Christmas sewing

Well, I didn’t get much done at all on my 11 days off from work.  A lot of lazy days, which we really needed.  I did get a few items completed before vacation, though.  I got a serger for Christmas and have yet to get it out of the box.  It is a little intimidating with 4 spools I need to thread, so I need to watch the instruction VHS Tape.  Should be a hoot! 😉

Here are my outfits that I made for Crafty Tuesday

Hopefully this picture does the skirt justice.  It has a cute border print with Santa on his sleigh with his reindeer.  I added some ribbons to it that have Christmassy buttons attached, and made it long enough so it hopefully will fit her next Christmas, as well.  Always thinking, that’s me. 😉  I made it from scratch and it has a definite twirl factor.

Santa skirt

Here is another cute outfit that I made.  I added a skirt to my basic pants pattern.  I also added pink ribbon to the bottom of the pants legs.  I appliqued some of the fabric pieces to the top.  It is a nice fuzzy warm fabric, and so darn cute!  If I showed you the front on this one, you would see a tantrum underway, so I didn’t get a picture of that. 😀  Although it does have some Santa stuff on it, the fabric is mostly snowmen and igloos, so she should be able to wear this through the winter.

snowman suit

That’s about it.  I do have a few other things that I have made that I need to take pictures.  I’m not sure how much sewing I will be getting done this month, especially since they really don’t need any new clothes right now.  They got plenty of clothes for Christmas.  I will probably make a few things here and there, though.  I’m mostly thinking about starting on summer dresses, since those are so fun to make…and I have soooo much fabric sitting there waiting to be sewn!

Sewing projects – the giveaway and some Christmas finery

Well, finally I got it done.  The giveaway outfit, won by Renae, for her 16 month-old boy.  The picture kinda sucks, but since I had it all packaged up and ready to go, I wasn’t going to get it back out for another one.  The red fabric is cotton with sweatered puppies frolicking in the snow.  The vest has black fleece on the inside for some warmth in this cold winter.  The jeans I made of denim and have the cute puppies on the back pocket.  I didn’t make the black shirt, just added the puppy applique.  I hope you like it Renae…you should receive it this week in the mail! 

 Renae's outfit

Then, I made a Christmas dress for Anya.  I didn’t get it done in time for the daycare holiday concert, but she wore this outfit and was adorable in that.  I only have so much time, unfortunately.  I keep hoping for that time machine. 😉  I used three different fabrics to make it, and I used this pattern to make it.  I just added the appliques on the skirt, added the ruffle and lined the hood.  She is adorable in it, for the 2 seconds she wore it when I tried it on her. 

Christmas dress

 Christmas Dress Details

Then, I made some warm fleece pants for Kailan (who is always cold nowadays), and some cute pants for Anya.  I think I will wait for next week to post those…I’m not sure I will have anything for next week otherwise.  Though, really, I’m not sure you would be expecting anything since next Tuesday is CHRISTMAS!  Where has the month gone??? 😯

Sewing project – Fun Flannel Kitties

I finally got this outfit done, after buying this flannel fabric at some point this summer.  She obviously didn’t need flannel pants at that point in time, though did she?  The fabric is so cute and girly and soft…I knew I could think of something to do with it.

After moving everything so my house will be clean for the holidays, I got my sewing room set up in the (unfinished) basement.  It is a little chilly down there.  I’m glad this outfit didn’t take me too long, since I have to reconfigure my set up.  I put my sewing machine on a card table, and sewing on that is akin to going 50 mph down a washboard dirt country road.  It’s kinda hard to sew that way.  I did get a nice cutting table at Joanne’s on Black Friday for 50% off, which allows you to cut whilst standing up and not slouching.  A great deal!  Now I just need a sturdy table for my sewing machine, and hopefully I can find one cheap.

Pants: Flannel kitty fabric with my basic pants pattern that I know fits her.  I added trim around the legs that I picked up as a remnant and didn’t know what I was going to use it for at the time.  On top of the pompom trim, I put pink rickrack trim.  I really hope I don’t regret putting that cute pompom trim on those pants.  She wanted to wear them right away, and proceeded to crawl around on the floor and play.  After about twenty minutes she came over to me and handed me a pompom.  What a gift!  I may be sewing them all back on at some point. 😉

Shirt: A plain Old Navy black t-shirt that I appliqued the flannel fabric and added a fun big button and some extra pompoms that I had to cut off the trim.  One of the appliques I added so it wraps around and shows mostly on the back.

flannel kitties


Next up will be Renee’s outfit!  I promise!   I don’t think it will be done by next Tuesday though…this is going to be a super busy week, with Kai turning 4 on Sunday.  I know what I want to do now, I just need to execute!

Sewing projects – loungey sets

These were some simple sets I whipped up in a sewing frenzy on Sunday.  Again, I didn’t make the shirts, but bought plain ones at Old Navy and Target ($3-something at Target…good deal!) and then I just embellish them.  The pants are all soft flannel.  Just some comfy fun loungey sets.

The first two are destined for the Christmas card once I get the tree up, the kids dressed and cooperating and the picture taken.  So no time soon. 😉  Well…hopefully this week at some point, so I can design the card and get it ordered.  I need to get the Christmas cards out BEFORE Christmas, right?? 

Kai's outfit

Anya's outfit

 This next set is a gift for a friend’s little guy.  The patch on the shirt has been in my sewing notions for quite some time…in fact, I stole it from my mom.  It’s a bit stiff, but I just knew I had to use it finally.  This little guy lives on a farm, and the patch says, “Sooper dooper pooper scooper”. 😀

gift set

Now I have to move my mess into the basement to make room for holiday decorations.  Hopefully I can still be productive down there since I have stuff to do!

Sewing project – Sari so CUTE!

Well, I couldn’t hardly wait to show you all this outfit, since I finished it last Thursday.  I promised not to bore everyone, so I’m sticking to my guns! 

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!  I saw this piece of fabric (Sari by RJR Fabrics) on the remnant table and snatched it up quick as a wink.  Then I found the coordinating navy with the white stripe and the denim print which has raised stripes, too.  I couldn’t wait to make the outfit I envisioned.

sari outfit

sari outfit details

There are several appliques from the Sari fabric on the bodice and one on the pants.  I sewed the Sari fabric inside the pants leg for an adjustable cuff.  She should be able to wear these for pants for awhile.

The top is just my design for a basic swing top that she should be able to wear into next summer.  I’ll just make her a pair of shorts to wear underneath…I think I have enough leftover for that.  The top is shirred in the back using the navy stripe fabric, has a bunch of appliques on the bodice, lots of gathers for the skirt that is trimmed with a coordinating green bias tape.

I thought I would give an estimate as to how much these outfits cost me to make, so here is the breakdown:  0.5 yd Sari ($2), 0.5 yd navy stripe ($2), 0.75 yd denim ($3), bias tape ($3), plain white ON t-shirt ($6), fusible interfacing ($0.10), elastic thread ($0.70)…so, roughly $18.  If you add in my precious time for three nights of work (8 hours), then I owe myself at least $200 for making such a cute outfit.  😉  Jeepers, I’m expensive!

She is wearing it today for Picture Day at daycare.  Kailian is wearing a CUTE matching outfit.  A pair of navy pants with white topstitching and buttons, a white long-sleeved t-shirt (brand new=NO STAINS), and a navy/bright green/white striped short-sleeved polo shirt on top.  If they don’t get decent pictures of them together, I may have to…Lord help me!

Sewing project – Fall colors

Yes, yet ANOTHER SEWING POST!  Get your fill people…I’m sure it will be a few weeks before more come your way.  I have a few Mei Tai’s to make and my taxidermist father dropped off some felt to make the backing for a bear rug.  Lucky me.  I’d much rather be making cute outfits!

Now…doesn’t this just look like she needs to go frolick in some leaves wearing it?  I surely think so!

green floral

green floral details 

I love the fallishness of this set (Is that a real word?  It is now!).  I made most of this in one evening.  Of course the evening started at 8-ish and ended at 11:30-ish.  My poor eyes were red and ravaged the next morning.  All that was left to do was set the straps on her at the right spot.  I grabbed a bunch of fabrics that went with the main fabric on the pants and threw together the top as I went.  Imagination was just a raging away as I added a button here…some rick rack there.  I really like how it turned out, and this may just be in the running for next months school pictures.

Details: The main floral fabric is a heavyweight cotton, and the other accent fabrics are quilting cottons.  The brown is a striped corduroy.  The back of the top is shirred and the straps snap on the back.  I made sure to sew the little satin bow so it doesn’t come unraveled…which would take about a minute of her wearing it.  The pants are my steadfast elastic waist pants with side pockets sewn on at uneven levels.  The green rick rack on the top and the pockets is a nice fuzzy chenille.  Little ones are all over tactile textures, and there is a lot in this little outfit!

Sewing project – pretty purple pants

Yes!  Another pant set!  Can you tell Old Navy had a sale going on with their plain t-shirts?  Oh, wait…I think this one came from Target, but it was ON SALE, too!  I love these quick sets, plus I bought the shirts in 3T, so that means that I get some extra wearings out of them.  They should least fit her into next Fall.  The arms are a little longish right now, but they work fine.

This is pretty similar to the last set, in that the pants are just simple elastic waist pants.  I put a strip of lavender satin ribbon with lace on top of it to dress up the pants a little bit.  The top I just added a little pocket with a messy ruffle on it.

purple pants

More to come!  I made a cute one last night, too.  I made one Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, but it’s no dice tonight since I have Bunco (he he, get it 😉 ).  Yes, I’m a dork.

Sewing project – little pink animal

You are going to get overkill this week on the sewing posts…hope you don’t mind!  Since I didn’t have any sewing posts for August and September, I have to make up for lost time. 😉 I cut out a bunch of stuff on Sunday, so I have been busy sewing at night after the kids mosey off to bed, and then get up and run around, decide to brush their teeth, need to get tucked in, need to get tucked in AGAIN, and then they need water…  Yes, it is amazing just how much I get done with all this durned free time that I have!

This was a quick one to put together.  I used a plain Old Navy white t-shirt for the top and spruced it up a bit.  The pants are just a simple elastic waist pants made out of a heavy cotton print.  You can click on the picture to see it bigger.

little pink animal

For those wanting to start sewing, this is an easy project.  Elastic waist pants are super easy to make and really nice for little ones that are potty training.  They are easy for them to pull up and down.  Embellishing a plain top is a great way to make it look custom and really, it is cheaper to buy these on sale than making them.  All you need is fusible interfacing (where it fuses both sides), cut out your shapes, fuse them with an iron, and use the button-hole stitch (close together zig-zag) around the edges.  I added some matching buttons and a little iron-on applique I picked up on clearance.  She looked adorable in it when I shipped her off to daycare the next day, since I have to make her wear all her new outfits the very next day as I’m freak.  But, isn’t it cute? 🙂  

Sewing project – the blue pirate

All done!  Can’t you just see me doing a jig??  The Boy loves his costume and doesn’t want to take if off once it is on…so it took me awhile to get pictures.

His pirate pants are made out of a striped brown corduroy fabric.  I made them short and cuffed to show off his pirate boots that I found on Ebay.  I just modified a pattern to make the cuff.

The shirt I actually made for his costume last year, and made the shirt a little big for him.  He will finally wear it this year, since he didn’t wear it last year.  Yay!  I used a vintage pattern for it, since I just needed a plain shirt.  The fabric is a butter-soft fleece, and is accented with a soft brown leather.

His vest I made out of a royal blue velveteen and it is lined with a brown suede-like material.  The pattern was in one of the patterns I had for the Girl, so I just made it longer.  A vest is a vest!  I used leather “cord” to make the loops for the little silver celtic buttons.  The belt is made out of the same lining used in his vest, which I put over black webbing I actually bought for purse handles.  I buckle I’ve had in my notions stash for years.

blue pirate

The accessories:  Pirate hat, foam cutlass and eye patch bought at Target.  Pirate boots bought on Ebay.  He looks so dang handsome in it all!  He makes quite the dashing pirate.

This is what you get when you have kids tired of the camera.  I think their postures pretty much convey the, “Done yet??” attitude.  Yet…they are still adorable. 😉

done yet

almost cooperating

Renaissance girl costume

Here it is!  Much blood, sweat and tears (and occasional curse words) went into this little number.  Upon putting it on her, she immediately wanted it off.  I should have lined the dress, but hindsight being what it is…she will have to suffer!(or I will just put a t-shirt on underneath it 😉 )  I had to redo the top dress a few times, which is where the curse words came into play.

Let’s see…I made the top dress from scratch and it is a nice cotton.  It is shirred in the back of the bodice, and the straps button on the front (hidden so it looks pretty).  The top dress has gold trimmings on the bodice and gold/cream piping around the bottom of the top skirt at the ruffle.  I put a cord through the skirts so I could tie them up and show the dress underneath.  The bottom dress I made from a pattern, and I just made it longer.  It is a teal velvet.

Halloween costume 1

 Halloween costume 2

You can click on the pictures to make them larger and see the details.  I didn’t make the headpiece, but thought I would show it anyways.  We picked it up at the local Renaissance Festival.  It’s almost perfect with the colors, if it weren’t for the purple flowers.  Oh well, she will still look adorable in the get-up, despite her obvious uncomfort.  I’m a mean, mean mommy. 😉

I’m hoping that she will at least be able to wear the top dress next year to the Renaissance Festival, so it doesn’t get worn just once!