops that I find inspiring in my search for cool stuff to make: Gina Michelle, Econica

Of course, the one place online that has great stuff is Anthropologie.  I love looking at their clothes and designs, but wouldn’t really pay those prices.   Great for inspiration, though!


Hope everyone else had a Crafty week!

More twirly goodness

It’s official…Kailan is going to be nekked this summer. 

I just can’t stop making cute twirly skirts!  At least I have plenty of pants that I can cut off and sew into shorts for him.  He’s blown the knees out of several.  NOW I understand why people say boys are hard on their clothes.  I guess we’ve been lucky thus far…he usually just blows the tops out of his shoes from crawling around on the floor. 

Anyways, here is another cute twirly skirt!  It’s cute!  It’s twirly!  It’s…blue!  Yes, she actually wore it, even though it is not the optimal color.  I was hoping the sparkles on the underskirt would win her over. 😉  Since she wants us to call her Sparklelina henceforth, this is a winner.

The skirt I used pre-made bias tape on the hem of the top skirt.  I was lazy.  The ribbon I attached first with Wondertape (my BFF), and then I stitched it down.

The applique was a new technique.  I ironed some freezer paper onto a small bit of fabric, folded it in half and drew my mirror design on it.  Then I cut it out while still folded in half to get this design and took off the freezer paper.  It frayed the edges a bit when I took it off, so that was disappointing. It was also a huge pain to cut the fusible interfacing out to match afterwards.  THEN I used too thick of a stitch, so it doesn’t look the best.  As in, it doesn’t look like a machine did it.  As in, I did it around Midnight on a Tuesday night, so perfection was not achieved.  Oh well…it’s still cute. 😉

I did not make the t-shirt.  It was purchased at the big giant fabric warehouse where it resided in a huge barrel marked with a sharpie, “shirts $3″.   I got the kids several shirts that I don’t have to sew.  Sometimes, something has to give.

The next evening I decided to tackle the skirt/top combo again.  See!  I can’t stop making them!  I need some sleep!

Luckily I had a plain pink top that matched in her closet.  Instead of the freezer paper method, I used a one-sided fusible interfacing.  That worked better.  I also cut the double sided fusible interfacing out at the same time as I cut out the pattern.  Much, much better.  I ironed them onto the shirt, and then I didn’t really need to do a zig zag stitch.  I just did a fancy stitch and called it good.  I did use tear away stabilizer underneath, too.  Otherwise it gets all stretching and wonky.  I added the matching flower on top, since it MATCHED and I’ve had it forever, plus it just added some bling.

The top skirt I cut with a bit of a wave on it.  I have my pattern piece and I just went out a few inches and waved it along as I cut it out.  I like this effect.  The bias tape I made using this method.  Way easy, just remember to cut your fabric on the bias, and here is another tutorial for that.  The pink underskirt is a nice soft gauze fabric. 


Oh, and LABELS!

I made my own labels this time since I was running out.  I also wanted some size tags, so I figured why not combine them, right?  First I made the label to the size I wanted in Photoshop – approximately 1 inch x 2 inches.  Then I opened a new document to letter size (8.5″ x 11″) and placed my labels on it.  I did half the page in Anya’s purple labels and half in Kailan’s blue labels.  Then I printed it out on an iron-on fabric sheet I purchased at Michael’s.  All I needed to do was cut them out, iron them on and stitch!  I stitched them on for added stability.  I think you really need to make sure you iron them, too, since the heat sets the ink.

Would you like a tutorial for the skirt?  Well, here it is!

Twirly girly skirt

As always, I added this to my tutorials page where they all reside in their permanent home. 🙂


Blogs!  Yes, I forgot to share some fun creative places for you last week.  So here ya go:

Childrens Fashion Workshop – she shows step by step how she makes some beautiful clothing for her daughter.  Look at the bodice on the Easter dress she just made – it is a work of art!

Tea Rose Home – She’s kind of got a bit of everything.  Sewing, crafting, repurposing…great ideas.  I am linking this post to her Wednesday Link Party.  🙂

The self-skirted leggings and some Spring-ish tops

An early crafty post this week…

Oh, how I love to find things that camouflauge imperfections.  Like my non-existent and slowly falling arse.  I saw this idea, on etsy I believe, of adding a long fold-over piece to a pair of yoga type leggings.  Wow, great idea Whomever-you-were!  That is perfect since I really would like some coverage on the butt area. 

I used a pair of leggings I already owned for the pattern, and just cut a really long waist panel, making sure that I sewed it so that the seam would be inside once turned down.  This fabric is a super soft lycra french terry.  So comfy it’s almost criminal. 🙂


Then I had to make a shirt to match, and luckily I had some fabric to chose from.  I know!  Amazing really!!  

The first one I made was the blue “tester”.  You may recognize this fabric as I’ve used it before for a long-sleeved shirt.  This one I tried to do a wrap-ish-kinda-shirred-at-the-waist-to-disguise-the-tummy shirt.  Instead of doing shirring on both sides, I did pleats on one side, which is similar to a long-sleeved top I purchased from CAbi last year.  Only it ended up too big, therefore making the tummy appear too big.  I am holding fabric a bit here in the picture.  It’s wearable, but not the most flattering.

Next, I didn’t do the pleats at the waist and made it a bit smaller.  I just can’t eat a large meal when I wear this one.  I do like it and will wear it.  Plus…it only takes about an hour to make one.  Bonus!

I’m sure it will become a staple shirt for work during the summer.   It is made of a nice soft lycra material.  There are so many versions out there for these types of shirts.  You guys don’t mind if I make 10 more just like this, right?? 😉  This is perfect to wear to work with a light cardigan in the summer.  I have to wear a cardigan in the summer in my office since it is freakin’ cold in there with the a/c.  Once you get outside you need to extricate yourself from the layers, of course.

Next is another shirt I made kinda using the pattern above.  I just made the front a scoop neck, and it is actually two layers in the front.  It was pretty thin material, so I wanted it a bit more sturdy to not show “lumps” quite so easily.  The neckline has two layers of ruffles.  The bottom layer is a single layer and I used the white selvage edge for it.  The top ruffle is doubled up, and I sewed them in between the two front pieces.  I really like this shirt, too. 

I am submitting these shirts into Made by Rae’s Spring Top Week.   Nevermind on that.  They don’t want watermarked photos in their pool, so I’m just not going there.  My watermarks are not huge, and I’m not advertising for anything.  I don’t like not having watermarks on my photos on Flickr.

I am still going to have a post for Crafty Tuesday this week, too.  I just had so much sewing to show, that I thought I would get them out in a few posts.  I have twirly skirts and a tutorial coming up for Tuesday. They are already on Flickr if you want to look at them early. 🙂

**It was Sunday morning with no makeup…thus the headless close up shots. 😉

For the love of the twirl

The past few weeks have been crazy busy.  Example:  Last week was quarter-end, which basically means I have to work a lot to get the financials done in a short amount of time.  On top of that I needed to get the tax returns done so that my bosses are able to file their returns, in addition to many other people that keep buggin’ me about them.  It’s not like I’m not trying to get them done, People!  I hate waiting on others to get the work to me.  THEN, I told another co-worker that I would shoot her wedding on Good Friday, which Brian forgot about and planned for his friend to come up this weekend and for them to go to a hockey game that night.  What to do with the children??  My parents came up and got them for the weekend and we picked them up on Easter.  I love working Easter weekend.  Far too much fun to be legal. 

I have a small preview of pictures from the wedding up that I managed to get edited after getting home from work on Saturday.  I didn’t work on Easter…I called uncle. 😉  If you ever wondered who could possibly be small enough to fit in a size 0 wedding dress, that would be Vicki.


In all that I did manage a little sewing last week.  Anya needed another little twirl skirt for Easter.  Yes, of course she did.  She obviously had no other clothes in her closet that were nice enough to wear for Easter…and, and…I had this Easter egg fabric, so I HAD to make it right???  OF COURSE I DID.  So…yes, I stayed up until 11:30 pm one night the week of Easter to make her a pretty twirly skirt and appliqued a $3 t-shirt to match.  She loved it, so that makes it all worth while. 😀

Of course she stained the heck out of the shirt in the first wearing. *sigh*  Plus, I made the drop waist too long again.  That will be an easy fix, though.  I imagine she will want to wear it so more, so I will fix that up.  I am working on a tutorial for it, too.

getting filthy…

This photo showcases a plethora of handmade goodness.  The sweater Anya is wearing was made by my aunt Betty.  She originally was making it for her granddaughter Katrina, but apparently it was too small and she wasn’t overly impressed with it at any rate.  Gladfully, she had an appreciative child waiting in the wings.  Anya loves it, as do I. 🙂

The hobbit house was made by someone my dad knows.  The guy cuts out stumps, so he takes them, drills them out and makes these cute houses.  I want one.  This was mom and dad’s, so I’m going to give the guy a call and get my order in.  Wouldn’t that be totally adorable in our yard?? 

Yes.  Yes, it would. 😀

Comfy Clothes and other stuff

Oh boy, what a busy week we had.  Last week we entertained at our house three nights, had dinner at another friend’s house on Saturday, and then everything that happens in between.  The kids had lots of fun playing with their little friends and we had some good adult time, too.  I was lucky that I had any time to sew!  I did manage to squeak some time in though, and that was after I got my serger serviced.

I dropped it off at the sewing machine store, and the old guy was prepared to take it for a week.  I don’t think he was going to let it get out of his grasp without a good cleaning. Yeah, I know it needed it.  I asked him how long, and he gave me a long look, and said, “Is it a rush?”.  Well, yeah!  I told him I had a school project for my son that I needed to get done.   He took it for a day and called me on Saturday morning when they opened to let me know that he got it done.  I quick took a shower and booked on over there.  I walked in, and said “I’m here for my serger!”.  He looked at me a bit confused, and said, “I didn’t think you were serious.”  Ah, how little he understood how much I was!

It enabled me to finally get these folder pockets done for Kai’s classroom.  I dropped them off bright and squirrely this morning, and his teacher was pretty happy with them.  I made 25 of these little suckers in a heavy denim.  They should be sturdy.  They don’t really look hard to make, but they were time consuming.  I had to serge most of the edges prior to putting them together.  Talk about time consuming!

Next was some stuff for me.  These comfy pants I actually made the previous week, though.  I love to browse etsy to see what other crafters, seamstresses and fashion designers are churning out the masses that love handmade.  I came across this seller and love the fun stuff she makes.  These pants are so cute, and yet look totally comfortable.  Thus, inspiration has hit me and I needed to make my own!

I had some panne velvet left over from this skirt, so I made up my muslin from a template design.  I used a pair of straight leg leggings that fit me pretty good and used it as my pattern.  I brought it out a little bit at the knee for a slight flare and then cut the ruffle.  The waistband I put up higher than hers, because…well…I’ve had CHILDREN.  This came out a little too tight, so I added a bit more room to the second pair.  Here are my two pairs of fun pants, one in a burnished brown lightweight panne velvet and one in a plum stretch velour:

Then I made another shirt like the black ruffle top.  I was asked to please, please make a tutorial for it several times.  I took pictures during the construction, so I will get to the tutorial.  Probably not anytime in the next few weeks due to the photoshoots I have coming up.

The key with this shirt is to use that really, really light knit.  Featherweight, is how I usually see it called.  Anything heavier and the ruffles will get too bunchy and you won’t want that at your hips.  This is a really light white knit with an embroidered pattern in it.  I had a little over a yard and it wasn’t enough fabric.  I had to search high and low to find some more featherweight white.  I was so frustrated, but finally, FINALLY, I found some remnant yardage that worked.

 Then I had taken the day off of work on Friday, and took advantage of it.  After I dropped off my serger I took a trek up to the big fabric warehouse store that is a good half hour away.  I was in search of boy knits since it is really hard to find them in my local store.  I found some great knit fabric for some shirts for Kai for summer.  I tried to do a stripe or solid for the body and the themed knit for the sleeve.  Too much themed is just too much!  I know he will just love the robot shirt.  I really tried to buy just enough so I didn’t have a bunch left over.  I hope I didn’t shortchange myself.  Some of them seemed to have shrunk a bit after I prewashed them.  As you can see, I also got some stuff for Anya and for me.  Like I needed to!  I think I’m well set for fabric, now I must get to sewing!   I have grand plans to make myself a tried and true trouser pattern.  They cost so much in the store to get a good fitting pair, that I really should just figure out how to make my own.

My “must sews” for this week is an Easter skirt for Anya (it is pink with painted Easter eggs on the fabric) and a purse for my Grandma.   The kids will be at my parents this weekend, since I have the wedding to shoot and Brian has a friend coming into town for some male bonding (i.e. a hockey game and copious amounts of beer).  The kids will get some much needed quality grandparent time (and dogs!! and horses!!).  We will be picking them up on Easter, and my Grandma might just be there for Easter dinner.  The purse is a belated birthday present for her.  I can’t sew this weekend once Troy is here and using the guest bed in my sewing room, so it must all get done this week.  I’m sure I can manage it. 🙂

Today I give you…not much.

I didn’t get too much done the past few weeks (last weeks rompers were done previously), as I have been doing a few photoshoots.  That usually takes at least one day of my weekend with the shooting and editing and burning CD’s.  I had a wedding and a shoot for 3-year old twin boys.  I have another wedding in a few weeks, 6 month baby pictures, and a dog photoshoot coming up.  Quite the mix! 

I was pretty nervous about the wedding, but I’m very happy with how they turned out.  I must say it was a fantastic location.  I still have to get through all the pictures yet, but I have made a good dent in them.  I don’t edit all of them…just the ones I think are the “stellar” images that may get enlarged or printed in a book.  The majority of the reception shots don’t get edited, as they are pretty much exposed right and are just moments capturing their guests having fun.  I spend more time on the ceremony and posed shots afterwards.  I shot with both my cameras and that was much easier than having one and changing lenses.  I just need to time synchronize them for next time, as the photos aren’t in chronological order now.  *sigh* A learning experience with that one. 


I sewed this tonight and just got done *yawn*.  I don’t have much time to get things done this week, and I had a deadline.  This is an apron that I designed, and is a gift for a friend.  Some of my favorite fabrics, of course!  It was a bit more time consuming than some of my others in how I did the top.  A learning experience.  I didn’t have to rip out any seams but I had to do a bit of fiddly work on it.  It’s pretty though!


I did sew this weekend, but I have nothing to show you yet from that.  I finally started making up these chair pockets for Kai’s classroom.  I am making them with an almost black denim that my serger apparently hates.    I think the problem is that I need new cutting blades, since it is not cutting the fabric.  I ended up just serging along the edge I cut, without having the serger cut a clean edge.  They won’t be too hard to replace, but I just need to get to the sewing machine store.

After I cut up all the fabric I had bought, I was short a piece on about 10 of them.  Back to the fabric store for me!  Hopefully they have the same denim there so they will match.  I got a good 3 hours of work in on them on Sunday and it was very much factory sewing.  Now I am certain I would not enjoy factory sewing. 😉

I also sewed up a few things for me, but I don’t have any pictures of them yet.  I really need to model them to show how they look on, so hopefully I can get that done by next week.

Here is my future projects for Kailan.  His summer wardrobe will consist of these fabric is some way, shape or form.  I got lots of stuff I need to get done…


Speaking of boy clothes, did you see Made’s celebration of the boy.  There are some great ideas for sewing boy clothes in that series.  Boys are hard to find inspirational clothes for sewing.  Not much out there, but still some good ideas can be found!

My stylish adventures

Oh how I love clothes! 

I grew up getting hand me downs from my sister and cousins, so new clothes were few and far between.  When I turned around 12, my grandmother taught me to sew which allowed new clothes to enter my closet at a greater pace. 

I devoured all the sewing and fashion books in my library, and started to design clothes that I would sometimes make.  There were epic failures, and wonderful successes that helped me in my growth as a seamstress.

My love of clothing was slightly dampened recently when I gained 20 lbs after stopping nursing my daughter.  Over the course of a few years I gained weight and it has taken me a few years to get back down.  It rather dampens the clothes shopping experience when you have to buy a size (or two) larger. 

Now I am back down into Medium shirts and size 4-ish pants.  I have a ruler build, as I call it.  My waist and my hips don’t have much measurement difference.  I think it makes me wear smaller sizes than I would normally, since those low cut pants fit me better.  I just have to make sure the muffin doesn’t spill over. 

I’m not sure what this blog will develop into.  I have an idea to just post some of my favorite outfits I put together.  Maybe a little talk on fashion, but I’m not expecting a discussion with me, myself and I.  I’m not really going to try to get a readership for this blog.


These are my stylish adventures as a CPA married mother of two younguns.  My attempt at being stylish at least.  I want to prove that you can have young children, and still look nice.  As narcissistic as it really is, I feel better when I look better.


Me…before I cut my hair off for the second time

Cute yet functional

Those little rompers I have been seeing around finally got to me.  Not the adult version…oh no.  That’s just a bit wrong and far too 1980’s for moi.  I’m talking about those little rompers that just scream CUTE! LITTLE! GIRL!

I saw a nice plain one in a magazine and decided to do one for our little princess.  Of course, my versions aren’t plain.  Apparently I don’t do plain.

I do however make them so my child is able to undress herself.  Having romper with buttons or a zipper in the back would be very non-functional.  So would ties or snaps at the shoulder.  It seems like most of the ones I have seen have these types of closures.  Yeah…like that works.  Since my kid knows how to go to the bathroom herself now, I don’t really feel the need to have to help her get undressed anymore.  Go figure!

The options therefore become a front zipper or a shirred-back-easy-to-slip-off romper.  Buttons are not the easiest to undo right now, so I think I will wait on that option.  Sometimes they need to exit their clothing in a hurry, so let’s not temp the Fates, shall we? 😉  Snaps might work, but they are still a bit hard to resnap for Anya.

If you didn’t know before, I really try to make the designs to be as functional, comfortable and pretty as possible.  There are many pretty outfits that I just won’t make for my Anya.  Too much fluff, too hard to sit on, too hard to play in…they just do not seem all that comfortable or functional.  When I make clothes for my kids, I want them to be wearable.  Not just for special occassions, but for everyday.  Anya has worn that pink silk duiponi dress to daycare, since once the holidays were over…I didn’t really care.  I don’t make things to have them only be worn once.


Voila…The Anya Romper line circa 2010!  Here is the concept line drawings.  It’s almost like I’m a real fashion designer!!  *dream* 😉  The basics of the romper, is a separate top and shorts.  The top is fully lined, with all the seams enclosed, so there is no chaffing.  The shorts have elastic in the hems to bunch it up a little bit.  Two of them have a zipper down the front and one has a shirred back and straps.  All should be fairly easy for her to get off and on herself.

The almost-plain-geisha romper

The geisha’s make another appearance on a posy fabric.  It’s simple but with an extra bit of special with the pretty geisha’s.  Anya gave it a disinterested glance, so I’ll see if she wears it.  If not it may get sold, since it is just too darn cute to not be worn.  I added ribbon to the zipper so it was easy for her to grasp to pull down, plus a little yin yang zipper pull.  Love the little details. 🙂

The it-must-be-pink romper

The obligatory pink.  She went to the fabric store with me when I needed a zipper and *gasped* when she saw this fabric.  Of course, I had to buy it for her.  I only got one yard of it, so it was about the right amount for the romper.  I used the white fabric as the lining, as well as the ruffle.  The little jewels I already had, and I hand sewed them onto the ruffle.  The “braiding” I had already, as well.  I put it in place with Wondertape and then sewed it on.  I added pink ribbons to the zipper so it would be easier for her to find, and grasp it, to pull down.

The mommy-wants-to-use-this-one-for-a photo-shoot romper

Sweet as sweet can be!   Okay, so yes, this is not the most functional of garments.  I just had to make it, though.  Can’t you just see some fairy wings on her when she’s wearing it??  A magical little dress up romper.  I had almost all of this fabric and trims in my stash – I only needed to buy a small amount of cream satin.  The cream woven fabric has a very light pattern with butterflies on it.  I already had the butterfly iron-on.  I love it when a project comes together with a minimal amount of purchases.

 she did a very good job in posing for me this time…much cuteness prevailed as she twirled around the library



This skirt is not from the romper line.  I broke down and bought some long sleeved shirts on clearance at Old Navy and Anya needed a skirt to match.  I know, I know…I wasn’t going to do it.  I hate buying from the sweatshops, but I just didn’t have the energy and they were only $3 each.  Gah…I still feel guilty!

I know it is shocking that Anya didn’t have a skirt to match a pink shirt, but I do mostly dresses.  She had PLENTY of pink dresses.  I whipped this up in about a hour and a half from fabrics I had in the closet.  I kinda wish I would have made a pattern for that top skirt panel instead of just cutting on the fly.  I really like how it turned out.  The back piece is longer in the middle than the front piece.  I cut bias strips of fabric to make the edging.  I sewed one edge of the bias strip to the skirt edge, and then folded it over and topstitched.  Not too hard…and it turned out so cute!


Here’s a few blogs for little ones sewing that are pretty fun, too:

** Olabelhe – She designs some very cute dresses for her little girl and started up a pattern business from that.

** Inditutes – A lovely lady that is very green and earth friendly.  🙂  She shows you how to make your own patterns and repurpose clothes.  A great resource with lots of wonderful tutorials.


I hope everyone had a productive week.  The sudden warming temperatures must be making my body move faster.  I sure feel like I have more energy. 🙂

Right now, I have lots of photography taking up my time.  I had a 3-year old twin boy session on Sunday, and this Saturday I am shooting a small wedding.  All that photoprocessing will be taking a lot of time away from my sewing machine. *sigh*  I really need to get Kai’s classroom project done.  That is just hanging over my head.  Maybe this week.

I have the pictures from the twin session mostly processed.  I ran into a little snag when I came home to edit them.  I couldn’t open up the RAW files.  I hadn’t shot RAW on this camera yet, but didn’t think it would be a big deal.  Apparently I need to upgrade to CS4, since it doesn’t support my camera’s NEF files.  Instead I just downloaded Lightroom for a 30 day trial and then opened them up as .tiff files in CS3.  This is proving a bit too time intestive.  It took me most of the day Sunday, between figuring out what was wrong and how to get to my files.  I’m not sure I will be shooting the wedding in RAW.  I usually don’t need to do exposure adjustments, but I will see if I can get my workflow figured out.  Lightroom is proving helpful, but I need to figure it out first.

So much to do…so little time!