Reds and blacks

I finally got pictures of this top that I made in late summer.  I have shared a picture of the skirt before, but here is a better shot of it.

The shirt is my drape top pattern out of Modern Jersey in my own fabric design.  I really like this design, and even put it on a pair of shoes that I purchased from Zazzle.


I kept my top sleeveless, so I can use it in both summer and winter.


The skirt is made out of a nice thick black ponte.  It is a bit of a mermaid style skirt with 4 gores and then a waistband.


It was super easy to put together.  Just serge the 4 pieces together and add the waistband on it.  Everything stretches, so fitting wasn’t an issue.  The waistband is a little less than two of the pieces.  I kind of eye-balled it and cut it out.


I should have top-stitched the seams down.  It is a little irritating.  It also isn’t the easiest to walk in, so I want to change where it swoops out to a bit more above the knee.  The waistband also flopped over since it was straight up and down.  Next time I will use one where it goes in at the waist.  This is like the waistband on this skirt.



I have some chambray colored ponte that I plan on making another top/skirt combo.  That ponte is much softer and more pliable, so I think it will be pretty comfortable for a skirt.

In the meantime, I have to do a pattern test for Sofilantjes that I am really excited about.  I have a SUPER CUTE outfit grouping planned for the girl, and spent too much money on custom fabric for it.  She doesn’t know how lucky she is. 😉