For today’s installment of inspirational sewing…I give you a shapeless sack.


At least it is comfortable and it covers my butt.  Leggings are not pants, and thus I needed a bum-covering shirt for casual Friday at work.  I used a pattern I drafted for a woven top, and it really is a shapeless thing.  I thought it would have less ease in it, but hey, it works.  I threw a sweater over the top and it looks fairly decent and non-clingy.  Still working on losing those 10 pounds I gained this last year.


Though…I think “working” needs air quotes.  I gave up sweets for Lent, so I guess I did do something.  It stopped the scale from continuing it’s inching upwards.

I made the top in about an hour or so last night.  It wasn’t really tough.  Here I am trying to show the nicely done binding.  I just cut a strip 2″ wide by a little less than the neckline length. I folded the edges toward the middle and attached to the neckline.  I used a long straight stitch to attach it.  It shouldn’t break as I stretched it as I attached it and it isn’t hard to get over my head.


Tomorrow I “need” to make a trek to the fabric store.  I decided that the pants for the Boy’s costume need to be blue.  Looking at some pictures they looked brown, but most of the art is looking blue.  Off to the store I go to finish that up.  Plus, my grand-nephew needs one of my famously soft minky blankets and I am out of minky.

I am going to try to leave the store spending less than $100.  It will be a challenge.  I really was doing exceptionally well earlier this year in sewing up and giving away fabric stash.  I have seemed to have backtracked on that goal for the year.

We have to do some hefty home improvements this spring/summer, so I need to keep my purchases down to a minimum.

fabric stash

4 thoughts on “Shapeless”

  1. Stacy, you are absolutely hilarious!! Will you be going to the MN Textile Center’s garage sale tomorrow (Saturday)? Have you ever been to it? You must go at least once.

    1. I need to get on their mailing list or something! I don’t have time to do that tomorrow between everything, but one of these years… 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness. Firstly, so not shapeless…it looks stylish and sleek and so cute on you!
    You look great!

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