Skirt Fixation – Week 3 – A “touch” of vintage

Here we are at Week 3 and a touch of vintage!

Well, I am not really a vintage dresser, so I had to think of what I wanted to make for this theme.  In looking at the different  silhouette’s, I do favor the pencil skirts and suit tops of the 40’s.  I am not a big dress wearer or circle skirt aficionado.

I decided to make a pencil skirt with a kick pleat in the back.  The fabric I am using here is a plaid that has some lycra in it.  It is a suiting material, but it still needed some added thickness.  I adhered interfacing to the backside of the skirt to give it more body.  I used parts of a pattern for a knit skirt, though I added the kick pleat on my own and did the waistband differently.


The middle part is black lambskin leather with a lycra backing on it, so it has a considerable amount of stretch to it.  Lambskin hides are not very big, so I really had to think on my pattern layout in order to get the pieces I needed out of it.  Plus, it is spendy, so I wanted to make sure I made good use of it.



To make sure I had a matchy-matchy outfit, I drafted a top with a peplum back.  The neckline is too low.  I have to wear a shirt underneath to make sure I am not obscene. I guess I can live with that.  I like how it pairs with a white top underneath.



It is princess seamed on the front and back, and I added a peplum in the back that is squared off.  I lined the edges with pieces of leather.  This is another instance of me just throwing things together to see what works.  I really like how this top turned out.  Minus being too low in the front, of course.  I even used up almost all of the hide, so I am glad I didn’t have too much left over.



I am wearing ponte knit arm warmers that made, but the shirt is from CAbi.  We still have a chill in the air, so no bare legs for me.  Need to keep warm!


Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you liked my Touch of Vintage. 🙂

Next week is destash time, and I am so looking forward to showing what I made!

9 thoughts on “Skirt Fixation – Week 3 – A “touch” of vintage”

  1. Oh, I really like how this outfit came together, I think this is my favorite one of the 3 you’ve made so far for the competition.
    I bet that lambskin is nice & soft.
    Cannot wait to see your destash look.

  2. Stacy, can I come over and touch your outfit?! I love leather! This outfit is one I totally would wear, or would have worn in any era! You really knocked this one out!

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