Pretty dresses that won’t get worn

Well, by her anyways.

I tested for this dress for Simple Life Pattern Company, since she needed a size 10 tester.  I want to try to use up some of my quilting cotton stash that is just sitting there in my fabric closet, so I figured this would go into the Dress A Girl Around the World charity pile.  One lucky little girl in Africa will get to wear this pretty dress.

So…all’s good.

This was the first version, where I made the top too narrow (did the overlap too much).

The first one was a pretty quick sew, and she did the bodice like how I prefer to do these types of lined bodices.

Here is the second version of the dress, whereby I made it correctly, AND is has the pieced skirt.  It fits a little wide, since I used the size 10 width.  If I knew she would wear it, I would have done an 8W 10L.  This will also go to Dress A Girl Around the World.

For this version, you need to be pretty spot on with the seam allowances.  I wasn’t, and I had too much skirt for bodice.  I had to stretch the bodice to get the rest to work.




Before I send it off, I will iron the lapel up a bit, as it seems too low here.  I will also add a few snaps to the lapel to keep it closed better.

A small modification I made to the sash was with the elastic.  In the pattern, she has you put just a row of elastic in, and it makes the back of the sash look ruffled.  I wanted a cleaner look, so I sewed a line down the center, creating two channels for elastic.  I used 1″ elastic in both channels and closed it up.

She looks awfully pretty in the dress, but alas, she just has no interest in wearing dresses.  She does like wearing skorts in the summertime, at least, so I have that going for me!

6 thoughts on “Pretty dresses that won’t get worn”

  1. Oh, that dress is stunning and she looks beautiful in it. Some girl (s) will love these two dresses and it is such a nice thing for you to do with these dresses.

    1. Thanks, Lori. She looks so pretty in it, but I know it will sit unworn. I am happy it will end up in some little girl’s hands and she will get a pretty new dress>

  2. Well, 2 girls will be the lucky recipients of these dresses! I wonder how many size 10 dresses Dress a Girl Around the World gets? Probably not too many so I’m sure they’ll be appreciative. I know how good it feels to be able to use up some quilting cotton in your stash. It’s funny because I am doing the exact same thing right now. I’ve been going through my stash & leftovers, most are 1 yard or smaller and I’ve been sewing little pillowcase style dresses for DGAW. I’ve been getting sizes 2 & 5, and I got 4 dresses done these past 2 days! So I’ve had a huge sense of accomplishment. BTW you picked the absolute perfect background for the modeled photos ~ so pretty!

    1. Glad you are getting some dresses done, too, Rachel! I doubt they get a lot of larger sizes, so I am happy to get these made up. Plus, I just have SO MUCH FABRIC. I have decided I need to scale some of it down. I need to be more focused with my buying and buy for projects that I will actually finish.

      The background is an armoire we have in our house. 🙂 It was a buy from one of the construction companies that have model homes. It was used to stage one of them, and we bought it for a pretty good price at a warehouse sale. It weights a ton, though!

  3. She looks so beautiful!! I know how that is, though. Sometimes they just won’t be worn.
    You did a great job with it though. I love the fabric!
    I am about to do a giveaway with the shirt I just made for my girl!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yeah, it isn’t the first time I made something that didn’t get worn. I have several things that I loved to make that she just didn’t have any interest in wearing. Meh. I don’t mind too much, but am bummed she wasn’t into wearing them. I liked making them at least! 🙂

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