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Today is day 4 of the Sew Americana tour, and I am sharing an outfit with a baseball theme.  What is more Americana than baseball?

In the past I used to make my kids 4th of July outfits when my parents had a big 4th of July party.

Now, we are lucky if we do anything, and if we do, we are likely camping by a lake with just immediate family.  The effort doesn’t seem worth it.  I decided to make myself something for baseball, since I knew I would definitely use it this year, and for years to come.

I used my skort pattern and made it with the cotton lycra baseball stitches from RP Custom Fabrics.  She has indicated that she will continue to hold these prints in stock, since there were so many people that wanted them.  That is a great thing for all us sports parents!  They are a bit on the spendy side, but I can rationalize it away in that I would gladly pay $25 for a skort in this fabric.

The top is the Wardrobe by Me Basic Builder t-shirt.  I did pivot out the front a little bit to give me more room for my tummy.  All this sewing and sitting at games doesn’t give me much free time to spend with my elliptical.  I tried to squeeze into my favorite pair of jeans this week, and no amount of sucking it in was going to make that zipper magically rise up.  I see lots of salads in my future. 😉

The saying on the shirt is a spin of a quote I found on a shirt.  I don’t know about you, but I need a lot of coffee.  I also need me some Jesus when the ump is making some calls I don’t agree with, and the swear words start coming out!

The cut file is located in the Silhouette folder on the sidebar.  If you notice, I didn’t put the red line over far enough when I was layering the cuts.  *sigh*

I think this will be perfect to wear to the State Tournament that they qualified for by winning a qualifier tournament championship game by NINETEEN POINTS.  Yep, proud mama.  They won every game in that tournament.  It was fantastic.

The best part was after the end of the last game, one of the parents had purchased an excessive amount of Dairy Queen Dilly Bars, so the boys brought them over to the opposing team and shared them.  It was a tough loss after a very long and hot day and weekend.  Our coach is a nice guy and wasn’t trying to run up the score, putting in third string pitchers and not stealing home on passed balls.  Our boys just had more energy left.

Learning compassion and sportsmanship is an important part of sports.  Some days you are on the top and some days everything goes wrong.  If you have kids in sports, the Positive Coaching Alliance has seminars for coaches and parents that your league might want to check out.  I have attended a few, and it is good information on how to support sportsmanship and a positive team spirit.  Some coaches really, really need to take it, too.  Y’all been there to one of those games I am sure!

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23 thoughts on “Sew Americana”

  1. First of all, you do NOT need salads! I mean, if you love ’em, sure, but you look great. 🙂 I know how you feel though! My favorite pair of jeans (out of two that fit me) are actually missing.

    Second of all, that fabric! I love it! I think it was definitely worth a little extra especially because you’ll be wearing it long after the 4th! I agree, what is more American than that pastime!?

    1. Well, thanks, Victoria! I think it really is the, “Crap, I can’t fit into my favorite jeans anymore” feeling. I don’t mind having a little extra meat on my bones, but I don’t like it when my clothes don’t fit anymore. 🙂

      I have been pretty mindful about what fabric I buy these days, even if it costs more. I used to buy the fabric on sale, and then try to figure out what I would use it for. I want fabrics that we will wear, even if they cost a little extra.

    1. Thanks, Amy! We still have another month left of baseball, so it will be worn plenty more. I should also make a softball one, since I have several softball tournaments, as well!

  2. You look awesome and I love that it’s a skort. I had no idea when you posted the teaser! I don’t even have baseball in my life and every time I see these stitches fabrics I want them. You’re going to be the envy of every mom!!

    1. Thanks, Katie! I love skorts…so user friendly. I have pockets on each side of the legs so I can put my keys and phone in there.

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