Ready for the sock hop!

The girl informed me that their 4th grade school performance was to be a 50’s/60’s theme.  She actually gave me a good month head’s up to let me know about it.  I think she is finally getting clued in that I appreciate time to make things for her.  Her music teacher mentioned poodle skirts to her, so I pulled up pictures of them and she was astounded that they actually had poodles on them!

This was a pretty simple make.  I measured the widest part of her hip and made a circle skirt based on that measurement.  I finished the edge of the circle, and the zig zag stitched it on elastic.


I had put the poodle on the skirt beforehand, but wasn’t paying attention to where I put the back of the skirt, so it isn’t centered.  Oh well.


The poodle is a glitter heat transfer vinyl (design from Silhouette store), and I added a sequin tape to it.  I had put the sequin tape under the vinyl before I ironed it on, and it melted the sequins a bit.  I took most of them off and replaced it.  I placed the sequins with some Wondertape and then did a wide zigzag stitch over the top of them.  The thread really doesn’t show up, and this will likely get worn once, so I wasn’t going to bust out my hand-sewing skills on this.

Her matching top is a pretty simple t-shirt.  I added some width to the front of the top to add a little gather.  The “A” is just a simple cut out from the Silhouette.

Now, all I need is to buy her a pair of Mary Jane dress shoes and she is all set!  I have a black scarf to go around her neck, and have some white tights so her little legs don’t freeze.  For the record…she wanted the short-sleeved shirt.

I will update this post when I get pictures of her wearing her little ensemble…sometime in March.  Guess I should figure out what day the concert is actually on. 😉

Edited for picture (she is also wearing a cardigan I made her):


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